Monday, 31 August 2009

NEGARA MALAYSIA; Kini berusia 52 tahun, semakin tua semakin lemah?

  1. Sempena Hari Kebangsaan, secara rasminya anda bakal menatapi satu -satunya halaman 'blog' saya yang ditulis dalam bahasa nasional negara kita, Bahasa Malaysia.

  2. Ya, sekiranya anda terasa stail penulisan saya sangat merupai stail penulisan seorang tokoh yang terkenal, anda tidak silap, beliau adalah YAB Dato' Seri, Tun Mahathir. Beliau sememangnya pemimpin negara kita yang paling saya sanjungi.

  3. Bangsa kita telah mencapai dan menikmati kemerdekaan selama 52 tahun di mana ia menunjukkan bahawa negara kita sudah kini, berumur lebih daripada 5 dekad.

  4. Kian cepat masa berlalu, namun adakah negara kita menuju ke arah yang lebih gemilang, adakah objektif-objektif atau misi-misi negara telah dicapai, sebilangannya,kalau bukan keseluruhannya?

  5. Hampa, satu-satunya perkataan yang saya dapat luahkan buat masa sekarang berkenaan soalan-soalan yang saya kemukakan di atas.

  6. Perdana Menteri kita, Najib mengemukakan ideanya, 1Malaysia. Secara luaran, tidak dapat dinafikan memang mengagumkan dan menyenangkan semua rakyat terutamanya mereka yang terdiri daripada orang-orang bukan bumiputera, termasuk saya.

  7. Walau bagaimanapun, sekiranya anda seorang yang mengamalkan tabiat membaca dan mengikut berita harian@ surat khabar( atau melayari internet), anda tentu tahu plot plot 'menarik' yang berlaku di negara kita, kebelakangan ini. Menghampakan dan memalukan.

  8. Malah, sebelum menceburi bidang pembelajaran perundangan, saya sudah sedar, sebagai seorang remaja, bahawa negara kita masih belum stabil dan kekurangan dari segi aspek 'perpaduan'. Isu-isu ketidakadilan menjadi-jadi di peringkat sekolah, pekerjaan, bidang politik, dan di mana mana sahaja.

  9. Perpaduan? Apa maksudnya perpaduan? Menurut Kamus Dewan, perpaduan ialah istilah yang bermaksud:

bergantung, bersatu, bercampur untuk menjadi satu, kukuh dan utuh, bermuafakat, berunding dengan bersungguh-sungguh.

Maksudnya sahaja sudah mencukupi untuk menerangkan kepada kita bahawa untuk menjadi kuat dan kukuh, tiada cara lain melainkan melalui perpaduan.

10. Warna biru bendera negara Malaysia difahamkan menjadi simbol perpaduan, tetapi, adakah ianya benar-benar muncul di kalangan rakyat kita?

11. Ketika menulis halaman ini saya berasa pelik sedikit, kerana teramat ingin menyatakan 'WTF' atau 'Fuck' seperti halaman Inggeris biasa yang saya tulis tetapi saya tidak tahu bagaimana untuk menterjemahkannya ke bahasa Malaysia -_______________-!

12. Tujuan halaman ini cuma satu, saya berasa amat kecewa dengan keadaan negara kita sekarang, tak kira dari segi sosial, ekonomi, POLITIK, saya berasa amat amat amat kecewa.

13. Dengan dukacitanya, saya ingin mengakhiri penulisan saya ini dengan mengukir kata-kata hati dan pelan masa hadapan saya di halaman ini:


Walau bagaimanapun, Selamat hari jadi. Malaysia. Semoga anda menjadi sebuah negara yang lebih 'kaya' dengan perpaduan. Ia mesti bermula dengan EQUALITY.someone tell me how to explain equality in Malay.fcuk k,just put it simply, KEADILAN di antara semua kaum.

NOTE: I seriously cannot write a post in Malay. It freaks the hell out of

Saturday, 29 August 2009


It is that time again! Working time!
Hey,all of you who are based at Kuching....come find me chit chat promoting new stuff in digi..ok?haha

Friday, 28 August 2009

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Im 20 and still young n sweet WTF

Im so lazy

Im at Laura's place right now

Im desperate for internet connection

Im pretty

Im cute

Im blah-ing and high-ing WTF

Im.....T__________T lol what the F word is wrong with me!

Oh well, as Im lazy to organise all these photos uploaded

I ll just randomly ,cincai-ly caption em'...

White Choc rich~Thanks Kevin aka Kemud aka Rhino(animalnick given by Nona)=pppp

Me in Tim's car while being dizzy and impatient waiting for Nona and Evon-.- otw to SanXiao

Mei Ren Yu aka Mermaid, my fav drinks@ Ah Yeo. must order musr order!!!!!!!Will update a post specifically on this fav yumcha place of mine^_________^

SanXiao Uncle(the taukeh): *Grins at Tim* Ni de nv pen you ha?
Tim&I: L.O.L
Tim:Bu she la.....
Me: sweat sweat sweat
SanXiao uncle: *ignores the fact* ta bu chuo lei.....yao jia you,uncle zhi chi ni!
Me:*vomit blood-________________________________- uwekk

Fear Factor-Eating Task/Stunt-.- LOL inside was.........

Not this, certainly. This is good, nothing to be feared of.LOL -cheese chix chop!!!!!sedap

Laopo,Evon,Laura(photographer of the day) and Tim(not in the picha but the activity took place at his kitchen thanks for putting ur house at risk.LOL They were preparing a surprise homemade cake for me.......=)was reli surprised!!!

Cupcakes surprise.20 of them....prepared to surprise me cun cun at 12 but I went back home late..

The gals @ The Menu

Group photo

Creativity konon

Nice candlessssssssssssss I seem so old-.--.--.-


huehuehue...more surprises awaiting inside

B&W=emo guys *gayism spotted too LOL

eat eat eat

Me&the Cake <3


From the left:Wan Ming the American Boy.Eban aka Chao Ban Ban,Rosemary aka the camera supplier and me aka urs truly WTF

The 'pastry chefs' & me

The Despo/Homeless People @JLN SONG T____T
Erm.the end..LOL too little/few photos?????Im very berry lazy uploading all leh.DIAO nvm to remedy your 'loss', I'll upload the bday cake candle-blowing/cutting/singing session's Video=ppp

buh bye Nona's streamyx!*cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy iwantinternetWTF

greetings from the hottest place in town(current state)

which is none other than the newly opened place for public visiting pleasure...
*drum rollsssssssss

[Iglool-A Cool Little Joy]
2nd floor of The Spring Mall.

Well, cant wait for the MBO cineplex to start operating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and also the kbox -48 boxes............~! man,initially someone actually made me so overjoyed as he told me that it consists of 100 boxes.*whacks Sing Lio.....*grins happily
til then, buh bye Star Cineplex and fcuk you!!!! but in the meantime fcuk myself cos bohpien MBO hasnt start operating must go star-_________-huehuehuehuehuehuehue
*sticks out my long dirty tongue! wtf

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hey Ya !

My level of tiredness has reached its ultimate point, for I have been deprived of sufficient rest since my pre- final papers for Year 2 time -____________________- phewwwyoh!
Well, kinda pissed off and happy at the same time when I realised that my digi number(the current one) is not functioning.
Pissed off-because I cannot ONLINE T_T this is a very berry serious matter u know WTF
Happy-because I can now officially 'kui zhng' my digi campus number!huehuehue

Anyway, once I get to online like not that I am onlining abnormally now-_-, I will update the following overdue posts
  • My Bday 09'
  • Laura's Big2 09'
  • Damai 3D2N trip *yay
  • n a lot of other random posts...huehuehue

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Trial PhotoShoot with Allen:Teaser(s)

OMG the Mr.Photographer aka Mr.Badman(what the F word-_____-),
I love these two shots so much that I cant even wait for u to completely processed all the photos.So I uploaded these 2 first. You wont mind right,say NO I DONT MIND.otherwise it would add another No-no in ur evaluation form.(what the F word-________-)*bow n says thank you few times

P/s:fyi 'what the F word' is officially stamped under my trademark-________-

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

what is a blog?

The first blog I have read in my entire life is a friend's blog. Living overseas, she once in her letter gave me her blog url so that I could keep track of her daily lives, life events etc.
Back then, I knew very little about this blog thingy. Very berry little in fact
I never know that the term 'blog' is derived from the term 'weblog' wtf

Yea, so everytime I got to online I would certainly type '' in my browser column to view her blog=) Since, at that time I did not have any friendster or facebook acc. NOt keen, in fact do not really know about all those networking sites. In fact I never heard of FACEBOOK back pathetic I know-.- and now I am officially a FB freak wtf

Only until early 2007, in specific the moments after I got myself merdeka-ed from this stupid scary terrible horrible vegetable SPM , I registered myself a friendster acc and a BLOG! lol was so excited and a friend of mine, Harry indeed,helped me a lot in setting up the blog which is the one I owned up til today=) Thanks Harry! *bow few times* hahaha

My initial purpose of having this blog is none other than keeping it as an 'online diary'. Then I slowly came to realise the broad meaning of this entire 'blogging' stuff

Oh well....even back then, there are these famous 'figures' aka famous bloggers in the online world....To name a few, Kenny Sia(omg who doesnt know him?????), CheeserLand, SixthSeal etc etc Hmmm then only I started to learn, so blog is not limited to having your friends to read it but in fact it is kinda open to the whole world.How silly and slow learner I was -I know,WTF

I was once a girl who expressed all her feelings or thoughts in her weblog but slowly evolved into someone who cares if her words might offend anyone, ended up being extra careful each and everytime she updates a new post. Hell, I really hate this stupid change in me as I wish that I could blog freely without giving a damn. But so sorry to say, in today's context and now since I understand more about this blog thingy, I know that it has high level of transparency hence I cannot write anyhow I like!

Well if I do make you any blur-er now..U can just browse through my old posts and you WILL realise the stupid change in me-.- From writing stupid,happy, sad, angry, random happenings in my daily life to writing stupid emo stuff and now to update occasionally about 'big' 'important' life events
-_______________________________- wtf right????*sienness

Well what is the point I m making here now?? I felt happier lasttime with my freestyle in maintaining my blog, and hate myself for the faker side of me while updating this blog.So the very berry important question(s) that I wish to 'dedicate' to all of you now is:

"Should I keep my blog private?"

"NO? Why should I keep it open/public?"

"If you say-aiyah just maintain as it is lah" then
"how can I untie this stupid knot(change) in me????"

-the end-


Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Woke up late in noon.
Had mum's homecook dishes.
Went to the bank.
Got some balloons.
Off to the beach.
Washed my hair.
Putting my pandafied eyes to rest.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


life is too good and full of activities that I could not really find time to update my blog.Too many things to do,too little time.

scarcity of time:(

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

@_________________________@ *extended to 1km in length

people it is now 5.56am
and Im awake and back home less than 2 hrs ago.from MCDONALD-__________________-!
*jaw dropped
*kutip balik my jaw wtf-_-

Paper I will start at 9am.
Paper II--->2pm.I hope I can utilise the 3 hrs time in between to do last revisions for paper II wtf

Yeah,this is Evelyn's zuo feng.*someone please whack or threaten her with smt scary so that she will never study last minute like this anymore-____________________-!

*goes to bed to have 1/2 hrs

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rush Mountain!

aka CHIONG SUA! chiong ar.............................!!!
Wed last paper----->MLS!
Yay I want singk I want go fish spa I want go shopping I want go food hunting I want to go swimming I want to go gym I want Sunny Hill & more Cornettos I want to hang out with my friends I want this exam's suffering to end asap!!!

Studying Rule no.1:Have smarties with you while doing revision.Be Smart.LOL

Study smart,dont just study hard! =p

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Timothy the duck

Im very berry beh-song at this very berry moment loh as you get to sleep like my species yet I have to stay up to do last minute revision for test tomorrow hence this photo.


Friday, 7 August 2009

Old Liao Old Liao-_______________-

*head playing LeeHom's song-Ya Birthday

Yes people...
Evelyn's officially 20 years old.
20 yrs and a day and 3 hrs to be
All birthday photos are with my friends so I will update a proper post when I got em' all.Most probably after my exam!
For the meantime,let me entertain you all with this photo of mine who seemed like..about killing someone(or the cake?)wtf

p/s: thanks everyone who celebrated my birthday with me,text me,fb me,email me,surprised me&the presents&the cakes,you know who you are and I heart❤ you all.Kamsahamida!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Too bored

yeah, because I'm too bored so I went to google all these random questions in my head.

  • Why is it bad to point your middle finger at others?

It's considered rude and an offense in many cases. It's kind of like calling someone a bad word, only your not saying anything. It means "F*** You" and those words aren't nice.

I also find out that..

The middle finger pointing upwards says 'up yours' and symbolizes a penis. The little finger in this gesture indicates the other person has a small penis (this is sometimes used as a rude gesture from a woman to a man).
The first two fingers pointing upwards and with the palm towards the self says 'f**k off' (though curiously, with the palm facing the other person indicates peace).
The finger and thumb together forming a circle may symbolize the female genitalia (perhaps likening the other person to this). It can also indicate the anus. Moved up and down it may indicate male masturbation (implying the other person, a male, is unable to gain a female partner and thus has to masturbate to get sexual relief). Yet with little finger facing outwards it can also mean 'OK' or 'wonderful'.
The index and little finger pointing upwards as a gesture can say that the other man is a cuckold. It can also signify the 'evil eye'.


  • Is it true that gay men pierce their right ear/wear one earing on their right ear?

There is supposedly some rule that says that straight men wear earrings on the left ear and gay men on the right.

But I am thinking why straight guys wear earring on the left and not right?Then I stumble across this fellow's answer and find it logical.

But if I were pierced on my left ear, I think it would be a lot easier to put the earrings on as I'm right handed.

yup, since most people are right-handed and maybe that's why most guys wear their earrings on the left.

  • Is mandarin duck cute? -___________________-!

No answer found to this question.But according to Mr Liew Wan Ming,it is.LOL

There is even this perfume called Mandarina Duck Cute Pink-_______-! And yes,it is pink in colour. *kektiok*

  • What can we buy with five cents nowadays?

5 cents-per paper for photocopy

5 cents, candy lah..

at my moms time 5 cents u could already get 1 kuih and in a big size..

the reply to that answer--->your momma times' over


*off to bed.nap nap time

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Cactus Love Story

click to enlarge so that you can read the full story.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

'People Mountain People Sea'

Throughout the two days promoting at 6 different places, I came across many types of customers and some of their responses are rather the same...
  • wave his hand at you farfar even before you manage to utter a word.wave i mean here is not the friendly 'hi' waving, but 'no' and shoo-you-away type of waving-________-
  • im not Digi user/im using Celcom/Maxis
  • i already have many numbers/i have ten numbers/i have more than ten numbers-______-
  • My area no line leh when i use Digi
  • Number not sui leh...
  • Is it for free, the starter-kit?
  • Got free phone mah?If got,I buy-____________-
  • I dont have a handphone.You give me urs then i buy number from you-________-
  • You know....Digi simply charge me....I use few seconds,few ringgit gone...I use til Rm20++ suddenly bill come,shoot up to Rm90++ -_____________-
  • If you find tiok this number, then I buy from you.
  • I want ur number.
  • u r look like Hello Kitty-_____________________________________-!!

Of course, there are exceptionally kind customers. Some of them approached me to buy simpack from me and some koh-lien me hence buy from me.There was one customer asked me to choose a number for him.Some bought reload coupons thinking that I will earn commission from it. Haha *gan dong* Got one friend even more geng at being supportive, met him on both working days, he even bought a simpack from me and help me promote too(to his friends).haha Thanks,Allen!

My dull and tired look after work.Darker skintone FML-_______________-