Monday, 29 November 2010

MerryMerry York

Today I went to York..after sleeping for only an hour FML...had a lot of fun but didnt manage to go to the Designer hope i can go again before next saturday WHICH IS THE DAY I WILL GO BACK TO KUCHING^_____________^

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowie snowie

it's -2 celcius right now@_____@ cold..very cold...

look after not sleeping for one whole day and night..

zhilian-ing as usual

Captivate Us

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH the trip is cancelled.*takes out knife ,want kill ppl

lol is for our safety, the road is too icy for the bus to go to edinburgh=( i've seen many cars skidded on the road already...

Friends, watch this...<3

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I am going to a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland later 7.30am(now is 6am and I havent sleep yet@_______@) tmr , another trip to York~ @____________________@" I'm gonna be sleep deprived though. it is crazy Fide lost Jacob's key during snowball fight lastnite and just now it was Alan. The snow here eats key. Beware of that.

Say hello to panda Eve!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Last xmas i gave u my heart..

sang kancil di uk.

tersangkut di dalam bola

diri suka.no1

diri suka no2

diri suka no3

metro centre

dekat dekat rumah saya

naik gila kerana salji

hoho (n___n)v peace*


when it started to snow...

this is taken when it started to snow outside from my room window. It was so cute and wonderful, it stopped for awhile and then the bigger and fatter flakes started to fall it is much thicker and I was having this snowball fights out there , hahaha.wait til I upload new videos and photos again..

went to watch HaPPy Potter ..err i mean Harry Potter just now and we all sure tried hard to not fall asleep hahahaha

thats all for now, having two seminars on Friday hence the library session now=) take care my friends...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

24TH NOV it snows!!! =)

omgee I AM SO HAPPY it finally SNOWED=)))
and and and i love my new pinku layout so much.and the zhilian photos of mine T_T and and.. the musicbox melody thanks mr lappie surgeon~! *happy smiling eyes

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Do you know what day is today?

teddybear says hello.

Today is a very important day. In Korea and Japan, every year on 22nd of November, they take hundreds of their own photos and post em' online to denote their celebration of this special day. They call it ' Zhi Lian Day'.

Although I am in UK, I will just join in the fun this year...

I love pink roses.and the the scent...sunflowers too!!<3

typical pose

my zhilian partner Cherry.

As I was far much more zhilian before, I korek my old self-obssessed photos as well for this special day.

I love specs so much.I had done all the possible ways to damage my eyesight but to no avail.zzz

I think I am cute in this photo...*si ai bin

Done! this is my small compilation of zhilian photos.
by now if you still believe me that zhi lian day on 22nd nov is existing and is true, then you can bang your head against the wall.sekian terima kasih.