Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Oh Halo ! It's a VLOG !

Because I am too lazy to write but am never too lazy to camwhore. There you go !

Another 2 days and it will be one month stay in KL !

Friday, 7 September 2012


These were taken minutes ago. Self induced insomnia syndrome huh

When i went swimming earlier on this afternoon

Berenang so tak dapat pakai contact lens... Brown pupil eye that i ve got from my mum n dad

Winnie just went back on wednesday. It was a four days intensive trip.gotta recharge before i start my CLP course which im sOooooo excited about.first class this saturday! !!!♡

We even went to Malacca.

Everytime i talked to any elderly on street.while on trip. I find that there re so much about them so many stories i can hear so much love and sincerity i can get from i never forget to ask for taken together...did the same when i was in Venice. Now this was in Malacca...

Aite just a short update. Gunai eve n Le world hoho xxx

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