Monday, 29 October 2007

|when you're gone|

p.r.o.m.i.s.e wish it to be fulfilled

s.e.c.r.e.t i want to know

l.i.f.e. i want to spend it with u

f.u.t.u.r.e wish to be cherished by u

p.i.n.k.p.a.i.n.t.e.d.r.o.o.m designed by u

s.o.n.g.n.i.h.e.n.a.i.t.a u said u ll sing it for me

w.o.k.e.y.i msn

b.l.u.r.b.l.u.r.p.i.l.l when i was sick

d.e.a.r a name which i wont call u again


Sunday, 28 October 2007


This feeling is weird..

Yet unexplainable..

In the midst of laughters n happiness...

I feel the bitterness..

Can i get out from all these anxieties?

I promise,this is the last time ..though i had

Saturday, 27 October 2007

|mixed feeLing|

hmm recently got new readers wor...haha zhen nan de~

thanks ah boy n fabian!forced by me tho=P

a lot of unhappy things happened.well well i hate hypocrites..lazy to say everything out..

There is a saying that indicates real friends do not walk in front of us to lead us,behind us to follow us...but walk by our side accompanying us to complete this very tough yet interesting path of life...but how many real friends i do really have,i hesitate?

Sometimes when I feel like giving up for the unsolven problems i am having,only when i carry up the courage n face them,i realised God has solven em' on my behalf.

Haha this sem feel that i am reli bad la...Averagely,i arrived school only around 9.25am-10am..Class starts at 9am =X

Huh...I hope i can 'oversleep'...Now,no more napnap in noon,nite time bei kamguan sleep somemore..Hei Yan Quan more n more darker..

My days are usually boring...Nth new!

Always blurblur...I am blurblur queen bah=P

hehe but still..sometimes still feel happy..especially when things happen unexpectedly..yeah,i love surprises!

YUp...I am still d very 'hiam tis hiam tat' eve..

Nope,my teeth dont get whiter..cos they edy white bah,benlai one=) haha only brain get more 'bai' nia...

confused always...mind,soul,spirit..

*jeng jeng jeng* confession of e.v.e.....yeah i get fatter..round round der face....knot take nice pics anymore(anymore??)

Foochow:Ngui Pulo Jun Keng......Hahaa my fav words in class....