Saturday, 21 April 2007

Well...i was having sweetdream(i forgotten what the dreams is but I'm quite sure it's a sweet one) when my mum woke me up at had been ages since i last wake up that early(jk laa..) Well..She urged me to go to the Segi Orientation(gonna explain why i have to join this though I'm supposed to join Taylor's intake in next post)...LOL..I thought i'd told her many times that I'm not interested in that course..And for sure,she would not care about my nagz and...made me grabbed my towel sleepily......okie..yaya ok I got angry before that cos the orientation was 'understood' to start at 10.00am..why i have to wake up that early,I thought. But she said something that got my attention..hahaz...she asked me,"dont you want to have breakfast outside?" hehe...i was delighted immediately...ok...

So i went to the orientation.well...I was....hehe...quite nervous...then laugh my head off when..the programme coordinator's extremely funny.....first..he told us that there were gifts for us...I was quite curious...till he opened the water(with straw la)...hahaz...then after being explained semester system,rules n regulations....we were then brought to see around n got to know more bout the 'campus' toilet(haha)..,student common room,library,cafe,lobby notice boards and ect ect,,...after that...time to go back!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Dinner at 3rd mile.....

well as usual.....when i woke up...realizing all the soft toys(doggie,dino,teddy) are all kicked off my bed......

Waa jz had my dinner at 3rd mile there...soooo full~hehe..guess mum ordered the chicken meat,seasoned duck meat,kueh chap,mix vege....and when there's leftover,she sure ll say...." thiss.....girl eat that......"what again...girl means either me or my sis...(usually me laa...cos i'm more 'capable' in eating...hahaz...then she asked me to buy tissue and sugar at H&L supermarket...Huh...I searched for 5-7minutes for the sugar...give up!asked the assistant there...ok..y make us as customers' life so miserable...Y place the icing sugar together with those corn flour,baking powder and so on but place the sugar at different place(near the store room)..omg...4get it...then i've to wait at the counter for so long(ok ok i noe i'm very fussy)...change counter...same...even worse i've to queue up in a longer line..swt...haha a tiring day.....

Friday, 13 April 2007

The Window

Two men,both seriously ill,occupied the same hospital room.One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs.His bed was next to the room's only window.The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back.The man talked for hours on end.They spoke of their wives and families,their home,their jobs,their involvement in the military service,and where they had ever been on vacation.
Every afternoon when the man in the bed by the window could sit up,he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.
The man in the other bed began to live for those one-hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and colour of the world outside.
The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake.Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats.Young lovers walked arm in arm amidst flowers of every color and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance.
As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail,the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scence.
One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by.
Although the other man couldn't hear the band,he could see it in his mind's eye as the gentlemen by the window portrayed it with descripive words.
Days and weeks passed.
One morning,the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths only to find the lifeless body of the man by the window,who had died peacefully in his sleep.She was saddened and callled the hospital attendants to take the body away.
As soon as it seemed appropriated,the other man asked if he could be moved next to the window.the nurse was happy to make the switch,and after making sure he was comfortable,she left him alone.
Slowly,painfully,he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look at the real world outside.
He strained to slowy turn to look out the window beside the bed.
It faced a blank wall.The man asked the nurse what could have compelled his deceased roommate to have had described such wonderful things outside this window.
The nurse responded that the man was blind and could not even see the wall.

She said, "Perhaps he just wanted to encourage you."

[Epilogue:There is tremendous happiness in making others happy,despite our own situations.Shared grief is half the sorrow,but happiness when shared,is doubled.If you want to feel rich,just count the things you have that money can't buy]

***This is a story I've read recently which I found is very true and touching..I hope you can enjoy reading it and feel the meaning of it*****

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Eat to live....or live to eat???

Now if you pay me and ask me to go to Hartz Chicken...I ll have to think twice liao..Haha kinda got phobia of this restaurant already..Last week my sister and I went to this Hartz Chicken at this Sarawak Plaza..OMG...2days before that,we actually went there to eat with my friends liao..haha...Cos of 'tang xin' and we were just too sure that we were very hungry and would eat a lot,so we decided to have the buffet there which costs 15ringgit plus( per person.....First I took two fried chicken,two scoops of mashed potatoes and lotsa vege salad..yum yum yum...thought that i can take took break for a while..took two plates of ice cream...Really cannot move liao..Plus my sis kept doing things that made me her head on de wooden wall near our table(too excited)..Haha realy beitahan..And we kept lookin at others takin more and more food..Hahaz..Kiasu..So i took another two Fried chicken(drumstick der o)...Waa..Really beitahan liao..My sis was there eating her 7th plate of ice cream and kept calculating whether total the food we ate worth we pay that much or not..Hahaz..When I was taking my 3rd plate of ice cream,looking outside...Hmm..people who were having sushi or fastfood...they looked so happy and no worries...Then i looked at my sis and others in Hartz...Haiz...Only got two words on the foreheads..=eat more!Huh...really regret the decision to have our dinner there that nite...cannot eat much still want to 'force' ourselves..haiz..what did I get at last...Sick and pimples on my forehead nia...

Are you Hokkien?Understand Hokkien?Come give urself a short test.^^

GSCE 'O' Levels > Hokkien Exam Paper

1. Read the passage carefully
2. Grade yourself with the grading system at the end of the passage after reading.
3. Not that difficult, chin chai do lah !

Section A: Orrler Exeminetion (60 marks)
Question: Singalella why become rich ?

Koo zhar wu chee ay char bor kia, Singalella. She got two sisters, but the stepmarder and the sisters all damn kuai-lan, so she quite zhia-lat oso. Last time Singalella got own maid, but now she become the amah. Everyday must cook lah, clean lah, simi sai mah bao-kah-liao. If her sister say liak kar zhuak, she liak. Tak jit zho kah tau-hin. CPF poon boh. But then, kay piak eh ah-pek got one son call Ah Ming got party. So he say, "oeh, long chong lai ah." Singalella very happy because she never go party before but then her step-marder say, "Lee Mana eh-sai kee, this one bahru lu eh sisters wu >standard." Then Singalella must zho sui-sui for her sisters and step-marder. Tap pi how, buay zhia, buay koon and buay pang-sai. That night she only can wave bye bye and then she go back to the kitchen and cook Maggi mee. Her neighbour came over and ask, "Eh, an-zhua lu boh kee party?" So Singaalella kong, "I-wan, lau-bu kong buay- sai, so boh pian." She never expect but the neighbour say, "Aiyah, kee lah, I give you money." So singalella brush teef and zhang-zhui, chen-kor, after that look very different. She quickly run to opposite of the beh-chia-lor, already 11 o'clock. At the party, Ah Ming also quite sian because the char bor all boh sui one. Dance floor even got one ah pek dancing. Just as Ah Ming told himself, "Aiyah see-pay zhia-lat", Singalella came in. Ah Ming straight away lau nuar. "Wah-lau eh, see-pay heng ah, chee kor buay pai." Ah Ming say to Singalella, "eh, sui eh, wah ai kah lee zho flen!" Singalella say ok but Ah Ming like octopus, touch here touch there. But then just it was 12 o'clock, one ah pek die on the dance floor. He become ghost and tell Singalella all the good 4D number. So after that Singalella quickly go and buy 4D, and then tiok tau-pio, zhit-pak ban. So she pay back the kay-piak eh lau-kay-poh and then kah kee cho sen-lee. Simi kuan eh sen-lee wah mana eh zhai.

Section B: Grades - Gauge Your command of Hokkien.....
A1. Can understand the story and pronounce Hokkien correctly.
= Hokkien eh sai, bo beh zao.

A2. Can understand half story and/or cannot pronounce Hokkien properly.
= zhia lat

E8. Don't understand story and/or catch no ball.
=leow leow, mai ka lang kong you is Hokkien Singabolean

F9. Don't understand rating.
=kee see lah, wah mana eh zhai lee kong simi?

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

We are just like twins^^

Hmm...introduce my sister,Evon=) Why did i mention that we're just like twins?In fact lotsa people thought we are!lol...I'm 4 years elder than her....Erm...Not only we look alike(others said so-really??),sometimes(hola,most of the times)....we ll say the same words(totally the same oo) at the same time either answering people or telling something..Hmm...Its proved that we have the same thoughts.....Erh~We always quarrel one...She never call me 'jie'(meant it k...only call when asking something from me)...We always punch lai punch qu der....Haha..Thats why mum was so worried when my sis said she wants to join Taekwondo,like me....Nvm la...We've trained since small bah..lolz...She always get angry der...cos I like telling others that I'm younger whenever they asked bout it..The thing is--they beliv wat!Hmm...Well...she's one of the most important person(she ll kembang hidung later) in my life...Though I always treat her like 'Mario"..I love you mei^^ Everytime after making her angry,I feel that she's so kelian...But she's a forgiveful person...Never manage to remain the anger an longer one-thats why always kena buli....hhaha..In fact,I feel that she has the jie feeling cos most of the time(our conflict) she the one who 'rang' me der...Hehe...'Jie Mei Forever' oo....Don't forget to jiayou in studies and look after mama when I go kl....Figure out ur real dreams in life and strive hard to achieve em'!Aja aja fightin'....

Too eng liao..........

Waa...won't realise it if my friends didn't 'scold' me("friends",u know hu u r laa...just leave comment lo)...Hahaz....So rich arh?Everyday go coffee bean...Hehe Why don't u just apply streamyx and online at home....Haha..Erm...Since the 23rd i guess if not mistaken...omg almost everyday in this nearly 3 weeks I spent at coffee bean....Ok I wanna 'chen qing' something here...explaining...Ehem...I am not rich okay..You guys expect me 'da chi da he' in The Coffee Bean mer...I just ordered one drinks only(sometimes gotta share with my sis gok ah)....FOR THE WHOLE DAY.....yea...I'm very kiamsiap one-with my own $$...Its ok der...cos got free Iced water there...can drink as much as you want...Haha..So dear time go swak plaza if see me at coffee bean there or...happen to know that I am at coffee bean via msn,please don't scold me or say me 'wu lui' kay...hehe KAMSAHAMIDA xie xie......

Forever 5Alpha[2006]....

Hmm..2006 is a real memorable year for me...One of the main reason is because of my class........5Alpha.Let me begin telling from the very first moment I knew bout this class and being a part of it..

I was the 'busy' student that kept switching school..hehe..First,I was studying at Smk Bintulu for three years(Form1-4),then Smk Chung Hua Miri(few months only)...Then end of Year 2005,when I was studying Form 4 in SmkCH Miri..My mum decided to move back to our hometown,Kuching...So one of the troublesome thing is to handle the school transfer thingy...So,to make the story short..I put Smk Green Road as my 1st choice,St theresa as 2nd choice and St Mary as my 3rd choice in the school application form...I was so unfortunate that...The only person(claimed to have the highest post,P.P.G) who had the power in the education department to approve any entry to 'controlled-school' had just retired,and the guy who was going to hold the post was not really certified so he couldn't help anything.....though I've got the recomment letter from this vice principal of Green Road..Well....I learnt that those 'Controlled-school' in Kuching are popular schools which consist of 'outstanding teachers and students' and therefore those parents did their very best to 'squeeze' their children to studt in those school....Well...So the guy asked me,if i was really keen and wanted so much to study in those school I'd have to wait until February the next year....OMG~I was to have my SPM the following year kay...huh...PLus I was so worried bout all my school stuff such as PEKA,Moral Project,oral tests and lotsa more...So,after being suggested to choose other schools(non-controlled of course),I just nod my head...So the Vice of the 'P.P.G' encouraged me to go to SmK Dpha Gapur Stampin as his sons were studying there too..And i agreed after 'much' discussion with my 'worried' mummy...


On the first day,as a stranger to a new school...My mother and I went to the office with the letter from both the education department and my former school..I was a bit surprised when the teacher who was in charge to 'handle' me,the new student asked me for several times(after viewing my letter and my former school name-lol does it really matter?),"are you sure you want to study in this school?- I replied yes are you sure you ll not regret your decision?-for 3 times like that...OMG She'd really fear me..But I just don't care and just wanted to get all my school stuffs settled as soon as possible..

Bringing a small note- i did peep at it(it's written:Pelajar baru 5Alfa dari SMK Chung Hua Miri-Straight As in PMR->>omg when did I get straight As in PMR oo..Later i understood that he wrote that cos the grade B i got in Geography PMR was not considered as 4 alpha is a pure science class..),another male teacher,Encik Sarkawi Brought me to my class..and there..I met a lot of new faces-nervous...(are now all my close friends already=)I only spent a week studying in tha class...cos' it was year end school holiday already...

5 Alpha[2006].....I started to know more and more bout my classmates...Although my first impression on em' was....ehem...Studious..Serious...Not that friendly.....Scary(jk)...But time proved me wrong..In fact they're all friendly...and most importantly..They're all sincereful and i didn't face any 'enemy' problems as i used to at other place...Hmm...The class was like a big family-even till now...We hold a lot of class gatherings....We went to have dinners together..Walk walk...And recently,last March we did go to Damai Lagoon resort as another gathering holiday trip together...Hmm...And this class....Made me cry the day before my birthday-Friday..Thay made a birthday card with every message+signature from everyone in class and handed it to me while Abraham played the guitar and the ohers sang the bday song for me-real gan dong,touched THANKS my dear classmates......

Well...I hope all the alphans ll keep in touched always aND forever...Cos' this friendship really means a lot to me-I believe to all of us too...


my Daddy


My dad....HMMM...believe it or not if I say my father never scold me since i was small till this very second of my life?Yup...he'll only give me advices and lessons of life..Not a single scold,what to say more bout beat or cane....he NEVER did.Not even once.But my mum was the opposite.Whever i'd made any big mistake she''ll definitely cane me and it made me burst into tears and cried myself silently to sleep....Hmm..But this is what pp always say...Parents..Its a must that one of em' plays the role of 'devil' and the other plays 'angel'...Anyway i agree..otherwise Kids will be uncontrollable if both pamper the kids like 'gold' and turnsinto spoilt kid.hmm...Thanks to both mummy and daddy for being Yin and Yang...Haha anyhow i know both their love for me are equally the same....

Hmm..Daddy..Since I was small...around the age of 6 yrs..He seldom stay at home..Cos he worked at other place.For instance,he worked in miri while mummy,sis,and I stayed at kuching...Then we moved to Bintulu,lived there together for 5 or 6 yrs...Manage to have our days with Daddy as he transferred his job to MLNG,Bintulu..But after that..he went to Brunei to work..We parted again....Hmm...

Daddy...a dedicated father and husband..Used to wake up 4 o'clock in the morning to work...As a foreman..And only back home when the sky turned dark..Hmm..Though his favourite seafood is fish..Whenever mummy cook or steamed fish for dinner...He'll never take more than two bites..He wanted my sis and I to have more..=')

I've learnt that Grandpa,my dad's father had passed away when my dad was only 3.He had to learn quite lots of thing by himself in his life without a father's love and guide...Dad had always stressed the importance of mastering English language in our studies...He said during his chidhood times...He had no chance to study the language though he was so interested in it as he was stuying in the chinese school.There wasn't any tuition centre like now.Hmm..So he did a lot of research and studies on his own.He watch the News, Newspapers in English...And thats how he manage to converse write in English very well..When I was in lower secondary school(in Bintulu),he will always asked for my help to cut the answer sheet out of the daily newspaper for the crossword puzzle.Then he'd try to solve it.With a dictionary(his teacher as what he told me..never be ashamed to learn) in j=his hand and wearing his specs....

\Well...something happened to my family two yrs ago...And i hardly meet my dad anymore.Mummy never mentioned bout dad anymore and i feel terribly sad bout it.I just couldn't help it...Most of the nights...When i forced myself to sleep...I just couldn't stop my tears to roll down.Why?wHY my lovely family had been broken...Who's fault?How can i 'undo' all these..The only thing I could do is listen to Lord..silently....Let go





My Mama

Hmm...Mummy...The only person in this world who loves me for no reason at all..All she did and all she hopes for is my happiness..She'll feel happy when she sees my smile..Her love was so sincereful...How could I been so stupid and cruel to do things that hurt her feelings sometimes...Hmm..When I was in love with my 2nd ex..I did stupid things like Taking bath with cold water late in the midnight when I was getting upset with him..Ended up getting sick..My mum was so sad..She's the one who cared so much and feels pain in her heart during my time of sorrow n trials..Therefore,I hope not to get engaged in any relationship at the moment..Trying my very best to fulfill her wish in me...Thats to pay full attention in studies and achieve my dream,that's to become a doctor..HMM...anyway,she's a funny and 'sporting' mother too,sometimes....She ll often tease me...Aiyo,my gal...why are u so poor?No guys date you out?or..Darling..Why have you been single for so long already...haha..Cute,that's my mummy..

Lastnite,when she was driving(most of the time she ll do this),she'd just hold my hand..along the way..(ok for ur info my mum's car is auto's so 4 those who driving manual der...nv do this,that's to hold ur gf hand and drive ya...risky agh..)I felt de warmth and her love...WEll,we as mummy's little girl and boy....We do sometimes forget to 'appreciate' mummy's love..Get mad at her..after being stressed by things..for eg:studies n more...SORRY mummy...FOR every little and big mistake that i did and had hurt your feeling..SORRY..Though I know very well Mothers r always the one forgive us for every mistake we would have made in our life..


About me

Well..I'm a new blogger.So...if I did any mistake..I ask for name is Evelyn.My parent and family call me Yee lin(my chinese name)..Well...first,let's talk bout my characteristics..I'm blur blur one..Always careless in almost everything i do..hehe i forgot to bring passport during the school trip to Sabah.Not only that,i always squeeze my facial cleanser's cream on my toothbrush whenever i want to brush my teeth.I also use body shower gel to shampoo my hair(only realise it everytime i rinse my hair,cos' ll feel my hair become frizzy)....Haha..Therefore,i always get scolded by my mum for doing lotsa careless and stupid mistake..

Once in form two,I was crying telling my mum..that i got 38% for my Science.I wont cry if i deserved the grade.The story was like this...My form 2 science teacher,Mdm L***** used to give back our the test papers according to our marks..Of course she'll give back the highest one till the 'egg' one....HMM..That time i was so worry....huh..She was giving back the papers till one moment, she said..."Okay...sekarang..Yang tinggal ini..GAGAL.." omg...Ridiculous..okok...Though i didn't really study for it..How could I fail my paper..Year End Examination ler...Nvm..I was comforting myself,guessing how bad i did..The funny thing was that she said she gave finish liao...But how come I didn't get mine...Funny....I dared myself to go in front and asked her..."Teacher..I didn't get my paper(ok i'm de student who get used to talk to all my teachers in english even those who's giving their lessons in bm...)..And..she said..Evelyn,look at your paper..I took a look at my paper..OMG~An egg (big one somemore....)on my answer sheet.0%....Haiz..No wonder...I just realised my own mistake,stupid mistake....Arg~I used the black ball pen to darken the answer..Huh..yaya i admitted that I know very well...We're only allowed to use 2B pencil...But...Ehem...I forgot to bring pencil ler...WAnted to borrow pencil that time...BUT omg...Knowing the 'power' of the dicipline teacher who guarded our class on the exam day..I had no courage to do so.Well.....Madam L***** never care bout my stupid(but true) explanation..She was so cruel..My tears were rooling down my cheeks already,non-stop...Only till I almost knelt down begging her,then she promised me that the most she can help me was giving half of the actual mark of mine.Well 79%/2=38%...Haiz..Should i say thanks to her,I was wondering..Hmm...bcos of de stupid mistake I've made..I drop from 3rd position(position i was to get if my science 79%) to 8th in class that year..Hmm...Anyway..That incident made me promised myself to get an A in PMR for science,and I did...

Next,I'm a friendly person(to those I know...)..People who never talk to me and understand me might think that I'm a arrogant and 'show my coolness'...But it is not true..Hehe..Be my friend and you ll know..I just like to talk so much..and I laugh a lot..I like to see my friends' smile n their face..So i don't mind acting stupid(benlai jiu stupid) to cheer em' up..Hmm..I really appreciate every friendship of mine..Cos I believe...True friends are forever..

Love?Well...I am single now..Though I really miss the feeling being in love and which girl in this world do not wish to be pampered and cherished with love ya?Hmm...I've had 2 ex bf b4..Those relationship makes me *sigh*...Lost faith in this stuff(L_O_V_e)...anyway...I do believe Family's love...especially Mother's love..hmm...

Tuesday, 10 April 2007