Sunday, 30 November 2008

what say u?

I'd rather be a good nobody than an evil somebody.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I like to Move it move it

Warning: Wear a gauze mask or mouth-muffle if you do not want to get sick reading this post.Cos' I'm sick.

Ok.That's lame,I know. But I am really sick now. Fever cough flu sorethroat. Why..Kenapa lu olang come together-gether?-.-

People, it is absolutely NOT because i did not ve adequate drinking water. I am very well known for being HIPPOPPO okie !

I guess it's probably due to S-N-E syndrome. SLEEP-NOT-ENOUGH!


this sem i ve a lot of assignments.endless ones.

And each and every of em GIVE me a real big massive headache.

And the class schedule...





monday tuesday thursday saturday morning class!!!!!!

aduh -.-!

Hellooooo I have to wake up at 7.30am T.T

yet i ve classes on MOndays and Fridays nights.

Til 9pm okies.Th next day,7.30 am wake up..Imagine, how a pig,yes, PIG like do u expect a PIG like me to have enough sleep lidat...haiyo! In fact 15 hours are just right for me.
If only i have classes in afternoon....10pm-12pm/1pm...waaaa

aduh again -.-!

no wonder lah i sick

Well. But being sick also not bad what.

think bout it, if I am not sick, I would be most probably watching Astro or playing my new downloaded car racing game or sleeping now. Wont have the mood update my blog then T.T siaoness when sick feel like blogging pulak T.T

I wanna update bout..

It had been for a week I think, a small part of my phone screen went sot everytime i slided it up or down T.T I know pretty well that it was the sign of it khee chia-ing but I didnt expect it to be so soon! LOL *a pic of my khee chia-ed phone ll b updated once i got it from Lula*The entire screen went sot then the next day blank T.T

Then again. Giving it a serious thought. Eh, N80 is really good. Although this is not the first time it khee chia, considering the fact that I AM A VERY CLUMSY PERSON AND DUNNO HOW TO PROTECT MY PHONE ie drop my phone AVERAGELY twice a day(tipu!) highest record:10 times? had it since March 07, it is inevitably panjang umur dy T.T btw I am using Digi Unlimited Edge (RM66 per month) and my phone as the modem so I wasnt able to on9 during my phone's hospitalization.

Le Le had performance in the concert nope he is not graduated from kindy yet.He is only not even 3 yet(march 09)! So bro, sis in law, babyXun, Evon n I went to peng ta de chang(means give face in mandarin?). Too bad bro missed le le's performance. He was rushing home to get dvcam T.T bopien loh then. used my phone n Von's to record his performance.SO SO BLUR sorry!! Le Le is in playgroup category and I was and still wondering ..

1.why they put em as the 2nd group to perform! ??

2.why there is no teacher conducting/leading em down the stage!??

There were so manyyyy pairs of eyes staring at em and these poor lil kids were totally stunned k?T.T anyway lele and another lil boy were the only ones who actually tried to do the dancing with their mini schoolbags haha so cute. His first performance was Mei Mei Bei Zhe Yang Wa Wa(so gay!lele not gal leh!) and second one was Daddy Mummy I love You(so sweet..!)

*arghhh*I still ve problem uploading the videos again-.- someone help me with some tutorial pls T.T

BabyXun & Mum

It was her bday yesterday=) Mum bought her a dress as pressie and we made her a card!

Wishes from us..



If only u understand my written chinese characters.Hey don laugh k Its not easy to copy from phone's pinyin k T.T

Our dream is none other than I having a baby niece=)

I SWEAR I will love,adore,pamper,sayang,take care of her,muak her,whatever-u-name-it!


Miss winnie had some urgent matter that our class on last saturday dismissed earlier. We went to watch Madagascar II. Damud Timomud Laumud Imud n me Emud. Kemud pangseh-ed ,ditched us for his assignments. haha jk Huimud n Shumud at HK...aiyo so suang i wish i am with em now...Guarantee immediate recovery!

okies ladies and gentlemen,i dunno why the font appeared like this dunno how to 'normalise' it and I am lazy and so sick to retype evrything so pardon my stupidity.terima kasut for ur cooperation T.T

T.T Madagascar II is so funny but at the same time not so funny cos i couldnt really recall which scenes made me laugh T.T "Moto Moto - a name so good you gotta say it twice" lolness the badak sumbu's name! and The part where the penguin captain announcned, "Gentlemen, I have good news and bad news. Good news, we're landing. Bad news, we're crash landing.T.T and also the part when melman confessed to gloria(who was then fall asleep)during the plane crash and overheard by alex n marty T.T

during the plane crash

the 'plane' landing..

the bruce lee wannabe ah mu

There were so many parents bring their kids watching-.- that day.Seriously, i dont think this cartoon is suitablegood for children to watch loh.Cos the jokes...and the part the ah mu(granny) beat the lion up.naughty lil kittyT.TAnd there were so many blatant sexual references it was raunchy. One character mentioned how he takes his "nuts" on a silver platter T.T and i think the children cant really understand the cartoon la they keep on making noise and i could only hear US laughing thoughout the movie!

Anyway the most toughing part was when Melman confessed to Gloria(impliedly though)..hrmm guys if u ve watched this part watch it again and if u havent watch it and note down the wordings Melman damn touching wui!!altho kinda old fashion but so gan-dong wui! T.T hint:the part Gloria and MotoMoto were taking 'love bath' together lolness

cute huh? poor lil thing,almost eaten up by shark T.T

P/s:Hui Yen , Shu Horng,faster come back liao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lectures are so so so so boring without u and we so damn sien attnding(u -know-whose class) sigh fast fast ya i wanna see all the photos and anticipate for ur trip stories=p

Pp/s:Sorry LWM only can hang out during my sem break lw T.T u chia me sunny hill i chia u kolo mee k=p

ppp/s:Sorry everyone for my dead alike blog.sigh can u recommend what kind of posts would u like me to my personal ordinary everyday stuff or ghost stories ka or food or jokes or apa apa gossip ka-.-

pppp/s:I wanna get well soon!*headache* haihs i so wei da u know.u people wont ve any idea how sakit my head is now.n can i know y this time i keep on sneezing?!sien!!!


Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sien sien sien

I hate assignments.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I must train myself to be a good manual car driver....i must T.T

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I miss Bintulu.
I went to bed before ten last night but couldnt get into sleep.
I was thinking everything about Bintulu.
Summer Tea.
Tanjung Batu Beach.the sunset......
Taman Tumbina-.-
Sing Kwong supermarket.
Farley supermarket.
My da yi's house at Kidurong.
My primary school,SRK St Anthony.
My secondary school,SMK Bintulu.
The only mall we had during my time living in bintulu,City they have this big mall called City Mall
T2H saloon.
Chicken Delight's ice creammmmmm!i wonder the taukehnio's still having the u-owe-me-100millions face o not
Similajau Resort i know it sounds like sia mi lan jiao-.-!
The house opposite SJK Chung Hua selling claypot noodle and laksa..
Apple Restaurant's coconut pudding..
Medan jaya.
Green Valley's yummilicious beef satay!yum yum...
Pantai Ria.
And lots lots more...
I really miss Bintulu...........................
it had been more than 3 years...