Wednesday, 8 August 2012

something in your eyes makes me want to lose myself makes me want to lose myself in your arms

It has been more than one year. almost two years. october times in 2010...

When things turned sour..I changed our blog password, it was too painful, it still is....

I know this seems so inappropriate but I do miss those times.
But just now that I want to re-read and recollect everything...

I couldnt get to log in anymore.

For now, the retrieved password is: teddie2010 if you want to know...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

oh by the way, did you notice my "cute" SHORT HAIR ?? T___________T cry

The Octopus Pose

Of which Abang Mad, a friend I got to know in Newcastle calls the pose as Le' Itik Pose. 

Of which has became Ah Le's fav pose now. "Wo xue Da Gu de," he says.

 Le' tired me at office.Going to finish my one month attachment at Tang & Partners this 15th. 17th-19th church camp with LihJing, then off to KL on 21st.A new chapter of my life.
 Le' failed surprise.Supposed to be delivered to the office but I was absent, took MC on friday. Thursday I went to watch 11.30pm -The Dark Knight Rises.hohohoo until Batman watched me sleep in the midst of the movie. Ended around2.30pm =_=

alright.ying chou him.haha He's really sticky to me. Requests to sleep with me every night. Bro n Saosao went honeymoon at Vietnam. who says honeymoon can only be once? :P
 Le' fireworks at Kuching Fest the other night. 01.08.2012
 Le' cute phone ribbon button I got freom Ah Huen's lao ban niang at Everrise , Padungan branch.
 Proof read, like more than 80 pages kind of sublease agreement ?? die.
xiao xiong bin gan! <3 p="p">
for now, TATA ! be happy. for life's short.