Friday, 30 November 2007


why are rainbows so beautiful yet i lost mine?

Monday, 19 November 2007


first again=P
don vomit 1st yea~!
today i ll blog bout an ice cream shop i went last sunday...
Uncle told me bout d shop n we went there after having lunch at Hai Pa Wang...

Located at 4 n a half mile there..
At d back of Banquet~
wahaha d shop theme is green
so i use green font also to write this post=P
creative lerrh *cough*

Take a look at d menu...
well hmm miss my sunny hill pulak...
biasalah i am sunny hill's ice cream fan,supporter,4eva!

I,then ordered Sundae(choco topping)...

SHop managed by 2 lengloi..
hehe 3 if i work there...ahem jk
wanted to take a view of d shop but mao mao n evon chiang jin tou(wanted to b in d photo)....nvm la=P they sell cakes too..was curious bout how they taste so i ordered Blueberry Cheese!

Evon said this is nice(should b) bcos left one piece only..
Lol sure day before's one laa..we go around 2pm takkan la early early morning pp order many pieces edy?=.=

well well not bad..just like s.c.o.o.p.s they serve u sky juice too..when u order their ice cream...cos ice cream sweet bah(not for me la) i can finish a tank
*jeng jeng jeng*
d cake is here!
My sundae is here too^.^
Evon's mint sundae~
waa mao mao most greedy ohh!ordered d most expensive n biggest 1 among us~

yummy yummy~
paiseh ah i eat first=p
see mao mao i've told u dont so cant finish liao...hihix nvm i 'forced a bit la',help u finish it=P


They blur blur one=P
KNOW what d most unique thing bout this ice cream shop?
they serve ice cream with chilli n tomato sauce!!!!!
hahaha jk laa...they do sell western food too=P

Last piece...anyone???????ok me(b4 they sempat answer even...) blerks=P

Sis n me messing around at d loo=.=!
d door is not pink in colour=.= =(

Overall,my comment is.....................................................
3 drawbacks(obviously for me)
a)not air-conditioned
b)Cake not nice-bakery standard only..unlike coffee bean's,Mr.Ho's,Secret Recipe
c)d shop isn't PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!too bad

still, SUNNY HILL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!