Friday, 28 December 2007


i think i am CRAZY....
seriously d.o.w.n kkkkkk
i dunno
it seems that something is wrong with me
but i dunno what is it
i feel my forehead
but i dont think i have fever
although i have headache
it pains
i listen to happy n joyful songs
but they didnt help
i tried to laugh
but i CANT
in front of mirror
i see a clown
i cant smile..........
ya,i think i am siao edy~
so,i think
only this *love* of mine can cheer me up
i couldnt have Sunny Hill's
i found only Magnolia's Mag-A-Cone vanilla
i ate em
but stillllllll
i dunno these few days siao one
feel down
then i crave for ice creammmm

nite**26th Dec

be happy--> =(


just now



Thursday, 27 December 2007


hey you..yes you..must eat vege oh~

p/s:my only xmas present this year~