Thursday, 30 December 2010

am sick now.serious sorethroat.super super duper painful.just kill me.

Love the Way You Lie

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
Well that's alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
Well that's alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
i am kinda sick of the fact that in this world people are using one another and lying to one another.people might say something to you assuring it and say totally a different story to is sickening.and it is more sickening when you have to pretend that you dont know.maybe you dont want to know but sometimes you want to know so much and yet at the same time pretend like you dont care, it is hard to find truthfulness in this age. well faith?what is faith if it has no source?how do you expect someone to have faith in you when she herself is totally clueless or has too much clues in her head.maybe i should not know too's nothing but all ugly truth.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

hey if you're reading do you know me?how do we meet?

Monday, 27 December 2010

im back in kuching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

burp.stomach full of lui teh!tonight chiong D11 steamboat!prawns and CRABS!!!

Friday, 24 December 2010


Cherries Berries, Miri. Lol this club is cool, they have live band singing boom boom pow songs ler...songs that are famously played in clubs i mean! and they are from phillipine, i forgot what is their band's name liao!oh ya..we drank Jack Daniel+Green tea!!nice combination eh, i like!!

me with my laksa at Mdm.Wee, Miri!yummy but the soup is not spicy enough!I love and can eat very spicy food!!

Playing with the saycheese application!very nice ler, it is an application that can directly upload your photos onto fb after captured. and it is FREE! got effect for you to choose somemore-.- this is 'soft' effect.

In the car!

LOL I am now in Miri, spent 3 days 2 nights in Bintulu then yiyi and yizhang drove here. Today is xmas eve, after countdown, after xmas, 26th! gonna eat sushi in brunei then at night!!fly back to kuching.i miss home!i miss Newcastle too!!!kill me!!!i miss too many things.zzz

Thursday, 23 December 2010

I have a dream

i have a dream.i know everyone does.I mean, I have many goals and wishes, but the dream im talking about now is the whole picture of my dream, in my life.

as far as i can remember, when i was in primary school, probably standard three, every year in school we had to fill this yellow cards with our details on it, a part of the questionaire is our ambition. there ll be 3 spaces to write, with 1st choice, 2nd choice and 3rd choice.

I ll fill in:
1st: doctor
2nd:air stewardess

yeah, so basically i ll have the same answers every year except for the 3rd choice, it varied because i dont know what to fill in.

I grew up having my relatives telling me and motivating me to be a doctor, of course medicine is my own field of interest and passion. Although I dont belong to the type of student that is hardworking and ace every subject papers, I managed to get A1s for both my chemistry and biology papers. but....

My mum told me not to pursue medicine, and go for Law instead. that was my most WTF moment in 2007.

I protested, I argued. and I cried. I tried all ways to disobey my mum's decision. I refused to go to the orientation. The counsellor told me I can give the law course a semester try then i decide whether or not to continue. She even told me that I can retake science side A Level if I decide to still go on with medicine after doing my law A Level. wtf gao gao.zzz

but lao bu the biggest.siang tua liao.the last time i argued with her she cried and so did eventually i gave up on Taylor's College's module of A Level . Albeit having registered and enquired on all details and booking on the accommodation T___T

so yeah,there i went to segi college. 3 yrs plus have passed, I ve done my A Level, Diploma in the college, blessedfully without failing any paper. Now I m doing my final year of Bachelor in Law in Newcastle.
aww.time flies.time does really fly. July next year, I ll be a law graduate.

Now, the real question is, LAWYER?

hmm..actually in the midst of doing my diploma, i ve this plan in mind. To work once Im done with my diploma i will go for the interview cos if im too old then they dowan me liao.zzz

but then i think, it is such a waste, i am this close to get my law degree, just another one year. so i continued. although Australia is my goal, due to the good exhange rate and shorter study duration, I ended up choosing UK.

the issue now is I have a dream, with the road Im taking now, is it taking me to my dream?or is it bringing me further away from my dream?

I dream to earn money and being able to take care of my family.
I dream to own my own car, preferably family car and I dream to own a small but comfy house.
I dream to do something I love to do for my career.
I dream to own a cafe business and also a florist.
I , then, dream to combine that two. Flowers+ cafe.

Hmm, I ll be smiling wide everyday if that is fulfilled.
i dont have to earn a lot but i ll be happy.
I love sunflowers and pink roses.

oh ya, i want to have a hubby that really loves me ,takes care of the family and kind, loving to my family as well.
I dream to have a daughter. A good girl. Beautiful like me. lol si ai bin.>.<
I dream my dream.
I have a dream.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

tomorrow going to beach lu~~
very happy..but at the same time very moody too...
the plan is..all of and my hiao pos...will go to lian guan to buy all the steamboat stuff and keropok and all that in the morning and depart after having lunch
grrr my mum hasnt know that we planned to drive there.crazy roads.1 hour.all of us.girls.definitely nona ll be the one driving lah.but...whose car?cant use mine..lil gold.aka xiao jing cos my mum'd know that we are driving.arghhh shud be bingbing's car then...

argh i miss Newcastle.but i cant go back.
i was thinking bout him thinking bout me think bout us...

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


i'm very very very very hungry right now and im typing this on Nona's bed. Chaobanban(my sis), Cherry and Nona are still sleeping like pig beside me. grr i want laksa.or tu kah peng..

yesterday we went to Tomoe..a place my sis keep on advertising to me since i forgot when, since Im in UK i think...

two hungry fellas...

this is called Japanese Pizza, cant remember the japanese name in the menu.
But it is really nice, no wonder went in the newspaper also.
8 big pieces for rm14! nom nom nom...yum..but a bit I could only take 2 pieces..

and this.awwww..............look at the juicy roasted duck meat.*faints*
anyone in newcastle u must go and try this at Cheeky Duck @ Chinatown. You wouldnt regret it, but make sure you can finish it, the portion is so big that two person can actually order one and share.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Do you know how much I miss you?

When I miss you , I can only kiss teddy..

Ask him.He knows how much I miss you..


Sunday, 12 December 2010

bloggie oh bloggie do you know......

im feeling very down right now.


Saturday, 11 December 2010

eek the line back in kuching here is really kanasai, want to upload photos also cannot .grrrrr
tonight im going to watch Rapunzel! yay, heard a lot of good feedbacks about the movie, watched the trailer and think it ll be a great movie too. most importantly it is a fairytale and yes i love fairytales=) although many things made me ..err.. lost hope and belief in fairytales but yes, i still love fairytales..hehe..
tomorrow i want to go tui na with Eulene.haha she's my massage partner, used to go to Indulgence @ Jalan Song , for only RM38 per hour !so suang especially when you get the old and pro massage girl! but tomorrow im going to the doctor one..hope my backpain will be cured!


Friday, 10 December 2010


I need a little faith.

How could a country girl like me,
become your love, your bride to be,
you're holy and you're divine,
but im a lowly man.
without you lord..i have no faith..without faith lord i have no you..

hmm i guess this is it.i lost faith the day i lost having healthy christian life.
there is this someone who cares so much about me
there is this someone who scolds me when i take cold drinks
there is this someone who actually make me believe and tell me that i look beautiful without my make up on
there is this someone who kisses me on my forehead
there is this someone who cooks breakfast for me
there is this someone who do anything to make me smile
there is this someone i really like
and this someone im afraid to love.
this someone i need a lil faith in him.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

argh im so bored..i miss newcastle so much i want to be there i got my sleeping time messed up i think it is because my body and i want to be in newcastle

I MISS YOU T________T

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Im back in Malaysia edy.I mean Kuching..teehee^^

this rabbit i forgot what it is called they are so adorable...i want cute!!! at amsterdam airport...

I love sundae<3

Monday, 6 December 2010

I am now supposed to be on the plane flying to KL already.

Spending the whole night at Gateshead, played snowball fight and some hills sliding kebabs session with the gang and talked nonsense(mostly about xxx..zzz=__=) then by the time reached home it was 6 something in the morning already. So showered and packed, didnt know i HAD SO MUCH STUFF to carry-,- after packing lastminute, catch a cab go to the airport weighted the luggage went to the check in counter the person in charge said the flight is cancelled, YA THE FLIGHT IS CANCELLED ! #$%^&*#$%^& !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the flight is cancelled oh know how much stuff and how sakai I looked carrying those stuff-___________- and the flight is cancelled....

Directed to the counter where we need to rebook our ticket, so we had our flight rescheduled to tomorrow, same time->> 1.10pm...hmm Timaomao checked the weather in Ansterdam, it will be the same like today but I really really hope the flight will go on.

20 pound, it is FREAKING 20 POUND one way, back and forth->> 40 pound!!!!!!!!!!!! DUA RATUS RINGGIT T__________________T *stabs myself

okay, anyway...i'm bringing a lot of chocolates back, namely Snickers and Bueno, and the triangle shape one...i forgot the name already but ebon tan likes i bought from poundland...1 pound only...rm5, so save 3-4 ringgit i guess? snickers is 5 for 1.10 pound. also cheap i guess??

ARGH, i really bosim wanna go back lo, if the flight goes on being cancelled and all that >.<>
thats all for now, gotta wash my face.had chocolate mask=ppp
p/s:TEDDIE says HI^_^

Thursday, 2 December 2010

hi bloggie, im here in the library at 3.35am doing this blog post while i have not even started yet on my seminar preparation tomorrow...nevermind lar...tmr 4 pm then need to go nia mar....zzz

have been getting myself too much partying and drunking and snowballfighting sessions these few days.skipped too many lectures and seminars these two weeks.kinda no mood to study cos im going back=)))

but i made a mistake,it is on monday not sunday, that im reaching,fml.

anyway i shud get my arses hot and start to do my seminar already.tata#

p/s:laksa, kuehchap, tukhar peng, sing k, hiao zhabor frens, damai, hot sun, mini i come=)))

Monday, 29 November 2010

MerryMerry York

Today I went to York..after sleeping for only an hour FML...had a lot of fun but didnt manage to go to the Designer hope i can go again before next saturday WHICH IS THE DAY I WILL GO BACK TO KUCHING^_____________^

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snowie snowie

it's -2 celcius right now@_____@ cold..very cold...

look after not sleeping for one whole day and night..

zhilian-ing as usual

Captivate Us

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH the trip is cancelled.*takes out knife ,want kill ppl

lol is for our safety, the road is too icy for the bus to go to edinburgh=( i've seen many cars skidded on the road already...

Friends, watch this...<3

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I am going to a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland later 7.30am(now is 6am and I havent sleep yet@_______@) tmr , another trip to York~ @____________________@" I'm gonna be sleep deprived though. it is crazy Fide lost Jacob's key during snowball fight lastnite and just now it was Alan. The snow here eats key. Beware of that.

Say hello to panda Eve!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Last xmas i gave u my heart..

sang kancil di uk.

tersangkut di dalam bola

diri suka.no1

diri suka no2

diri suka no3

metro centre

dekat dekat rumah saya

naik gila kerana salji

hoho (n___n)v peace*


when it started to snow...

this is taken when it started to snow outside from my room window. It was so cute and wonderful, it stopped for awhile and then the bigger and fatter flakes started to fall it is much thicker and I was having this snowball fights out there , hahaha.wait til I upload new videos and photos again..

went to watch HaPPy Potter ..err i mean Harry Potter just now and we all sure tried hard to not fall asleep hahahaha

thats all for now, having two seminars on Friday hence the library session now=) take care my friends...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

24TH NOV it snows!!! =)

omgee I AM SO HAPPY it finally SNOWED=)))
and and and i love my new pinku layout so much.and the zhilian photos of mine T_T and and.. the musicbox melody thanks mr lappie surgeon~! *happy smiling eyes

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Do you know what day is today?

teddybear says hello.

Today is a very important day. In Korea and Japan, every year on 22nd of November, they take hundreds of their own photos and post em' online to denote their celebration of this special day. They call it ' Zhi Lian Day'.

Although I am in UK, I will just join in the fun this year...

I love pink roses.and the the scent...sunflowers too!!<3

typical pose

my zhilian partner Cherry.

As I was far much more zhilian before, I korek my old self-obssessed photos as well for this special day.

I love specs so much.I had done all the possible ways to damage my eyesight but to no avail.zzz

I think I am cute in this photo...*si ai bin

Done! this is my small compilation of zhilian photos.
by now if you still believe me that zhi lian day on 22nd nov is existing and is true, then you can bang your head against the wall.sekian terima kasih.