Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sweet sweet love^^~

This advertisement is so so so cute and sweet=)

His teeth are so cute^_^

*Happy 51st birthday Msia*


Sick Eve...

Friday, 22 August 2008

might be true?

The Bottom Line
Beware of getting stuck in a system -- you need to maintain your own identity now.
In Detail
Good manners have always helped you get along with people who other people find to be rude or otherwise annoying. This has been a bit of a curse from time to time, like when you get stuck talking to them at a party when you'd rather be chatting up that cutie across the room. But all of this kindness has been helping you rack up some serious karma points. Do beware of getting stuck in this system -- it's time to transition out of being friendly to everyone. It's just not necessary anymore.

People who think that they know me well but in fact not might perceive me as a very 'lawa',arrogant person.In fact,I admit that as to those ppl who i do not know personally i tend to behave 'cool' and quiet to em'.I mean,I wont simply go and talk to ppl I dont know la.I might not even bother to smile at em' cos i dowan to be thought as NUTS but of course this probably mislead ppl to think i am SOMBONG.
Anyway,if you are one of my friend,you ll definitely know the 'real/true person' of me.
CRAZY,fool,funny,'over-friendly',playful,talkative and lotsa other crazy attitudes u will name me.
The point I'd like to discuss further is 'over-friendly'.I'm not trying to indicate that I am a good friend.But I am the type of person who will spend her last penny to help her friend in need or to buy smt for her friends.There are both sides of coin.Positively,people ll think that I am a nice person.Negatively,I treat all of my friends equally nice and thus sometimes I am being 'disappreciated'.In another words,I treat someone nicely who in fact does not deserve my good deed at all.
All of us know very well,in our lives,we do make and have a lot of friends,but how many out of these friends are true friends I guess we all know in our heart.
Hrm...anyway,despite many incidents that i got 'disappreciation',I have no regrets that I behave and treat all my friends nicely n sincerely.For me,as long I feel happy,I have no regrets doing that particular thing.Although,sometimes it hurted me,and I do feel disappointed but He knows what I am doing.Anyway,I am starting to learn FAMILY is much more important and truthful in their behaviour.For eg,siblings may always behave in rude manner to each other but at times of difficulties they wont leave each other helplessly.But some so called 'friends' will.
p/s:Sorry Evon for the being cut up rough with you.I also dont know why I 'zhao ni de cha' the other day-.- [sisters forever]

Monday, 18 August 2008

I am just a coward

I am just a coward.
1 hour and forty minutes ago,I ve just witnessed a road acc and drove away in fear,now being unable to make myself sleep as i cant help myself not to think bout the accident.What I can do now is actually blog bout it???What a failure I am.
Well the real thing that happened just now is like this:
I was driving back to my house with my sis,Evon at my side.Two of us.It was then raining,getting heavier n heavier.Stopped at the first red light along the road heading to MJC(near sunny hill) then the second one,which was the place that the accident happened.ALthough it was a green light to have a right turning to stapok road which i could ve used to reach my house,I did not and instead I stopped again at the red light.I did realised there was a motorcycle on the left land,next to me,quite bit in front of my sight though.Then there was this car coming from the back,driving on the left land.Feeling awkward that the car did not slow down despite it was still red light and it was getting very near the bike,I felt like giving a honk to that car BUT EVERYTHING IS JUST TOO LATE.Just as what i feared,the car just moved on and knocked into the bike,I witnessed with my own eyes,something,probably the bike was thrown bout few metres above the air then down,boom.Being stunted,I just couldnt help it but to cover my eyes with my palms and screamed out as loud as I can.Evon who was not aware of what happened at all also followed me and did the same(she memang lidat one,more coward than anyone)...This happened for only few seconds as i wanted to confirm if the motorcyclist is ok or what,so i tried to observe.I saw the car driver came down,smoking and with anger expression on his face(wtf)...By then it was green light for my direction so Evon perhaps being frightened kept on asking me to drive away.I think i remember I asked her to have a look if anyone injured she said she saw someone(not the driver) squatting/sitting on the roadside.So being a bit relieved and believing that no death is involved I JUST DROVE AWAY-.-
Rain was so so so heavy then that i couldnt see anything,even with the max.wiper my vision is totally blur.Walking up the staircase,i reminded Evon not to tell mum about the incident otherwise she might not allow me to drive out at night anymore.
However,the moment I stepped into my house the guilt feeling appeared in myself.
I felt stupid n regret for not doing my part to help or at least to double confirm that that motorcyclist is ok or not.As for you who had encountered this more or less similar situation I am sure you sure ll note remember what u actually witnessed.Perhaps me being nervous I doubt what i saw and wat actually happened coincide.I thought i saw something was stuck underneath the car but if that was the case why Evon later told me that she saw the bike is somewhere else.I m blaming myself for not at least do smt bout it,eg:call police.Imagine,with omission on my part for not doing anything..
a)The motorcyclist was seen by my sis squatting/sitting at the roadside.Does this mean that he is ok?He might ve suffered serious internal injuries.How if the car driver being selfish n irresposible,drove away leaving the victim in such heavy rainy nite?
b)was there another passenger on the bike?if so,where was he/she?is she/he ok?
c)will the car driver who seemed to be angry,but supposed to be and should sorry bout the incident, just commit hit and run.......and then leave the motorcyclist?
d)the motorcyclist might be injured not externally,thus he thought it shall b alright and ve no any medical check up??*hope he will be alright*
e)since i dont do anything,the police might never know boutthis accident and therefore the driver escape from his responsibility on the damage of the bike n also injuries suffered by the victim?..and i ll never get to know if the person is ok?and forever live in guilt?*hope he is ok*
You might be wondering,why do i need to worry so much,why dont just lodge a police report?I was thinking.If i was to do so,I must tell my mum first.I know her very well.She would ve told me not to be so kepoh la.In fact she ll definitely nag this and that.Perhaps she'd say,"see lar see if u r the one who get involved in the acc....see lar,who ask you come back so late....bla bla bla".You know la,the typical mum attitude.
But,i m thinking,what if my little help/action can do a big difference?Not only in assuring/determining the matter of life and death of the victim,maybe also about convictin g the stupid careless driver??????
Hrm,my deepest thought now is that...
I might be the one who is involved in the acc.*touch wood*..
This incident reminded me the way I usually drive,especially when it doesnt rain.
Reckless.Fast but unstable.Haolian,kiasu.
hrm all these might cause life/lives.

Pls.All of u out there.Drive safely.And i really do hope the ppl involved is/are fine.*pray*

Saturday, 16 August 2008

=( e.m.o

just finished watching Disc A edy cried,burst into tears like siao liao.

Now watching Disc B..

Pls do ve a watch,it is a very touching Indonesian movie,great story-line...


Despite the fact that i did badly in my economics I am very happy to score an A in my Law paper=) 30 plus candidates sat for this paper last June,ONLY ten passed,ONLY 3 got A and I m one of em!Yuuhuu~However,flashing back to the day i got to know my result,that's last wednesday,which was earlier than we were informed it would be released...
Ivy:Evelyn,Yen told me result's out thus i checked ours and know what??????You got A for ur law lar!
Eve:*giving her a -.- sweat look* you lie!where got so early can know result de?Online checking also not available yet.
Ivy:REal!I m not cheating u.*showing me her small paper with our grades for each subject written on it*
EVe:OMG!Am I dreaming???*pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming*
LOL.The subject which I was kinda sure I will get 'can-show-pp' 's result supposed to be Econs.But the fact is the other way round...I MISERABLY got a D for it and in fact got an A for a subject that i had no any confidence in scoring a good grade-.-!what the....Anyway,janji i dapat continue,sik perlu retake papers then ok liao....
However the news that followed the good news delivered to me was haunting me these few days.Although I am very happy with my own result,at the same time i feel sad for my frens who cannot make it thru this time.Of course most of em need to resit,while waiting for their paper next June,they ll most probably sit in LLB 1st year class which they ve to pay for it you know lah Segi is well known for sucking blood(our money)!
There are a lot stuffs to be done thus.Eg:Class enrollment,Cert cash-in...which i need to settle these 2 weeks b4 my yr 2 class commences on the 1st of september.*COUGH*so...whoever wanna 'date' me out,pls do so in these two weeks cos after this I'll be busy with my very-packed class schedule.Rajin konon-.-
Oh well,and to those who are interested in joining Segi's prom nite this coming October at swak club tell me ya...I can help to inform n get ur ticket from Rachel the pretty counsellor of my college lo=p