Sunday, 29 August 2010

What I've been missing all this while..

I miss the time Dad was working in Miri, and so Mum and us would talk to him through phone everynight.

I miss the time when Dad brought us to Bintulu's Tj.Batu beach one evening,the evening which the sunset attracted us so much.It was so beautiful and so our sweet memories began in Btu as mum agreed to move there.

I miss the time I was studying in St Anthony.I was a new student there and in 3orange,it was my first time getting top 5position in my class..I used to get 11th or lower ranking in class in St.Mary. My class teacher is so so so nice, and a motherly kind person.She tells us stories to motivate us finish our schoolwork..:) "Kalau latihan tu siap, cikgu sambung cerita rongak and the gang".haha

I miss the time Janet,Kong,Wong Tien Tien and I signed up for the free afternoon chinese class. I never fail to cheat in the 'ting xie' exam and I always asked my dad to read those mandarin paragraphs for me, I'd then write the 'pin yin' for those chinese words and when the teacher called my name,when I had to stand up and read the paragraph aloud, I'd be confident, provided I didn't use the wrong sound la,then I'd get caught cos my teacher wont allow that.zzz lousy chinese.

I miss the time Wong Tien Tien and I stayed back in school for chinese class, then we'd play 'ketinting' at the place students parked their bicycles.haha.then we took turns to chia one another,every week,at the school canteen.Equal,but back then I thought it was so fun.haha

I miss the time Wong Tien Tien came out with this funny n interesting 'nicest looking signature competition' where she'd be the judge(she provided the prize ma,lol) and the most beautiful signature ll be given the prize.sometimes it was a pencil box the other time ll be wong, you very rich ho~ and she's not allowed to join cos she's the aiseyman I always try to make my signature so so flowery,with small heart at the end of my alphabet.zzz

I miss the time I was a school prefect during primary 4 and 5, I abused my power and write almost every boy's names in my class when they made noise in class during teacher's absence and I ll never write girl's name on the blackboard cos I dont hate my girl friend,and simply the fact they are girls.haha and I always hit those guys desks with the bulu ayam rotan cos I had the privilege doing so ,I was pengawas, remember? Lol I was being hated by number of people I bet.And people told me I had this one habit, when I talked to others, I'd touch touch my prefect red tie, lansi betul.

I miss S.L.A.G .lol that was the name for my group of friend.Multi racial group.Stephanie,Lyn,Ain and Gina.we were so proud of the group formation and felt like gangster in the

I miss having this math homework competition between me,kong n janet vs Eric Egong.As long there's one of us beat him, we'd be very happy.

I miss playing 'main jadi' during recess there was once,our teacher joined us.haha

I miss the time I hold this bday party during primary 6 at sugarbun and I invited many schmates and I left out Davis I thought he hated me cos Ain torn the loveletter he gave me n we actually return the letter to him..zzz soon we became best friend in secondary oh yea,mark mering was so funny he gave me a red packet with rm20 inside cos he said he had no time or dunno what to

I miss the time I went up to secondary school.I was place in form classmates names.hmmm let me test my own memory.Jill,Georgina,Sherlene,Bernadette,Jacqualine,WongLeeLung,May,KongJINGyee,asyura,...T.T headache.fine i forgot.bad memories...sigh

I miss the time Jill and I became so close that we cling on one other 24 7 in school lol.Her mandarin back then was so bad and my english was even worse than now.yet we managed to pull through and thanks to that,both our mandarin and english improved.People actually thought I couldn't converse and I don't understand mandarin

I miss the time we chiong to canteen when the bell rang,at the end of recess time.zzz then we'd rush back to our class and eat those keropok we bought when the teacher did her writing on the whiteboard.zzz

Oh ya,not forgetting we'd leave our textbooks in the drawer so our bags were so light..nice..and I never did my homework cos they're left in sch fml== but i didnt have to fear i didnt bring what what book la.

I miss the time dad came back home with his smelly uniform,which was always stained with the oil dirt..mum'd half scold half put the uniform in the washing machine.

I miss the time Jill and I talked non stop in sch,the topics never changed.Hair and!

I miss the time our school have this song dedication i forgot how much but i remember there's this zai zai from F4's song,Make A Wish.

I miss the time I had so many admirers back in secondary sch,why lah now my market dropped already.LOL

I miss the time dad,mum,sis,da yi,cousin,mei mei and I went to KL,Miri,Sabah for cny trip.hmmm

I miss quarreling with Evon.We used fingernails and hair pulling war techniques.zzz

I miss the time making Evon laugh when mum was putting her diaper on, then mum ll pinch her.LOL *EVIL

I miss dad.

I miss asking money from Evon when she was too scared to go to the toilet alone.for peeing, it'd be approximately 50cents each,for a shower,it'd be at least 1ringgit and

I miss those Sundays when mum went out to help my aunt at her noodle stall and then Evon and I ll start to play stuff mum ll never allow us to play at home.for example,fire,clay,cooking...zzz

I miss 5pm or We'd actually sneaked out of the house earlier.our neighbour Wong Tuck Chan.haha we'll play together.mayb pluck flowers n grasses(zzz).mayb bicycles.there was one time i cycled at my utmost speed and I literally flew off my bicycle and landed on my chest.oomph rasanya.every year's lantern festival we'd gather down our apartments and played lanterns together,ended up playing with fire,matches and candles.

I miss having afternoon nap.

I miss having mum cook for our family's every lunch and dinner.miss family warmth

I miss watching Kfc's kid's Fun Club on tv1 and teletubbies(WTF==).

I miss eating kuaci at home on Sundays and evon n i would get scolded once mum's back home.

I miss our home in btu:)

I miss the beach.

I miss Farley supermarket.and Sing Kwong too.

I miss medan jaya,noisy old airport,sending aunty nancy for her car lesson at jpj.i miss kidurong the place my aunt's living.

I miss tanjung's seafood.

I miss parkcity,and Apple Restaurant, Ding Dang cafe..Green Valley,Peace Garden.

Signature Cafe's buffet. I miss it too.

I miss baby Nicole.

I miss bintulu people.You all are a part of my lifetime best memory.Bintulu...hmmm i was so eager to leave the place back then.I was wrong.

I miss the time in miri.few months.suffered,hmmm.mum recorded our every cent money spent in an exercise book,we were so poor,yet we were so close together,overcoming our family difficulties.sold our white waja..mei zhong secondary most tension sch i'd ever attended in my assembly EVERYDAY 6.45am, A.M note that!

Not many friends made,due to the short period,nevertheless,memories.Kiu Yap Chong,Lee Kian Soon,En Syang,Bernard Huang Fung Yunn, Grace Jong, Sin Yee..hehe heart you all!

Miss the time we decided to move back here in kuching.

Couldn't take it,any longer in miri, with lots of help from eldest uncle,QQ and Q meh.we lived at their house for two years.

Miss my bro's wedding in JB.

Miss staying overnight at my cousin Chui Ping's house. Talked talked talked our topic never end,until her mum woke up around 4am to prepare their business setting up.then we pretended to be sleeping.zzz

I miss the time my cousins and I were so close,the time my mum and her siblings were so close..i miss my late grandpa.

I miss having the belief if i take shower late at night,i'd be in a different world when i finished my shower and opened the door to a stranger's house.thought influenced by chui ping.zzz

I miss going to church,praising Lord.

I miss the time I was so paranoid with my sch transfer stuff.I wanted to go to green road but there's some prob so i went to stampin instead.

Laopo Cherry,shalyn, wan ming, tze swee, zufazela,leewee,vonpuok,kuok how,siew siew...many many more.hmmm we played mafia,addicted with the game,it is the best when v.puok becomes the we had the game in makmal

Miss having murtabak from the school canteen.

Miss lying to pjk teacher and got him blur,why every week I can use the excuse 'i had period'.lol

Miss secondary sch time....hmmm those great time,with no worries,really..

Miss the hardcore period before spm.library sessions with wan ming,and there was few days sleepless nights i chiong-ed for my chemistry n physics i guess, then ended up with a B for my math subjects FML

Miss the time my mum delivered kolok mee to our sch, bribe the pjk teacher so that we can eat even it was after recess dy, i gave him a pack too.

Miss talking to zul,in english,malay n mandarin!haha

Miss the time so kantoi,Melvin who was sitting at the next row's desk beside me.I thought he was chinese I talked to him in mandarin he told me he isn't

Min min, I miss you! I know you'll be reading this or maybe this post is too long you didnt read til this line.but i really miss sitting with you during tuition classes.laughed,talked,walked to 7eleven,gossiped(most of the time bout Mr.Lee hahaha)..hmmm oh ya i miss that stupid ming heng too!haha

Jill i miss you! Full stop.our stories and what's i've been missing about u is too long to be written here!

I miss writing letter with Sherlene and the very first time she told me she prefers her name to be spelt as selene.haha anyway you're definitely one of the sweetest and natural cute friend i've ever known:)

miss hanging out with Aaron Lim! Haha movies,talk talk talk...stories sharing.whatever la we can talk kan? Oh yea i ve forgotten why but i kept a turtle with's supposedly for u and by the way where's my transparent umbrella u bought me??haha

Liew wan ming, i miss the time you bought me souvenirs each time u travel back home but you never do that anymore nowadays.hmmmph

Shalyn, I miss you! Mcd,working at babycrown together,driving u out,few times only though.i miss matthew!

Tze swee,miss your tiara and the roller coaster alike driving style of urs.haha n you're our kai xin guo!always..

Chin sem,i miss calling u Zhang Jin Sheng aloud.halo,how are you doing in Canada.say hello to grace jong for me.thanks haha

laopo CHERRY! hmmm i miss u but we can meet whenever we want too so i don't miss u so much first thank's for coming into my life.and laura kong.and ur bingbing xiao wan zi.i dunno what true friends mean without u gals.

Laurakong.nona.i miss u but i hate u more! Haolien! Choose this time to kena appendic...tiok toto!.i'm leaving soon yet you're sick.hmmmph

Timaomao i miss wearing ur jay chou red jacket in class during a levels you must bring that jacket to uk ya.i wanna

Iby chiew...miss you...though we are now not as close as we were before..due to different class n course we attend...i miss sleeping at ur house for more than a week..i miss wearing boots with u to i miss chatting with you.i miss cooking n bring our own lunchpack to college.i miss u girls.laura u hui yen n me.haha

Hui yen,i miss our friendship too. forgive me,forgive the rest of us,ok?i'm sorry.we're just too eng n childish.

Damud...mooncake boy.haha i'll be missing u too.and kevin...hmmm

Harry!haha i miss Cia Cia.ah le's gf.i don't miss u=p haha.kidding...

Ping,miss watching Twilight with u.hahaha but i miss Edward Cullen more.haha

Miss taekwondo every friday afternoon then sundays at inti after church meetings.and after tkd,sunny hill's ice cream is a must.

Miss the time eating sunny hill ll cheer me up.

Miss the time I feel happy and actually make others happy too.

I miss quarreling with my mum over wanting to take biomedicine in Taylor's.I was so reluctant to enroll in segi.

But i miss A Level's time in segi even more.I made good friends with these animal friends.or mud family.despite my own evilness,despite whatever that has now happened to our friendship, hmmm..i really miss those time.seriously dog,polar,donkey,pig,owl,duck,rhino,giraffe.

I miss the time we felt so scared to kena aimed n shoot by ms Png with her deadly law questions.haha

I miss having procrastination over assignments and chatting on fb or msn when the deadline is the next morning.fml but those memories.hmmm now we're departing.

I miss being a person with no hatred feelings.i'm sorry i'm no longer one now but i hope i can change. Ern...perhaps we should call this an end? Release ourself from the nonsense,anger,hatred feeling,cos if we hate someone or want a revenge,we might as well dig two graves,one for our enemy and one for's too short.forget it.

I miss being a truthful self.miss being a happy person.

I miss so many things,events,people..I cant list them all here. I miss you all...being unlisted here doesnt mean you're not here.blame my stupid otak coconut pendrive

Paddy wong,i'll not miss u.You're my future.But i ll miss u,literally=p haha

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sometimes even when you feel like moving on,
there is something who begs for your mercy to hold on,
to hold on means to bury your true self,
nevertheless you are in a confuse situation,
choosing your own happiness or other's happiness,
to be yourself or to be someone else.

Friday, 27 August 2010


Laura had underwent the operation yesterday!OMGee she really kenak toto, now she is officially a member of Timaomao and Rosemary's club!haha Hope she gets soon well and then we can have our potluck plan going=))) Just got a confirmation from Steven from AUG that my room in Newcastle ll be confirmed next week, that means a few days time. A senior said it is my bad luck that I put Lovaine Flats as my first choice cos' it is a noisy place, but..huh?I thought I read on the brochure it is designed quiet specially for what international whatever la..I think Im gonna stay in my room facing 4 walls(hopefully are pink though) and INTERNET!ya Internet and books will be my life there.I ll be uploading lots and lots of videos living there I guess I hope the internet speed ll not disappoint me.I ve been lazy over here and the posts are getting more and more dull,wordings and less(or no) photos, but what can I do?I do feel like smashing this old laptop but this is what we ve got and GRATITUDE...argh...88

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

status: bought the air ticket,so what i have to do on that day is to check in all flights in kuching airport, get my boarding pass to amsterdam and to newcastle in klia. remember to tell people that i want to have my luggage checked thru all the way to newcastle.*whack my head* remember....


it is officially momok day,it is now 2.55am and im still onlining.searched for Tune Hotel,thinking that it is cheap but MANA TAU rm167??per nite?no way.change plan again!im so gonna have a camera man..argh money money!!oh ya,ll be working this weekend with paddywongwongwong@@
short hair.any comment?

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Updating this from Segi's library, and we are not allowed to access FB=_=' Guess what, Segi's password is 'password'.LAME hmmm went to the Travel Agent yesterday with Timaomao.In the morning flight on 17th morning is still available for Emeraits Airline but when we checked in the afternoon, no seats is choice but to stop at Amsterdam instead of Abu Dhabi.Well at least xiao zhu zhu is safe.

weiiiiiii leee niii errr huoooooo...zzz

Thursday, 19 August 2010


am updating this from The Cut.In a process of getting my healthy hair back.Hope 2years after this, when I view this post I'll smile happily and say I made it!! Lol

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

When one drama ends, another starts. I wonder how many chapters of a girl's life will be comprised of DRAMAs.hmmm and how to stay away from drama when you're surrounded by dramatic people and when you yourself are one too?heh one bad thing being a girl, nah. It is soooooo true and such a good advice my English teacher gave me when I was to move back here, she asked me not to go to all-girls-school.why? DRAMAS. speaking of dramas I wanna watch Mean Girls..LEGALLY BLONDE! erm..and more korean dramas that are capable of getting me cry... currently waiting for 6.30am, should I sleep for few hrs or should I just stay awake?

I actually felt pity for you and felt that they were cruel when they confronted you with those allegations, I never wanted to start all this(I SWEAR!) but why couldnt you just get yourself a life.You can make it. You can be confident, pretty, smart and at the same time being truthful, unhateful...maybe i should get a life too..Im getting depressed and annoyed.happy ler???ltkc

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

my gosh why are girls so dramatic and fml im one of them too, to that someone someone har, im so childish(LOL), very simple, to kill ur curiousity who is the one commented on ur blogpost, if you think shes even jealous of ur achievement,shes already a lawyer and shes the one who always call us ah lian. does this ring a bell? No?fyl

Great,thanks for making me sound bimbotic.girls girls... Dramas dramas

Monday, 16 August 2010

current mode: sleepy and a bit exhausted @_@

a bit changes, going to KL on the 1st instead of 2nd cos i made a trip going to Padungan RHB, the kind lady said the 28 days can be counted starting on the 5th, the day the cheque is banked in. YAY^^

neways, they gonna charge me rm50 for the letter fee T_T and rm10 for the transaction prints.hmmmmmmmm ppl nowadays berry money-faced hor?everything needs money no talk

I hope i wont spend too much on formal wears...charles n keith?hmmm
“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.”

Benjamin Disraeli

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im so excited now~despite having to fork out rm 200 plus for ticket from kch to KL n rm368 for ticket from kl back to kch.fml

and and and rm 2900++ for tickets from kl-dubai and dubai-newcastle

yipppppppppppppie and im so gonna paint my walls in the room there PINKU
is a must.
oh ya, I WANT A DSLR.simple and cheap's.maybe semi pro camera like Lumix Lx3 or Canon S90.


scary to the maximum.mum asked me in the morning.did I see the blood stains on our staircases..I didn't. I told her those might belong to cats or dogs. they do have 'that' period too if you don't know. The truth is someone who lived on the upper unit got murdered.May his soul be blessed. the blood stains are still there now, when I look at those, I can't help thinking how was the whole situation, was he waiting for someone to help him? Hmmm

And the consequence is my sis is scared.of going back home alone.why this month?,she asked.

When I leave kch, she'll be alone at nights...hmmm Evon Evon...

So the dates planned is 2nd evening to KL and 16th to Northumbria.I wonder why Airasia tickets cost so much nowadays.Raya's coming? Return ticket for visa purpose alone ll cost me rm400.

Things I wanna buy is:
Contact lens
Black Hairdye
Vaseline Whitening Lotion
Mini rice cooker
Mini slow cooker
Recipe for soup&simple chinese food?
Formal wears
skinfood's honey mask/rice mask
More motivational books
T shirts^^

I want to:
Eat at Rakutei
And Jogoya if I got money==
Dye my hair black and keep it black n healthy..
Dance class pls
Paint my room pink there
Bring my blanket there
Piggy also
Buy webcam.a must
Delete unknowns@fb
Sing k
Kch fest's long xu tang
Become pretty


Saturday, 14 August 2010

My 21st Bday

fine.i give up.after 3 attempts uploading the photos. from 5 photos I had actually reduced it to 2 on the 3rd attempt.fine...

*to be updated soon

Thursday, 12 August 2010


Im sitting on my hous sofa typing this and this will be my first blog post after its revive.huehue
well my current status is Im jobless, 'studyless' and pointless. In simpler words, zhor uh zhor bo. It means do smt do nth in Hokkien=.= A'ite, my lameness is back. Thanks. zzz Okay, I am actually waiting for my visa application pre-requirement, 28 days bank MONEY requirement to be fulfilled, once I got the letter from the bank, I ll immediately purchase airasia or MAS(fml),fly to KL, get my visa application done, shop a bit , get my arse back in Kch, farewell a bit, visa approved-> Buy KL-Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi-Newcastle's airticket and hopefully I can enrol on 18th=) yeah, next month. Everything is obviously last-minute preparation. No doubt, this is Evelyn. So Evelynish..... This is because( see..the excuses to b heard again)..I decided to switch my plan to further my studies in UK instead of my initial plan, which is to continue my degree in Brisbane/Perth( I love AUSTRALIA T_T) only somewhen in April, final in May,fml. This explains why I got such a terrible result for my final cos my original intention is to take my finals in August.zzz excuses, procrastination... Fine, since Northumbria Uni has only one intake every year I had no choice. Well blame my smartass self too, I actually went to watch IP Man and also clubbing the night before my papers.fml gaogao

Am I excited? hmm Im actually being paranoid, afraid that I might not be in time. Hmm I hope the KL Visa Department people wont slack in doing their work, I know it is Raya soon la kan? BUt please, dont make me wait for another year intake, you will read the newspaper to a headline 'A law student jumped from Chonglin Plaza due to a miss in her intake in NU'. Okay,celaka betul I cursed myself like this..hmmm pray for me, sis n bro....

K, Im seriously being a junk at home. What am I doing all these while? Online? But I even procrastinate in updating my fb photo albums, my bday and everything. But hey something is up tonight. A surprise, I hope SHE/ it will not see this.*excited

oh ya,wait momok day or momok month to be exact is coming soon, i heard the momoks this year is more fierce cos this year is lao hu nian, so ya, dont go out late at night in case you scare momoks out there instead cos you're...more fierce momok.zzz


The title is totally random, wait maybe it's not. Was browsing thru unknown people's blogs and there this thought struck my mine, well this is not the first time but I was thinking why should I care so much about other people's business and life. I should spend more time on my own and my family and my friends. Sigh, I miss secondary school time. At least we talk to our 'real' friends. Sometimes, I tell myself, 'you're such a faker, in the sense you divide or categorize your friends into real and fake ones'.Life....

Okay, so the point is(fml i often miss my initial main point), YES I decide to revive this blog as at its birth=) =) =) When I am truly old, truly lao zhar bo, at least I still have this old piece of blog which can help me gathering all my all good n BAD? memories..I definitely need one. At the YOUNG AND CUTE age of 21, my memory is seriously......................terribly bad@@

Monday, 9 August 2010


I am twenty one.

Twenty one means you cannot cheat others that you are still teenager and get special discount for certain stuff=_=

Twenty one means a lot for a girl too.

It means that you have gotten the BIG two.

It means you are a step nearer to be called aunty and soon LAO zhar bo.

Twenty one means it is time for you to be serious.

It is the time to learn to take responsibilities.

It is the time to know what you really want in your life, and what you should actually do to get what you want.

It is the time to take a good look at your mother and family, study their faces, has your mother grown old? Is your family living a happy life? Have you ever really taken care or care about them?

Friends, who are your true friends? Who listen to you when you need someone to? Who do not leave, when u need someone to stay with you?

Friends, there are basically two type of people in your life, those who are there to PICK YOU UP and the other type, those who are there to PUSH YOU DOWN. Spend more time with the former, dont even bother to think about the latter.
Cherish people who makes you smile, for those who deliberately let you down dont deserve your time and sorrow.
Today, I am twenty one years and 4 days old!