Monday, 28 May 2012

Princess ~

aloha !! wo ji zhun kin q meh eh chu ! Jiak hor peng liao. Wa sheng kin dian nao, "accompany' q meh jiak lo. wa eh sio moi pun si wu lai, q meh jin nya happy :PPp

well, thats hokkien. Now, lets use proper English with a hint of British accent shall we? =_______________=

I miss my ah lian hair. damn It has been a year already ! this was taken in Jasmine's room , on our convo day morning !

 mashimaro smile =_____________=

Inspire people to smile ! :)))

 hello gym. Im gonna miss u like hell again. [Kch KL- 1st June til 20th. zzz]

i love the kitty earrings !! <3 btw behold, and meet Wink Kei ...hehe she is born in Singapore but going to get PR in Kuching...

When I was just a little girl, my dad used to buy me a collection of all fairy tales princesses series T_T ~~

aite, just a quick update to let you all know I am still kicking alive. HOHOHOHO

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Currently In KL ~♡

I almost missed my flight.cos I left the passport at home. .have to bring it along im case i have to fly to Spore directly from Kl...hope theres no such need though ~_~ sotong mode can you leave Evelyn please...

Tuesday 8th May was my last day having revision together with LehDing.we managed to cover all the topics we prepared and also a back up one for each subjects.I really hope he can make it! hope I have at least...helped a bit!

7am.Evelyn Tan you re the hero today. Woke up super early after zillion years not doing it.Done shower n make up within half an hour somemore...but checkcheck only i found out Weimin starts at work at 10 =_= kantoi

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Have faith!

The fever is refusing to leave me. I am flying on Wednesday. Today I went to Tyng Dance Academy, yes something is going on again, in June. If my training is in July :))) Another first time experience.. Gonna learn alot and have fun much .

People, no matter what you do, no matter what you indulge in, as long you feel safe and it is the right thing to do, by all means, enjoy it ! xxx

p/s: popi saya cepat cepat sembuh supaya dapat sambung rutin gym saya !! 


Have been sick for few days already.But no sickness can obstruct me Lalala

I lost my 21st bday gift from my mum sis n ngapat friends.Precious not because ofb its diamond but the sentimental value. Hmm

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Aloha ♡

The top is after and bottom -> before fixing my teeth gap problem.For years I dont like to teeth when I smile because the gap would be visible. How amazing, no braces required!

She is really really cute. Xiao miumiu.I ve been telling everyone If i can only choose between baby girl or boy I d have no second thought choosing girl...ahem if the baby is a boy i ll nevertheless dress him up as barbie doll n turn him gay ImjustkiddingZ

My inspiration..

After 5 weeks strict diet n gym routine. ..i ll never quit though...

Real hot. Girls..ladies...stop aiming to be skinny and complaining bout fatness.cmon Squat! !

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