Thursday, 31 March 2011

there you go, two stupid looks from me!

ya at this very second I tell myself, Evelyn Tan Yee Lin, open your heart to happiness, remember to breathe and smile, be thankful for what you have, focus on things that you should, love people who love you, as for people who don't, try to love them too, or at least not responding with hatreds because hatreds lead to even more hatreds, and love makes the world goes round isnt it?

erm... ya, smile! :) not enough big. okay another one. :) !
Smile people, smile! Spread happiness around! : p

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A brand new start

I am sorry I am this disappointing, He places so much hope and love in me, I am enlightened at times, and at other time , I just sin. I live in the flesh , I dwell too much in 'self'. I'm sorry Lord, how much I miss the time we pursued so much of you, happily with Sis Cindy and Brother Stulos, please restore my first love, Lord, I truly need it.

If it is not for you, if it is not for you who answered my prayer, by now I would be nothing less than helpless, and the worst thing that can happen is disappointing and totally destroying, hurting my mum's heart and the hope she placed in me. I miss dad so much , thanks for letting me having such a sweet dream, even it is just a dream.

Thanks for making faith works for my sis too. Now that she can study peacefully, enrolling in Swinburne, I know she will do good, she will do well, and perhaps this is a right track to make our dream comes true.

Lord, thanks for not forsaking me yet, although I keep ignoring your words and calls, thank you Lord.

gonna sleep early tonight. ya, "Early" . Good night people. Tomorrow is a brand new day ! A new start!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

hari ini

Just done gym session today I am super lazy to cycle for an hour like usual or RUN & walk for an hour as I used to! So I was on the threadmill for around 15 minutes and cycle for less than 10 minutes and then -----------------> my main purpose going to gym today : Buang my fat on the tummy part! oh yay! SO i used the machine I dont know what it is called and also another one at the other part of the gym, where it is crowded of those gym freaks when I say gym freaks I mean those with huge and muscular bodies =______= if timaomao doesnt go there along with me I ll be super paiseh to be in the midst of them ...and then I use another equipment also to train your abs where you have to lie on the yoga mat on the floor and do errr I dont know what is the term used to sedcribe the movement.......*semangat
zzz Ok gotta go to Tesco soon, to buy drumstick and oil AND ALCOHOL ( accompany someone in getting drunk) drumsticks are for tomorrow's dinner with LihJIng's housemate. Douglas the super cute hk guy with his cute mandarin , his friends and also Kelvin, her flatmate from Malacca.
til then, tata and oh ya, my skinfood review. laterssss
p/s: arghhhhh im so angryyyyy i cannot join my sis my mum my bro and everyone my relatives!!!!!!!! in miri., cousin's wedding FML i ve been waiting for so so so so so long!!!!!!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

On Saturday Morning

When you have nothing else better to do!

Sleepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp ! it is end of the semester by the
way! yoohoo but boo to the fact I felt very very sad of myself, after attending the final company law seminar today, in fact I feel the same way each and every time I attended Mick's class/seminar. Nevermind about that, now - prepare -for -exam and get a DEGREE and get my arse out of this foreign place!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gu nai=_= shoo my panda eyes and two tiny pimples on my forehead... I love my skin btw.gonna do a blogpost specifically on Skinfood Products Review...ahem *skinfood huge fans wave hard here

err not sure when that ll be though... recently I feel very moody I ll just update one-sentence-post / camwhoring less/ not camwhoring AT ALL / typetypetype end up dont feel like posting it. but ya obviously now im in good mood camwhore type type stuff luan luan lai Ok lah im getting loso liao tata byebye :) btw im feeling :) and the like function on fb are getting more and more sarcastic nowadays but who cares FUCK SARCASM !

ps: want feel happy mode? listen to The Show. dum dee dum
pss: thats the fake eyelashes I bought for Malaysian Night Im involved in this fashion show thingy
psss: im so gonna die I have to go swimming with lihjing later and now im still bloody awake kthxbai

Thursday, 24 March 2011

wo yao kuai le :)

"Make You Feel My Love" Cover by Arden Cho & Gerald Ko

can this song not remind me of you?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Her Birthday ♥

Before the surprise

After the surprise plan kantoi-bingbing

my kantoi sis

one of my mum's friends, who claimed that I look like his daughter, who is now studying in Australia..and he kept on promoting Viber...instead of skype..hahaha so cute this uncle


100 plus!!!!

mum checking out her present :) smiley look

Someone who loves me unconditionally
Someone who loves me more than herself
Someone who .....

I love her, happt birthday mum..I love you mum.

Monday, 21 March 2011

today and 6 months ago

ini adalah bayi tomato yang saya makan selepas kembali dari pertemuan gereja saya hari ini (kelmarin sebenarnya kerana sekarang sudah lepas pukul 12am )

6 months ago, my mum was worried about my further studies she did a lot of things and kept on worrying this and that.
6 months ago, I was planning and doing last minute preparations.
6 months ago, my relatives, my family were trying their very best, to help me, support me in anyway they could. *loves
6 months ago, my friends and my sis were so upset( err maybe not so) , and planned quite a lot outings with me before I left.
6 months ago, I was very much in love and worried about my long distance relationship too.
6 months ago, I reached this place with my friends, but hmm leaving my bestfriend going on our initial plan( brisbane 2 tahun) alone.
6 months ago, I tried my very best to adapt to this unfamiliar place and yet everynight when I closed my eyes, I felt this must be a dream, after I wake up I hope I ll be in my kuching bedroom. I felt like I am having nightmares.

6months later, which is now, as I typing this, I still feel the same way. I miss home. I don't like it here. But true enough, I learnt a lot a lot of things, of which I d never get to know, had I not been here.

If being happy is simple, I ask for simpleness back in me.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A place that feels like Home

Gateshead- This will be one of the main places I will miss the most , even though there are another 4 months to go, I am already missing the place and people.

Although thing changes.......

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

i have nothing to write actually but still i feel like writing something..a lot of things running on my mind, many are unnecessary, many are hidden, many are told but is not untied.

Monday, 14 March 2011

I put her down a long time back but it seems you're still carrying her.

One day, two monks are walking to their monestary through a wood. After sometime they reached a place where there are some water and one have to walk on ankle deep water to cross. Then they saw a young lady and she was wearing some nice dress and shoes and was hesitating to cross the water. One of the monk went to her carried her on her arm, crossed the water and let her down. Then they began their journey. After some time, the other monk said, You have not done a right thing. The monk looked at him and ask What? The other monk said, You are a monk, you should not have carried the girl. The first monk replied, oh that? But I put her down a long time back but it seems you're still carrying her.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


went to Angel of the North today with Eric Egong! My goodness... more than 10 years havent see him already...... And he definitely changed a lot but when he smiled he still looks like the same old Eric, who went pulling our hairbands off , tease us and stuff. and so we ll chase one another in our primary school, st anthony compound! grr

I cant sleep yesterday although I was supposed to sleep early as I have to bring him our today, whole day. But I cant sleep. I was viewing these videos on the youtube regarding the sudden tsunami in Japan. I was stunned looking at the videos I was scared after thinking for some while I am even more scared

Humanity lives in me and I lives in humanity, that's why I am scared. All these are signs. None believers doubt this and went further to criticize but I shall be call and quite as He is. Let us turn to Him. Repent.

So I called my mum and dad. Couldnt get thru my sis until later on when I told her in fb. I felt better but yet.. shivering, shaking, palms turned cold.


And I went back to my room around 6 15 pm just now after sending Eric off at Haymarket Metro. Onlining for a while, I went sleeping at 7pm woke up from some randon dreams I cant remember around 1 am something. NOw Im typing this as it is already 2.32am. Lord Day Meeting 10 am later. Can I sleep? Will I sleep? welll Bath first!!

Friday, 11 March 2011

很不开心 问我为什么?我也不知道 我想了想应该也是那几个原因吧

这里没有我的hiao po 朋友陪我疯
要考试了 但是却没有心要念书

好快哦`在这里已经五个多月了 也许是因为我十二月有回去一个月吧 其实不应该回去的 这样一回就花了四千块了 (飞机票而已)多两个月就要考试了(五月) 然后, 六月尾成绩就会出了 若全都顺顺利利 七月十九日就毕业!

我迫不及待要回了 我讨厌这里

Thursday, 10 March 2011

I am a lazy ass

Okay so now there's no more surprise that I will not update this blog daily as I used to when the blog is new (dated back in 2007 : D ) and when I do update nowdays, it will be either one photo with a short paragraph of words OR a long post like I am going to do now. eek o_0!

First of all, today is my sis chaobanban's birthday ! I forgot since when I start to call her that but I call anyone close to me starting with the chou ( smelly) word anyway :P lalala

How sweet and one in a million case it would be to find someone you love, of the same birthdate, as in same day, month and also year ! Meet my sis' dapigu bf-tadaa~ Kevin!

She has grown to a beautiful 18 years old lady. 18 years ago, Lord gave this gift to two angels on this earth, aka my mum and dad, and this gift, this angel accompanied me until today as my sibling. I am thankful for that. When I was skyping with nona today, actually it was when I answer her call, I was actually typing a sms thanking my mum and dad on this beautiful day and I suddenly got so emotionally and fewwww drops tear rolled down. how silly me.

And this was taken during my winter break last December when we stayed overnight at Nona's place! wuahaha if only they see this they will kill me

And when we went up to damai with nona as the driver.. Hmm I love my sis being natural and non-pretentious. as in, if she doesn't like someone, she will not please that someone by talking much to her and stuff. In contrary, I am always the one talking to all elderly relatives, respect and being nice to them. But she is being herself all the time.

And I love this photo to the maximum! How fat and cute she was ! pfft

Something cheap I got her but I didn't post this along with the birthday card because I am afraid it might get lost in the post.. Hmm she asked why don't I buy something useful I said I no money liao ah ! haha I know she never meant that. I know she'd love it. Hmmm I was hesitating Buy? Not to buy? Argh. Something hit my mind. Just buy la. I love her!

I wish for her best, I ll try my utmost best to fulfill her dreams. We share one important wish and dream.


Sudden plan to make butter cake with Lih Jing.

I lub this shot!

Yup, not only it is burnt , it is too soft, watery, buttery because we added half bowl of the milk instead of the ideal amount which is 7-8 tablespoon =___________=

and.. please don't vomit

Something I made out of some nearly expiring bread.. Aih...mum I miss your french toast!

K lah K lah! Dont scold me in silence can or not?
I was just being happy I discovered how to make curls using the straightener iron and being the usual me, camwhoring happily mah! haiya cannot is it ? : p

tett. next! err

Some dinner I cooked. Ignore the black GLUTINOUS rice (mixed with normal rice) because I forgot it is GLUTINOUS and hence sticky. PHAILED. but I really really love spinach with ikan bilis. ARGH my ikan bilis (brought from kuching) is finishing soon T___T

Doing facial for Aaron. My loyal customer. Haha I will make sure these people , including Lih Jing and Vani , becoming my vvip next time if I do run a business doing this stuff. I love seeing my skin improving, so are others'.

And..finally~ tadadadadaa~!

Hotpot at home using rice cookers! haha one tomyam curry soup and the other one is chicken's!

Huehue, again, Happy being legally 18, my dearest sis~!