Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My love match...??LOL

Your LOVE NUMBER is 1 if your birthdate falls on: 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 2 if your birthdate falls on: 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 3 if your birthdate falls on: 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 4 if your birthdate falls on: 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st
Your LOVE NUMBER is 5 if your birthdate falls on: 5th, 14th and 23rd
Your LOVE NUMBER is 6 if your birthdate falls on: 6th, 15th and 24th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 7 if your birthdate falls on: 7th, 16th and 25th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 8 if your birthdate falls on: 8th, 17th and 26th
Your LOVE NUMBER is 9 if your birthdate falls on: 9th, 18th and 27th
Here is what your LOVE NUMBER says about you...
1. You are affectionate andpassionate.At times, however, yourstrong personality can be a bitoverpowering, scaring off potentialsuitors! Try to curb that intensityevery now and then and you may get achance to find Mr./Ms. Right.`` Yourlove match ; Someone who doesn't mindbeing dominated once in a while.
2. You are described as ideal partner,loving and romantic. In fact, one ofyour life's priority goals is to findthe love of your life. But remember tokeep it real, too or else, no guy outthere will ever meet yourexpectations.`` Your love match ;Someone who isn't afraid to bring youback to earth from movie- romance land.
3. Attractive, imaginative,outgoing,loyal and generous too. Youdefinitely don't run out of admirers.Just be careful of those who will takeadvantage of your kind nature.`` Yourlove match ; Someone who wants to knowmore about you, rather than talk abouthimself.
4. You fall in and out of love soeasily. Could it be because you oftenmistake infatuation for the realthing? Resist being impulsive when itcomes to love and take your time toknow the guy.`` Your love match ;Someone who is patient and cantolerate your erratic behavior.
5.You go from one emotion to anotherso fast and so often, it's hard tokeep track! but your intelligent. Youare also bold and daring, and youenjoy the finer things in life.`` Yourlove match ; Someone who can acceptthat he may not be your no.1 priority.
6. You are the charmer but you canalso be warm and nurturing. But bewareof the green-eyed monster in you. Yourneeds or affection can make youclingy. And one more thing, stop goingafter unavailable guys!`` Your lovematch ; Someone who can make you feelsecure.
7. Your a deep thinker who happens tobe romantic, gentle and sensitive.Seek someone who will love you as muchas you love him, someone just astender and generous. Be careful ofthose who will take advantage of youridealistic nature.`` Your love match ;A one-woman/man who is ready forcommitment.
8. You are sophisticated and at thetop of ur game. Being confident,independent and very successful inyour career,. Some may see you as coldand detached. But, when you find theright guy, you can be quitepassionate.`` Your love match ;Someone who istrustworthy.
9. Creative, intuitive andimaginative,these three words describeyou best.You are also quite impulsivewhen it comes to love, making yourlovelife unpredictable. You are alsopassionate and loyal.`` Your lovematch ; Someone who digs andunderstands your artistic nature

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Happy Bak Zhang Day!!!!

Hehe...now I am at college,editing this post...just dropping by to greet everyone Happy Bak Zhang Day~Eat more dumpling yea!no need eat rice liao!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Where are u Dad?

where are you?
Do you know?
I miss you so much
I hate pretending
That I do not care
I do always pray
Everyone has a dream
U do?
I do
Dad please come back
I want to return like last time
To be like last time
Where is our home?
I miss our home
I believe in you Dad.
I will wait
I hope this is the last Fathers' Day without u,
Happy Fathers' Day.
Forever loving u..

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Auntie Visit(real aunt-lolz)

Yesterday nite bro brought aunt n us to de Banquet to have dinner together.The place is nice..looks great(my aunt from miri claimed that it looks like airport-haha)...De food ah?Yi Ji Bang!
Got bit look lke airport ho?


see fish fish while waiting for de food to be served~


waa!I want that bowl!I dowan this stupid tiny french fries liao!

Guai leh----

dont touch me..i know i am cute=_=''

faster liao~~~i cant wait-for de yummy dessert(mango sago)

How does lemon taste like?hmm let me have a bite!

*eek* so sourrrrr!

waa...so happy!"great"-aunty(yi poh) give me hong bao...

Hallo???Can i use de money to buy a handphone??

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Another Busy Sunday

Long queue hor?I also wanna open a 'faster version'of Sunny Hill Ice cream shop liao....I've waited for so long with my sis..for 2 medium cups and a large cone(for mum)...The 'so long' is really long...i meant it k!
But it worth it.....hehe^__^
Salted-egg Crabs..yummy yummy

*Blink*9th June

weird?m&m McFlurry plus oreo??machine breakdown de reason oh.nvm...gonna be late for de Shrek loh..
this is cool!solar energy-functioning..de head keeps moving..cute arh!
nice view rite?took this when waiting for 'green light'(20seconds) to across de road at golden triangle..

i like this so much..but de $$....'suan le bah!'
nth to do..at parkson~toys gallery!
i joined-white teddy!hihi
my laopo(Cherry)hugging huge yellow teedy=_=

Saturday, 9 June 2007


Sooo tired now~feeling sleepy also but still...hihi feel like blogging.Viewed my friendster,but ll only reply all the comments tomorrow...hehe today Evon(my sis) is extremely happy(on the other hand i am extremely sad-jk)cos she got a new handphone...My mum and I bought de phone for her...lolx pokai liao me~
Today went out with my "laopo",Cherry....We go window shopping and watched movie,SHREK together(with de blinking Xmas tree-my sis..haha)..Long time since we last went for outing together..Hmm hehe another short post today as I really gotta sleep now,tomorrow have to wake up early for church meeting and then...Training!Last week ponteng class...sure will get "cheng" by sir der....cham lo

Friday, 8 June 2007


Hmm...its almost a month already since i last submitted a post in my blog..So tired la...Today,Miss Heng,my economics studies lecturer had finished teaching us unit 3..waa half semester has gone..just like that.So fast.And seeing other collegemates(who enrolled a semester earlier) who are having exam now really made me nervous.Made me realised that in fact A level is not as simple and easy as I thought.Headache.The fear that I cannot do well appears.A lot of stuffs to be recapped every single day.Unlike SPM,study,read,memorize then sure can get A1.But a level is totally different...Knowing how to apply the knowledge is very very important.

Today,when mummy picked me up from college,she asked me whether i would like to go for ice cream at sunny hill...I,of course,want la!Hehe..unfortunately,when reached there,it was closed already*sigh* diao my 'wei kou' nia...So sad..My right thumb(fingernail)was bleeding just now..So painful='( How come ah?Cos i was playing with my fingernails..lolx