Friday, 2 November 2012

im bad in explaining myself. Dont..

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hmm normally I will only type the post title only after Im done with the whole post itself. Nah, there's no exception this time.

I went to Midvalley with Timaomao after class just now, to do my groceries for the rest of the month. Today is 12th, fine it's over 12am now so Im considering it 13th and hence there ll be 31 minus 13 = 18 days remaining. The food I got for myself can help me survive through a month of world war out there ! lol *touchwood

Anyway, that's a way to control my budget (if i have a budget T__T)

I have to save for something big next year too. Cannot wait !!!!

Oh by the way, Im kinda fine now except I need to chiao my time, sleeping time, studying time, exercising time (I went back to gym, i mean to squat life I LOVE IT !!) , beauty time , happy time :P

erm erm erm feel like capturing and sharing alot videos i think i ll do it too. wait lah. when i no longer procrastinate. wait lah . hahahahaha

anyway ~

I gotta watch How I Met Your Mother now, am at Season 3 halfway, started to watch 2 weeks ago I think ! so damn funny , simple , like my life. Lol !

Tata xxx

Thursday, 11 October 2012


This might be a crazy decision but I am doing the right thing I ve been afraid to do. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


 Oh halo morning. Didn't wake up feeling that great but im gonna dress up and make it awesome ! lalala
 今天是我们家小猪的生日,五岁啦! 愿他天天开心 :)
英俊的他 !

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oh well...

I think I ve spent too long on Le pause. You know Le one pause you have to take once in a while in your life?

KL is not that bad actually. But my CLP timetable is. I am still considering and having a hard time deciding. ...i mean procrastinating whether I should work and study since I have no class on most of the weekdays. But seems like everyone err I mean majority is against the idea. " You re not be able to cope with your studies.." "now there is only 2 sub subject wait til the other 8 hoses of water flow in you ll find yourself sinking "

Well the latter was said to us by Datuk Baljit, our criminal procedures lecturer.

Seriously, I wonder why and how I ve got to today's me. Like the things Im doing right now. There must be reasons why am I placed here.

I definitely enjoy having le thinking inspirations enlightening midnight moments. this.

For all of our happiness. Follow your heart. Follow the flow.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Life starts at the moment you were born into this world....

Growing in the arms of your angels, showered in their love.

Could we get over protected that when we are on our own, living by ourselves, we have to decide and do things independently?

And sometimes we wish things are as simple as before just because back then things are made that simple for us.

Or is it the mindset?

To be happy or not happy. It is your own choice, really :)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Oh Halo ! It's a VLOG !

Because I am too lazy to write but am never too lazy to camwhore. There you go !

Another 2 days and it will be one month stay in KL !

Friday, 7 September 2012


These were taken minutes ago. Self induced insomnia syndrome huh

When i went swimming earlier on this afternoon

Berenang so tak dapat pakai contact lens... Brown pupil eye that i ve got from my mum n dad

Winnie just went back on wednesday. It was a four days intensive trip.gotta recharge before i start my CLP course which im sOooooo excited about.first class this saturday! !!!♡

We even went to Malacca.

Everytime i talked to any elderly on street.while on trip. I find that there re so much about them so many stories i can hear so much love and sincerity i can get from i never forget to ask for taken together...did the same when i was in Venice. Now this was in Malacca...

Aite just a short update. Gunai eve n Le world hoho xxx

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself makes me want to lose myself in your arms

It has been more than one year. almost two years. october times in 2010...

When things turned sour..I changed our blog password, it was too painful, it still is....

I know this seems so inappropriate but I do miss those times.
But just now that I want to re-read and recollect everything...

I couldnt get to log in anymore.

For now, the retrieved password is: teddie2010 if you want to know...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

oh by the way, did you notice my "cute" SHORT HAIR ?? T___________T cry

The Octopus Pose

Of which Abang Mad, a friend I got to know in Newcastle calls the pose as Le' Itik Pose. 

Of which has became Ah Le's fav pose now. "Wo xue Da Gu de," he says.

 Le' tired me at office.Going to finish my one month attachment at Tang & Partners this 15th. 17th-19th church camp with LihJing, then off to KL on 21st.A new chapter of my life.
 Le' failed surprise.Supposed to be delivered to the office but I was absent, took MC on friday. Thursday I went to watch 11.30pm -The Dark Knight Rises.hohohoo until Batman watched me sleep in the midst of the movie. Ended around2.30pm =_=

alright.ying chou him.haha He's really sticky to me. Requests to sleep with me every night. Bro n Saosao went honeymoon at Vietnam. who says honeymoon can only be once? :P
 Le' fireworks at Kuching Fest the other night. 01.08.2012
 Le' cute phone ribbon button I got freom Ah Huen's lao ban niang at Everrise , Padungan branch.
 Proof read, like more than 80 pages kind of sublease agreement ?? die.
xiao xiong bin gan! <3 p="p">
for now, TATA ! be happy. for life's short.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bonanza Madness ♥

Borrowed a card from her lecturer Lol yea we re thaaaat desperate for sushis !

Le' Queue at Hill's Branch

 Me with Le' Sushi
 Le' boiled prawns

 Le' Fried Prawns
 Le' fried soft shell crabbie
 Le' ebiko and also Ebon's favourite
 Le' fried salmon skin
 Le' us with the card
 Le' fat full us having massage right after the meal for RM1 (3 minutes) =_=
 Le' Ah Beng on the phone call
 Le' Group photo
 Back to Le' food. OCTOPUS
 LE UNAGI !!!!!!
 Le' ebiko like sushi
 Le' scallops
 Meet Hero's sister, Mcdeelyn ! She is still learning how to use le chopstick although she is japanese? uhm
 I named her Mcdeelyn because Mcdee is how I usually call Mcdonald and Lyn is my nickname as well, esp back in Primary School time .
 Mcdeelyn having her Japanese green tea. Iced one !
Octopus she loves too !

Ok thats all for now~ I CUT MY HAIR BTW AND ACCORDINGLY I SUFFERED MENTAL DETRIMENT IM JUST KIDDING NAH IM NOT IM SERIOUS. photos and an update on that soon ! ush Take care all SMILE YO ! 

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Sunday, 17 June 2012


Actually my feeling right now... I feel blessed, I feel my tiny pieces of faith are getting their rewards now but...

Something is missing, my positive side still dwell in negativity ....


Why cant things be simple as before? For a quick instance, I used to share everything in this blog without even giving a fuck who is going to read it, I just want to express and jot down all my daily memories..

I met my dad several times already.

I went and fought for my so called dreams.

And people who love me and whom I love dearly They never give up on me.

I am going to do CLP this coming Sept, bystanders, even myself would feel I ve wasted a year time, but it is alright. From all the ups and downs I ve been experiencing I thank you Lord as I ve learnt alot.

"When a window is closed, it is because there is a door opened for you ahead"

Never give up, dress up, put your head high, walk forward confidently ! 向幸福的海洋游吧~

Live, Laugh, Love xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

hi eberyone :B

oh halo from Midvalley's Machines outlet Hahahaha SEMPAT

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Have you ever chased something of your love and passion yet to no avail?
Have you not been depressed and disappointed after putting your so much effort and dedication?

I have.I had. But I am not quitting. For quitter is always a loser.

Im gonna divert this passion and effort, to something else, different things, but of same essence.

Be it Plan A or Plan B , Im gonna nail it this time.Watch me as I achieve that.

" To those who were absent during my sorrows n downs, do not expect to be there at my time of success"

On a lighter note, pictures yo!

taken by superngapat "pro" bitchmaomao
during our journey to the west wtf

met up w Iby today at Midvalley despite kept bumping into one another in Kuching Lol Guess we have chemistry hence the success of corrupting her mind Hahahaha-.-

With dad lastnight .yo

Se-to-be-li from the Uncle Lim's Strawberry Farm

Pinku Dolphins postcard which Lai has received yo !

Terima kasut. Gonna be back home on 20th after giving dad surprise "GIFT" soon, cargo-ed from Kuching aka my ngapat ebon.hahaha Cant wait to see that moment !!