Thursday, 26 February 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

to my dearest friend JILL CHAN~~~~~~

Enjoy ur life to fullest in States~!

I.M.I.S.S.Y.O.U so so so muchhh *aww*!
I hope U have a wonderful bday,I know you will..And how I wish I can be there to celebrate with u=(

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Chu Xi aka Sa Chap Mei aka CNY eve

Early early edy wake up liao....Around 9am,thats rare case,well for me...haha
It was because we hafta send Uncle Jong to airport.
Before that, we had our breakfast (rarely have breakfast too,normally BRunch-breakfast+lunch -__-) at this...

MITSU restaurant.Not the mitsu shabu shabu near swinburne BUT the one at RH Plaza,nearer to airport mah -______-


This is cute! Zhu ZHu aka PIGGIE bun.haha

Then at airport......

rule no1:take picha in toilet=p
After that, we headed to SABERKAS....................................................

Guess what for???????
To get my baby9five...
Immediately my 90% ang pao lui disappeared into the thin air T__T
but that also with the hasil jualan of my old phone to my mum at a very HIGH price.rm700 huahuahau jk lah,she subsidied me in the new phone...
baby9fiveyeah thats the name i gave to my latest baby~~~
Von got hers a day b4 mine.her cam is better..
My daily routine I am greatly dependant on it liao=p

Make calls,Map(huh???),clock,calendar,notes,music,CAMWHORINGGGGGGGGG~~~~~~~~~
mum's new phone leh?my N80..
huehue but til now she doesnt know how to use it so I am using it when my baby9five is on charging mode...
next,Dinner at my eldest uncle auntie house, yeah , @Jln Stephen Yong aka my previous living place..

played fireworks.Look like a 'hand bomb' horr?

Mmmm mmm mmm...
then,Planned to watch The Wedding Game but when checked on9(yahoo movie), couldnt find the movie at Star Cineplex Kuching but is available in Peninsular la-___-!
Nvm, even better...cos if not bcos of the movie being unavailable i wont have spent so much quality time at my laoppppppppppppppppo house=)
von&Bing bing

Then Tim fetched Von n I. We spent LOTSA money some time @Starbucks...

Then rush back for Fireworks&firecrackersssssss=) *cover my ears*

sibeh long...

more 'shou liu dan'

nicest shot of the night..

went back home.....

When the clock struck 12am, we shook one another's hand...hiaks=p

HAPPY CHINESE 'GU' aka 'Ox' aka 'Lembu' aka 'NIU' aka..lame!-____________-

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