Sunday, 31 July 2011

9 days to go..

And I'll be back in Kuching.

Time flies! Oh my gosh! Remembering how I said I ll update this blog frequently just before I flied to UK from M'sia. Not only I didnt do it, I didnt upload a lot of video as I promised, as usual Im pretty much too addicted to FB but recently Im kinda not as active in FB anymore. I guess when Im active it means Im really happy with ma life, Im not recently so ya, hence the disappearance. But hey stupiak eve, u r so gonna leave this place in another 9 days time @_@ Hmm~ oh well. How can I fully utilise these 9 days. and still I have a lot alot of herbalife remaining in those cute bottles fine they are not cute but how. im not going to bring em back maybe i should cos these 9 days i dont feel like torturing myself not eating nice food in UK argh how. zz

Uhm . thats all for now. my mood not very hoh cos ler. got two guys say wanna go carboot sale wor. one of em woke me up at 8,30am so i was gewttign ready until now. very good. 4 hours and 42 minutes have passed. I ve done camwhoring, onlin ing.updating this deadly blog, fb-ing. skype with nona with the lousy lin e. argh buh bai

master of law


kahwin seh kia? =_=