Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012 so sleepy and yet I am still awake now. Took a nap around 5 n woke up 7 smt...cooked then I had no appetite to eat... But he came to find me after work :)) hoho =_= pardon my sotness/ even if this is not sotness lalala

Friday, 20 April 2012

It has been a while

  • April 2012. Time flies. One goes through many stages in his or her life. Same goes to me as well. There is no bed of roses, no smooth sailing ship .err or life. whatever. Oh well... Owing to all those difficulties, problems, I am what I am today. Of course, those moments were not easy, in fact some are really painful and destructing but hey, they turned me into a stronger me and I am not bullshitting. At least not now, haha.

  • What I have learned after all the ups and downs in recent years..

  • Family. The importance of family. Their presence, their sincere and unconditional love expressions. Their concern. Their 'true-ness' . Yeah, even their scoldings. Friends might be good, nice to you all the time just for the sake of making you feel good when you re with em. But hey think about it all over again, will those friends be with you at your worst, do they care about you sincerely? Do they give honest comments and correct you accordingly? Do they teach you about life?
  • Friendship. Of course, there are exceptions. And these, are whom I differentiate from fakers. Friends whom you thought are friends? Friends who hurt you, talking about all those bad stuff about you? I dont mind actually, just one gets hurt only by words said or wrongful conducts done by people he or she cares. If I never take you as my friend, someone I do care about, you are no near anywhere to be able to hurt me. Cheers. -_-
I am taught by my experiences... That there are certain people whom we need to communicate with daily or occasionally yet at the same time we dont have to give much damn about em. Err I might cause misunderstandings on this. I mean, for eg I used to be like.. " I dont find you suitable to be my friend cos you have bad attitude I dont talk to you I mix only with my own friends and whom I find ngam key and true" But nowadays, especially after getting myself more involved in real life society, I realized life cannot be that.. hmm simple and free from fake people. Zzz Eh btw I wanna take this opportunity to thank all the ngapat friends I have and I am truly thankful for me myself being ngapat thus meeting all of u. z

  • Relationships. Enough with all the bad guys fever and mistakes. Of all the ex-es I had, they share common characteristics. And I never learn from my own past mistakes. Z . Even after my sister in law, once evaluated my problem in handling and also choosing 'the right one'. Enough of dating immature, insecure, selfish guys. enough said.
  • Career and dreams. :) this will be a post by itself in nearest future. I'm gonna do what I love, and also what I ve been dreaming to do since I was a young girl. After all, life is short. Why do we live to impress others? Live the life you want to live. It is never too late (, or early) haha.
  • Health and fitness. GYM, gym and gym . This, as well , will be a post by itself. cheh you'd say. When will I actually update this blog like I used to. Hmm .well.. Anyway, cut the crap. GYM here doesnt mean threadmill for zhabor and weightlifting& workouts those stuff for tapo. Result will speak everything. Stay tuned. This blog might turn into a fitness themed blog. Like what someone said. who knows. Haha and about beauty tips too. Something I wanted to do for very long already. I wish I have my own domain though. Next time maybe.
Okay. thats all for now. Lalala

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Airasia Interview Experience


Today, there is this Airasia Flight Attendant interview and it is my very first time
attempt. I'd like to pen down everything from A to Z I went through today along
the interview and I hope this helps.

Interview time stated was 9am-11am and I reached the venue around 8.45pm.
There were not as many people as I expected, only around 20-30 applicants were
present before me.

Everyone seemed busy checking their documents, filling forms etc. That was when
I realised I have some documents missing ie. I did not bring all documents needed.
I did not have a full body photograph with me, I did not bring my original copy of
passport (but I do have the copies) and WORST OF ALL I FORGOT TO DOWNLOAD AND

I thought I should give up and leave
already.Luckily, I realized there were many other applicants getting the form
from the Airasia staff too.=_= Lesson learnt.

As I was filling the form, it was 9am already so crowds started to form to lines of
queue in front of the office.So I hurried my friend to line up as well and fill in the
form standing instead =_=. Another luck sided us because we were lining up on the
left row n our row got to enter/being called in first.That is so unfair to the
other row though. Hmm

Besides, there was this staff distributing and urging us to fill in and return her
completed forms of a English test of Airasia which we apparently have to pay
rm100 each once selected. This is weird as I dont see a point paying an extra 100
ringgit for something simple and unnecessary as most of us are graduates with
the competency n proficiency in English. As the requirement for SPM English is at
least a credit and also owing to the requirement of applicants being 20 to 35, I
would say most of us are qualified.Oh well..they must have their reason.

Long story short, the first stage is the checking of your documents,
measurement of your weight and height. They will call u in one by one in queue and
then you would be asked to remove your shoes and also blazer if you are wearing
one. Next, there will be a staff checking if you have all the documents needed. I
was attended by a different person comparing to my friend (she is number 15 and I
am 16 cos we went together lol) and apparently the one who checked her
documents was strict and she even said out aloud shaking her head jotting down a
note that she doesnt have full body photograph. Whereas the lady who checked my
documents did not say anything bout the lack of my full body photograph.So it all
depends on the person you happen to meet.

Then, we were given our number sticker which was ought to be sticked on our
shirt, upper chest part. Most of us put it on the left.

We were then seated and waited to be called in for interview. It took around 30 to
45 minutes waiting time before my number was called. There were two interview
rooms, one with 3 interviewers(the one my friend got) and another with only 2
interviewers which I was called into. They asked us to stand outside the room
first, some position further( they asked me to stand back a bit) and after that do
a catwalk walking in the room. I had to so twice because they asked me not to put
my hands at the back. I was trying to hide documents im holding and also to hide
my shivering hands to

The first question they asked me was "What is your hobby" ?
I answered I love reading novels, travelling and also hitting the gym.
They asked anything else, like singing?
=_= I answered, well I love singing but my singing is not good.

Immediately hearing that answer They asked me to sing them a song.I was
wondering what song I should sing *nervous and shocked with the request* and
somehow I just sang "Setia". Which sounds like this...Demi negara yang tercinta,
dicurahkan bakti penuh setia, demi raja yang disanjung tinggi....blablabla and
they actually sang along.Thanks to my sorethroat condition my voice during the
entire interview session is very boyish the singing =_=

But they actually seemed to enjoy it and didnt even mind when I couldnt finish the
whole song, i ve forgotten the last stanza lyrics.

Next,one of the younger looking interviewer who I later knew is a flight
attendant supervisor asked me in rather a surprised look, " from here it says You
have a Bachelor of Law degree. Why do you apply for this flight attendant
position? "

I answered, " I am expexting this question *laugh =_=* Being a cabin crew is my
dream." Then I told em the childhood story of mine where in primary school time we
had to fill in this yellow card thingy there is thia column where we had to fill in 3
ambitions in priority sequence. Airstewardess is always there, my first choice.

It seemed then they were unsatisfied still and went on telling me stuff like being
airstewardess is not as glamourous job as I think, the FA supervisor asked if I
mind checking n cleaning the toilet and also incidents where passengers puked and
I d have to clean up.
I convinced them by by telling them Having the law degree is only a qualification to
me and whatever they have told me I have already known beforehand from all the
researches I did from stewardess and ex stewardess blogs, forums etc.

From there, they asked me since I did research What do I know about Airasia? My
answer was " Airasia is one of the leading low cost airlines.The infamous slogan,
now everyone can fly.Some middle income families cannot afford expensive tickets
for travelling or businesses. But with Airasia,it aims to meet the need of
different status people. Now, everyone can fly :))

They nodded their heads. But the supervisor girl asked if I know what award did
Airasia win last year.Being frank I just told them Im sorry and I do not know
about that. Really sorry..

The next surprising thing after the singing was the other elder lady realizing the
weakness I had.My teeth. I had this visible gap between teeth on my lower row.
So I explained how the new tooth grew first without the first one falling off
first. I added that Im going to fix the problem soon. They nodded.

I was asked to read a passage in BM.

Soon, they said thank you and I thanked them too. Being curious..i asked em Is
that all..what is the next step..I was so blur =_= They laughed and just ask me to
wait outside for result.

I was then called and informed that I got through and I have to proceed to the
next stage : English test. 40 simple objective/multiple answers questions. Plus one
essay.Choose one topic out of three. 150 words. I Chose question no3 " Imagine
youself as a flight attendant, what are challenges you have to face from day to
day operations?"

After done the test, complete a another application form, more detailed one where
theres a part we have to fill in working experience..expected salary and stuff like

Waiting outside they finally called my number again (be alert cos I was at the
other side talking to my sis and friends I didnt realised they called me few times
dy), they gave me a medical checkup notice for me which i need to attend the next
day 9am.

This is my experience.My tips are *make sure you have all documents ready with
*wear smart formal attire, if can for ladies dont bother wearing leggings or
socks because those who did were asked to remove em even before entering the
office.girls with pants were asked to leave and come with skirt.
*not necessary to tie hair in a bun or anything. I let mine down and I applied
rather light everyday makeup.
*smile inexhaustably
*be humble and honest with interviewers.Give determined and confident
answers.Use reasonable tone and note mannerism.
*be smart in answering questions thrown to you.There is no right or wrong
answer. For example my teeth.If i didnt say Im going to fix em I might get booted
out like other apllicants too.There is one very pretty, mixed angmoh looking girl
with good spoken English walked out of the office claiming that Interviewers do
not like her teeth.
*be yourself.Imagine and behave like you re a cabin crew already.If you dont have
confidence in yourself,how do you expect interviewers trust you that you are
eligible candidates?