Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Saturday, 23 February 2008


JUst back home.
Watch Jumper.
Hmm,if i could 'jump' like how Hayden Christensen did in the movie.
Then i ll either teleport myself to UK and get the marking scheme for my JUne exam
or teleport my law lecturer along with me to the top of Mount Everest and 'jump' back here..huhu
Yo,time for bed!

notice my dark eye bag?kay,shut up!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Recently,always got scolded by my law lecturer..

but i know i deserved it.

i'm just.....not being serious enough.hey,10 more weeks left b4 exam!final wuiii!

don't play play.

and know what,my eyes are as CUTE as in this panda now..

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sematan Trip

Last friday,went pai nian with Yen,HOrng,Ivy,Laura,David n Timothy..

First,we went to Foody Goody for laksa(breakfast) before we go to Yen's house.

D special's i ordered--->>>RM7 leh!buut quite worth it la=) cos a lot of my fav big,fresh prawns!

Then we went to yen's house,Tim's,Sushi KIng,my place,Laura's n David's..

Later at night went to jln song for supper..

Ergghhhh i am so angry YESH I AM most of the pics r corrupted so i ll just upload a few pics.

e.x.t.r.e.m.e.l.y tired today whole day outside,went for day trip to sematan..

then nite time need to look after lele^^

Saturday, 9 February 2008

so paiseh=.=|||

this year cny see nicholas teo again-.-
at the same place,same time..
having breakfast at the same restautant.
Mum did things that are very men'siasoi-kan'..
1)asked a waitress to confirm whether he is zhang dong liang
2)call nicholas when he walked past our chalet when he checked out from his chalet..
d paiseh thing here is that she was wearing only towel at that time-.-swt
goin back to kch tmr^_^ i want go out!!!!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

xoxo from damai!!RM12 per hourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

1st DAY
Started our journey around 3 and reached damai beach at 3.30.Mum has booked a chalet room but when she paid,we were given a room on the hilltop-.- oh what, hilltop again .same as last year cny staying. we don’t like to stay on the hilltop as it is very onerous to wait for the shuttle to pick us up and down d room each time we go down to the lobby or the beach. Anyway ,I learnt that d hilltop room rate is much more expensive.

But on the way to damai, Mum called and they confirmed us a chalet room, room 401 and we are pretty satisfied=) However, our mood in d lovely afternoon spoilt when the stupid told us that we have dinner only for 2 nights!!! But we were told that we’ll be provided with dinner every night, which is for 3nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Plus,we get 3 nights too last year, for the same duration of staying. yo, kinda pissed off.

After arguing for like.. half an hour ,we still get 2 nights dinner. LOL
Nevermind, so we decided to ve our dinner at Palm Garden Seafood.
So sad and soi, it wasn’t open. So,we headed to Seaview.beach Seafood.

Nth much, that we had for dinner.Steamed Crabs, Abalone+broccoli,Hong Kong Style Steamed fish and SeaCucumber Soup. Miraculously,I didn’t take photographs of em.Too hungry, I guess.

NO.I don’t feel like swimming on the first day.Dont know why.So,I didn’t go swimming ,wheather was nice though.

2nd DAY
Was awake as early as 7am.(yeah,by alarm which I set lastnite)
Sorry-lah, u ppl think I ll wake up this early by myself mehh? NOno.

Took a very quick bath. After getting ready, and sis too, we off to the café. Everything went on smoothly.At least we don’t have to wait like
Stupid sakai ppl that ve been sarvong for months like how we did last year-.-

We chose to sit inside^_^
I had two bowls of cereal,sandwiches with ham+cheeses+yogurt,two half-fried eggs,Teochew Porridge,Orange juice and Guava juice.
So little,right?HAHA.Too little for a buffet breakfast.RUGI-.-
Stupid sis loh.Like Ah Mu anei,sit a while that make noise want go back to d room liao..

The buffet starts from 7am-1030am.I told my sis that we should wake up earlier and go swim at 7 til 8.then go have breakfast!haha sure eat a lot one!til 10.30am..Haha *evil grins*

The manager in charged there remembers me.LOL He said I changed my hairstyle.Haha..I actually ve forgotten until my sis told me that he said my hair looked very healthy during last year cny trip here.when we were leaving after breakfast,he approached me and said “You have a pair of gorgeous eyes”.LOL no need lidat gua.Last year hair,this year eyes.Next year teeth ha?I better brush my teeth 12 times a day then-.-

LOL.feel like swimming now.But today so soi one,when feel like swimming HUJAN pula-.-
1pm:went swimming.but not fun der.went to the beach.built ‘sandloves’
8.16pm:just had dinner.omg the food sucks man.yet it costs RM78++ per extra person.made me puke.rather eat pizza that uncle bought here this afternoon.Evon reserved the lastpiece-.-
Aaron said he’s coming over in an hour time.He stays at Santubong Resort with his friends.
**OMG mum purchased two hours prepaid card for this wireless internet access.So So So bloody expensive.
**3rd n 4th day to be updated soon**-probably after i'm bck home!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I miss you,i really do

Chinese New Year is indeed a festival celebration that all kids,everyone anticipate..
So was I for previous years..
Although it seems that everything is alright..
Although mum still pamper me with loads of new clothes n stuff..
well..Yeah,i tend to forget d pain,tend to forget that you're gone..
Tend to forget that you're no longer together with us...
this happens when my life is showered with lots happiness,enjoyments..
But,it really hurts me..
It breaks my heart,Pa..
as those enjoyments..r not divine,not eternal..
When you left..there is no more eternity,no more..
I'm so sad...I'm so sad all these nightmares never end..
I'm so sad that i cannot do anything,anything that can change this cruel reality.
It hurts me deeply..
When i think of you..
How are you?
WHere are you?
What are you doing?
I never know..
Why..why cant i know
Dad,mum and I used to be the ones who choose n buy ur new year clothes..
How's it now?
Do you buy urself new clothes?
Or you're still the same you..
A husband and dad who always give the best to us..
And never treat urself as good as 1% how important you placed us?
Dad,when all families are happily having reunion dinner..
How do you go through all those lonelinessa lone..?without us?
i doubt that i can ever feel how you feel..
the pain is really nothing if to be compared to urs..
i still have ma and Evon with me..but u have noone..U used to have us,but not anymore..
Dad,i feel that my heart is so cold,cold to the extent that i tend to forget my pain.
Pain that is left as d cruel fact which torn us apart.
Dsad,without you,everything is meaningless to me.
There might be certain joys that i feel,but of which are temporary.
Dad,i really dont have the courage to face the reality that i'm writing this post,
crying out my pain..every tear drop cant even be enough to tell you how much i hope you're still by our side.
I need no sympathies,dad..what i need is you.
I hate the fact that i like to act,to disguise myself as a happy go lucky person..
I hate to be strong in front of anyone..
If i'm able to make a choice,can i still be ur princess?
Can I?

I'm Sorry,i dont mean to spoil d mood of any of u here reading this post.
I just need write these words out...i told my sis that i'm scared lastnite before i made myself sleep..but i just couldnt tell her why....
anyway,Happy Chinese New year to all of you who are celebrating

Monday, 4 February 2008

CNY.soon o.O

Well its 3.14am now..
and wth i'm doin now??!!
nth actually,hafta wait for cousin to be back home as she left her key at home..
suddenly feel like blogging..
something that makes me feel like laughing now...
Laura thought that i'm mad at her for failing to join our-yesterday-planned outing today..
Its especially for my loupo Ivy cos she ll be going back on Tuesday..
At last minutes,d outing has been cancelled off..
My phone ran out of credit so Laura thought i'm angry of her.
I couldnt reply her in msn as she was appearing offline and i was signing in using ebuddy.
And again,she thought i'm really angry.
nvm la
tmr can act as if i'm mad at her then laugh at her=p
aiyorr..this gal ah..
Laura Kong,dont you know my real person???
Be mad at Ice Cream i also wont be mad at u arh...
touched or not??
U r as important as my sunny.hill's ice cream=)
but priority given to ice cream cos it melts and u dont..
My heart melts when i read this msg from her just now:
Hey hippo..U angry cnt go out tis noon ha?Dun angry le,tml my treat lor,only u ar..So no nid to bring food liao..
-.- so cute hor my bestie laura??!!
*heart* her^.^
So instead of going out with my girls[yen+ivy+laura+von] today,I go out with my mum pula...
I:Ehh maa,pass me d carkey liao!
Mum:No way.In hurry now,Shi Qiu Auntie waiting for us at her house.She wanna give us fish n prawns..
I:Hmmpf *jump to the passenger seat*

while convincing my mum i wont get myself into accident liao..
When mum says 'No way'...I made these ugly faces..
pls larh...

nvm then,dont let i drive lagiklah bagus!
i camwhore lo!
yeahh can c my hair color lehh-.-
lately got lots pimples on my face leh!!!erhhhh it has been 10 months since i last had my facial treatment..LOL after CNy must pamper myself with one..then ponteng sch one week=X
whoopss hope lah miss png dont read this!

*getting crazy*
so after getting d smelly fish+prawns from auntie=X..
we headed to Jenny Boutique at Green Road...
Wanted to collect my cousin's trousers..
But mum jio me go c c whether got new arrival or not..
Fuyohhhhhh crowded ah weeeeeeeee~~!

B4 trying clothes..*vain*
D pants teramat sangat tight okayy-.-
stand a bit to d back gives slimmer effect or not?LOL
last pants i tried before going back,didnt buy it though.

WELL..mum bought a lot of cny cookies+teabites+candies from Jenny-2 full big plastic bags!
And i bought 2 tops,2 dresses,and 1 pair of pants for RM120++ nia...sibeh cheap horr?
I think so la,worth it lehh..Every clothes discounted RM10,shoes also..
CNY eve even more cheap ALL HALF PRICE...go see la..
although i add 'salt+vinegar' when my friends claim that Jenny sells aH MA clothes..
haha,not totally la...maybe la,cos i got away all d non-ah ma clothes edy...wakaka *evil grins*

Friday, 1 February 2008


accident(wednesday nite)

tell me that i do look guity....-.-''