Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Oh well, I ‘m having no internet access (apart from o.facebook of course, it is heaven=_=), so I ‘m actually writing in a Microsoft word document. Boh pian what! Or else you want me to use the Digi Campus internet which will cost me RM5 per day? Which will cost me RM5 x 30 = RM150 per month? Then I might as well get myself a digi broadband or Celcom Broadband, I guess I can even afford Wimax or Streamyx’s mini lappie plan.

Ok cut the crap and whining part.

There are two things a girl shall never lose in her life, which are her confidence, and most important of all, her smile. Obviously, smile indicates happiness. The more you smile, the happier you are. Of course, it doesn’t count if you fake your happiness.

I’ve been through moments when I totally, yes, total lost of confidence in myself. I felt that I am not pretty. Mostly because of the skin problems I had, but thanks to Skinfood products I ve been using for quite somewhile now and regular facial treatment I had with Ah Ling from Brenda@Saberkas. I think quite a lot people know the beauty saloon whenever I mention their name, meaning to say it is actually good and promising saloon to deliver your needs. zzz Am I doing advert now??

Well, the point is, girls, you must have confidence in yourself, even you’re far not-that-beautiful if you compare yourself with those “lengloi “. Do you know why are they lengloi, at the first place? They, too, have confidence and put their smile on always. So, do whatever you can, to boost your confidence, for instance, mix around with positive people..positive people means people who actually support you and not lower your own self confidence, people who teaches you to be a better person, people who actually triggers you to be prettier, both physically and mentally. Yeah, we can actually be ‘mentally beautiful’, do you realize that? hahah =D MOST MOST importantly, be happy. Be yourself.

From FB, got a news of a girl who is a mutual friend of my friends. She has passed away, from what I learnt, due to illness. It was so sudden, according to them. People started to update their FB status-es to voice their regretful feelings over not visiting her when she is still here.

There you go, human, often we think we have a lot of time, a long way to go, in our life. But, remember, as we are breathing, some people are taking their last breathe, so cherish, do cherish your loved ones. Those people and things who do not deserve your time, let it be, don’t waste your time on them. Your so-called enemies, faker friends, backstabbers, dramatic people, ‘xiao ren’…In fact, I do hope that someone will change, for her own good, so that she will find true friends. Enough of creating stories, for those will not do anything good to her, I hope she love herself more, rather than hate others and spend her time thinking bout negative stuff and waste her time on ruining our lives. We used to be friends, remember?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Call me unsupportive. Malaysia(err..) ll never ever be able to come out with a movie such ideas n plots.Not even the Hk n Taiwan or whatsoever.Watch this if you have not, you're not going to regret it.But please, do watch when you 're not in sleepy mode. cos you're so gonna use ur brain to think think think non stop throughout the movie..

One of the ugliest hairlook is when the dark hair root became so obvious.sad....Should i dye my hair black or dark brown?? hELP.....

Saturday, 17 July 2010

I was thinking, are we living to impress others? People praise us for our intelligence or beauty, for instance. Get flying colours. Earn a lot of money. Big house. Luxury cars. Dream something those big figures have.

Why cant we live for ourselves. Ask 10 people, and i bet there will be more than 9 who will say they want to be rich. Is fortune really that important? No doubt, money is essential to keep us living. But the extent. Well, if I could be real great attorney one day, earning big bucks. I rather give up on that possibility, doing stuff that I really love, ie my initial ambition. When I die, the last few seconds in my life, I will then be having a flashback of meaningful memories, rather than having thoughts like.."client this..client that...my will..oh my"


Saturday, 3 July 2010

thats my sis, my cousin weimin and me laughing our ass off as we attempt to take those cool 'jumping in the air' photos.

Had a super duper short trip to Perth, which took only 4 days and 3 nights. super duper cold,unexpectedly..

Googled, thought it would be around 12 celcius, but when the plane was about to board, it was announced that it was 1 celcius and everyone went....HARRRRRRRRRRR?? yes,including those ang morh..the sudden change in the climate.

No mood to talk about the trip now, recently something happened. I ve no idea if it is intended by someone or it is merely a spam, whatever it is, i shouldnt let my mood get affected by it. LIFE IS SHORT ok...

Hope my family,friends, all of u are doing well, and healthy=)