Monday, 30 May 2011

This was in Rome. I am now in Venice. Hmmmmm so far , this is the place I love and of which I thought is the most beautiful place I have seen.

:( memories, can you dont be memories?

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

of Chicken and Lamb. lol

7 days. another 7 days, I will be in my examination hall, having my Company Law paper, wtf I just deleted table, typed table instead of paper. WTFFF nvm maybe my brain cannot work properly anymore. Hmmm

the ..

then the next day I ll be leaving for my Euro trip. Company's paper on the 25th, Ah Pek Khaihee will reach on that very day, Im planning to fetch him at the central station (the train station) here right after my exam at 12.30pm.

We will then have to leave Newcastle the next day, to Edinburgh for a day trip and in the evening We ll fly to Italy.

25th ll then be a very busy day, for being a panda post-exam and it is also the only day I get to gather with my friends who are some leaving Newcastle for good, some having their Year 2 now so they are going back to their countries (like Douglas going back to Hong Kong). I wont able to see them anymore by the time I return cos I might come back only on 4th of June. Haven't book any ticket yet for Ncl return.

and 30th of May. I wont be in Ncl. I wonder if I still can use my phone. but nvm. Time to .. not dwell too much in humanity, emotion, negativity, hmm. I will be alright.

: )

Focus and love yourself, family. friends who u can call family too.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Hi all, : ) I am just back in my room, having done my second final year law paper, Evidence Law. Nope, this time I didn't fall asleep . I wrote 7 pages for Q1 and 2 and a half for Q2. hmm as usual. ovewrite. FML. dont F my paper result ok liao :x baibai

Saturday, 14 May 2011

friday the 13th my foot

yo, going to party now! pre-Evidence Law exam party :x

define huai ren. People who exists and does good deeds by differentiating out hao ren.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Se- la- mat- Se-Jah-te-ra C--i-k-g-uuuuuuuuu

Haha I miss how everyone stood up lazily and greet the teacher reluctantly whenever teacher entered the class during primary sch/high school time.hence the title of this post =____=

Today is 11th of May, had my first paper on Monday, guess what. I almost, err I meant, I already did, I fell asleep during the first hour of my EU Law Paper, I was writing all the way though, so whenever I made myself awake, each time I tried to open my eyes wide and big, I would start cancelling and striking out nonsense stuff I wrote. Yet, I never leave the hall to wash up a bit or whatever to refresh myself, I should but I didn't.

My first time doing such shit. hmm

Just keep my fingers crossed, hoping that paper ll be kind to me, let me pass and now one is down, left with two more and I ll be free.

I want to go to the beach I want to go~ The sun is bright and at some point, hiding itself but once it is out again it never fail in cheering me up, I want to go out and go sunbathing. Luckily it is not that easy to get your skin tanned here, my sis Ebon is very mm song aka beh song aka jealous whenever she gets to skype with me or see my new photos uploaded in FB, she would claim I have really fair skin but I'd tell her it was because of the sunlight (when I sit next to the window skyping with her) then she would laugh sarcastically and said "so you mean you are fair during daytime and by night time you ll turn dark/ not that fair anymore la? Bullshit la" hahaha.

Fine, I might be faired skin now but when I return to Kuching, I guess she will be fairer than me, that's what I told her to anti-depress her. lol

anyway, next paper would be Evidence. It is open-book exam. We never know it is one until the exam is around the corner, so there are friends esp Chen Lih Jing kept saying if she knew earlier she ll take Evidence but hey zhabor we dong-know also mar~

good for me, cos the final paper, also the scariest paper------> C O M P A N Y L A W ! *screams


Hmmmmmmm thats all for now, am not using my computer so no zhilian photo of mine. good for your eyes, people ! but not for me . cos' I am zhilian aka camwhore queen : x keep getting suan here. those friends here. And my recent trademark pose is :0. the pouting, piggie mouth pose (T_T) v

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

define my feeling right now.

Monday, 9 May 2011

happy go lucky

I am very lihai and as what my mum has always been saying.
bu zhi dao si zi zhen yang xie : )) :x

Yo, having my very first paper in UK in another 1 and a half hour time.
Amen !

:x i miss you, huai ren!

Friday, 6 May 2011

someone like you

Nevermind I'll find someone like you.

This song keeps on repeating in my head cos'I keep on replaying the song. W-h-y? Sometimes it lasts in love , but sometimes it hurts instead. Can we, human, actually control our feelings and emotion? Or, are we the type , the more we try to refrain, the more we are not able to control from falling in the trap?

What if a person keeps on implying all sort of things to prove you he is not a good guy and yet your very intuition says he is not like that and you fall for him, even when you yourself dont realise when it started?

Do you believe in fate? what is fate? How long a fate can last? Is the fate created with the right person? But how do you define "the right person"? what is right and what is not? if there could only be ONE and only right person, are the rest wrong ones? if they are wrong ones, did we not learn and had at least some memories from them? and could a person , who was once wrong, be right again?

One could say I am crapping and yes perhaps I dont even know what I am typing right now. Hey..

I am just a girl. I wish I could find someone like you, but I wish that someone is you. can I be real with my own feelings? perhaps I shouldnt ask for more? single sided love could be better than two, cos things never end and it wont hurt both, it hurts only one. which is me. but why again, apart from this song , I listen to the song : two is better than one. urgh eve! wake up. study for ur exam

Wednesday, 4 May 2011



So, today is 4th of May. Hmm I'm having my first paper on the 9th, which means I only have less than 5 days time remaining.... Very good, minus sleeping time, bathing time, playing time (fine there wont be playing time anymore) ... it will be halved, which means 2 and a half days.

very good.

Segi glory moments.

Why did I score so well for A Level? Luck. Evelyn, why do you have such a luck? It is destroying your life. Your so called luck. Because of that, you never learn to be disciplined. Never study all the time. Study for the sake of passing exam. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

: ) heart oh heart. Can you please dont get urself broken again. I dont want.