Friday, 31 May 2013

what's the matter. woke up having super happy , good mood. Went to Sing K @ Redbox with Maomaoti. And right now after 6.30-9.30pm class Im super exhausted.

Anyway , please dont tell me this is happening again. Not now Evelyn!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

oh no. exam T_T

Oh Ohaiyo ! Haven't been writing for awhile. I mean, like really write. Always browse through old posts once in awhile. And regain, recall so much memories ! So I don't care Im gonna write now. Five days from now, or even five months or years Im gonna read back this and glad I did it : P okay lets see what I can update here. My diary .

Okay. Since I have just transferred these photos from my phone to the laptop, good. This was when I went back Kuching last December/Jan and we went for the River Cruise ! hohoho

This brat here has been a part of my life err day all day ! hahaha His name is Dan Dan and he belongs to Angela yo !

 I have nothing for my mum, hmmm But mum I love you !I cant thank you enough for you unconditional love, .....

Me loving my jersey days ! 

When the day is so hot and you hate to have sweaty hair and yesh my hair is growing , say no to funny stupid fringe ! 

One morning when Im feeling zhi lian as usual.haha

 New member, Hero and Mcdeelyn's meimei ----> Winter ! Cos shes wearing the scarf.and Yes she is the piao liang one :P

Quan jia fu.haha Family portrait! They pei me sleep everynight. By the bedside.haha

And this tis the cute xiao purple. oh btw Winter is the Ah Nong.haha 

Onigiri ! Always buy this when Im in Aeon but the filling is so little, Aeon Y U SO KIAM SIAP  ? !

Oh another Dan Dan's photo.

And this is still in my fridge now. Cos wanted to have some money change and also wanted to buy very berry long ago liao.

Another 1 month to exam!!! ARGH KILL ME

Ebulin, wake up !!!!!!!