Saturday, 31 January 2009

Busy busy CNy (",)

Was back from Damai yesterday. And am busy these two days....Visiting Marathon takes place tmr.. Haha:) ll update when I'm free from CNY mode!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Realised an unread text from a friend of mine when I was awake this morning.

Mr J: Why are people so dependant on others, relying on each others, needs others help, yet at the same time, have to be independent n not rely on others ar..?

And my reply was....

"It's a matter of choice whether to express it out or not. Everyone is actually vulnerable, lonely and needs other individuals to make a better life,despite the fact that we wont die without anyone else in our life. hence we feel the best when we have our family together and great friends around. Being independent thus, is a personality choice where in fact, we feel happier when we share, having able to be 'dependant' on the 'right' persons in our life, being pampered, cared and loved by them......For instance, take a successful surgeon doctor.. He might be a very reliable, independent man in his working circle, but once back home, he ll choose t release his vulnerable and dependant side to his wife and children. He might be good in cooking but he'd love to eat his beloved wife's cooking. He might be able to clean the home yard,garden ALL ALONE but if it is to be done along with his dearest son, it is not only a work. It is something, a work of strengthening the family bond..=)
Conclusion: We are not robots, We are human. We need each other for a better, fabulous, meaningful life. If we are solely independent(in every aspect),we are then robots.

Thanks Mr J,for giving me a second of thought, enlighten myself.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

hello beaches

am now on the way to Damai.supposed to check in at 2.dont bother to ask why on earth only drive there this late. blame i sleep til 11am and blame cos went collecting ang paos n even to 7eleven for cornetto ice cream n guardian@boulevard just now T___T the terrible thing,is it is raining quite heavily now.cant speed.and THE MOST TERRIBLE THING IS,my mummy took the wrong road CONTINUOUSLY THREE TIMES(different roundabouts).....sweat mummy:i think i didn't bring my mind(thinking brain) with me. me:can u pls concentrate?or else i drive-________-

Sunday, 25 January 2009

happy chinese new year 09'

Moo...i'm a cow...(sounds familiar my Mudsss gang?)haha sigh.i extremely dislike uncertainty although i myself am uncertain at times...not going back to btu for CNY as i mentioned in the previous post....and similarly like previous yrs,am going to spent it at damai beach resort..hmmm neways,kinda excited when beaches and body massage come across my mind.teeheesss=p oh well,hereby i wanna wish all of you a very HAPPY yr ahead and live ur life to the fullest!We do hear about the belief of past/previous life and future/next life.well we're not sure if they are true in existence BUT what we can ascertain is now.At this very moment.Enjoy our life and never regret over anything that made us smile.Love our families as we're always placed number one in their heart...I'll update after CNY or mayb even during my beach vacation(if i feel bored with beaches there-IMPOSSIBLE!) haha.til then.....

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


am very tired but still, i wanna update my blog..
CNY is approaching......and i was kinda excited as we have been celebrating our CNY at damai beach every year since we moved back kuching.
But this year, Mum made it an exception. Perhaps main reason, having our own house(used to live with eldest auntie and her fam)..
However!!! Lastnite mum just told me that we will most probably spend CNY in Bintulu!!!
go go go but kinda mixed feeling too...sweat i dunno la...just let it be!
anyway,one thing for sure,1st day CNY i wanna go Hui yen houseeeee!!huhuhu
cookies....karaoke....and partner in crime for camwhoring...huehuehue
Went to Fashion News just everything is like...half price! damnitbought a skirt n a lot more,but financial constraint-___-!
nvm la...the baju i wear in bintulu i can still wear when i come back here what,nobody knows.huehuehuehe
oh ya...the reason i am so tired n exhausted are....
-stupid class schedule
-assigmentsss,OMG my feeling now,being free of assignments are unspeakable!but lerh...really knot do lastminute liao.diaooo more to presentation somemore this Sat....
-photoshoot *but i have fun* LOL bikini+red dress dress' one,took place Vee and Amber...hrmm i really love their work,and adore their idea n concept regarding photography.Amber is really...professional!
-and cos i lazy.....
-and cos i lack sleeping time....
-and....and and and i love to PROCRASTINATE

*the end*

p/s: timothy got a blog liaooooooooooooooo
hao lian.....didnt tell me.Yen told me.yeah everybody!!lets spam his blog...

Monday, 19 January 2009

07012009 Photoshoot by Vee

Photo editing by:Vee
Model:yours truly (haha)
Venue:Padungan Street,Carpenter street,Bing

Thursday, 15 January 2009

What I have been doing lately...

Photoshoot with Vee

and she calls it China Doll photoshoot.

*photos of my sayang's great work to be posted in next entry*

Got back to skulT_T

Partner in crime in skul:Yen aka Huimud

PAINT my nails.huhuhu

Camwhored zhi-lian-ly as i always do.

Partner in crime:Von aka my sis

Paktoring with my laopo,with Von as the lightbulb aka xmas tree

Went to a wedding dinner(be a partner of my aunt=p)

Had more n more ice creamssssss

Went for 8-9 pirateship rides,2-3 days continuously-_____-

In love with the sunset view at batu kawah road...

Kevin aka Kemud's belated bday gathering

*cough cough*

Sing k sing k sing k=p

*jian gui le~!=S*

Discovered the goodness of Kado Cafe and keep on going there ever since=p

Delegated the task to suprise Von's fren,Jellypie on his bday...haha they are all cutie-pies..'very the cheerful'...haihs me old edyT_T

Influenced by Von-in love with gummies.....huehue i love em so so so so much k~!

Went to Blogger Food Tasting gathering at Fastfood Village
and the food is freebies too=p
Refer to LWM's blog for full details.

Went to see Rosemary's idol,Fann Wong.OMG-ness!!she is so hot+pretty!!!!!!!

Spending time with my two dearest nephews=p let mum alonebabysitted them~

Had CNY clothes shopping done in a day!!! *woots*from 12++pm til 10pm...huahuahua
Was browsing thru my photos and found this one.
so so so so the funny~!
taken on the night we celebrated David aka Damud's bday
-___- very the sweat,i know...hahah
finally, will be dead soon during the process of completing my assignments which ll both due tmr-____-!!!!cham