Sunday, 17 June 2012


Actually my feeling right now... I feel blessed, I feel my tiny pieces of faith are getting their rewards now but...

Something is missing, my positive side still dwell in negativity ....


Why cant things be simple as before? For a quick instance, I used to share everything in this blog without even giving a fuck who is going to read it, I just want to express and jot down all my daily memories..

I met my dad several times already.

I went and fought for my so called dreams.

And people who love me and whom I love dearly They never give up on me.

I am going to do CLP this coming Sept, bystanders, even myself would feel I ve wasted a year time, but it is alright. From all the ups and downs I ve been experiencing I thank you Lord as I ve learnt alot.

"When a window is closed, it is because there is a door opened for you ahead"

Never give up, dress up, put your head high, walk forward confidently ! 向幸福的海洋游吧~

Live, Laugh, Love xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012

hi eberyone :B

oh halo from Midvalley's Machines outlet Hahahaha SEMPAT

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Have you ever chased something of your love and passion yet to no avail?
Have you not been depressed and disappointed after putting your so much effort and dedication?

I have.I had. But I am not quitting. For quitter is always a loser.

Im gonna divert this passion and effort, to something else, different things, but of same essence.

Be it Plan A or Plan B , Im gonna nail it this time.Watch me as I achieve that.

" To those who were absent during my sorrows n downs, do not expect to be there at my time of success"

On a lighter note, pictures yo!

taken by superngapat "pro" bitchmaomao
during our journey to the west wtf

met up w Iby today at Midvalley despite kept bumping into one another in Kuching Lol Guess we have chemistry hence the success of corrupting her mind Hahahaha-.-

With dad lastnight .yo

Se-to-be-li from the Uncle Lim's Strawberry Farm

Pinku Dolphins postcard which Lai has received yo !

Terima kasut. Gonna be back home on 20th after giving dad surprise "GIFT" soon, cargo-ed from Kuching aka my ngapat ebon.hahaha Cant wait to see that moment !!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Treasure and cherish your family...