Tuesday, 19 March 2013

When I was in Kindergarten

                  Inspired by fourfeetnine's blogpost of her Primary 1 story, I recalled some memories I had back then when I was 5 !

                  So, I went to this kindy which I keep forgetting its name, and I sat next to this boy ( whose name I cant remember too ). But lets just call him banana, cos that's what I told my cousins back then lol !

                  Banana and I always talk in the class. Although we were just 5, I think we liked one another cos I dont recall myself talking that much to girl classmate instead and him talking to another boy. And there're was once he brought this perfume which belongs to his mum and apply it on me. *blushes* lol

                  But just because we talked too much and were to clingy to one another, our class teacher had to change our seats in class. She arranged me to sit in another group of classmates. But the next morning I would go to school and sat next to Banana again, forgetting that our seats had been rearranged lol and that went on for quite a while.

                  Another incident I remembered so well was, the teacher asked everyone to dance in the middle of the class because she wanted to select few of us to dance in a performance, if not mistaken for the year end performance. So, I was selected but somehow throughout the training one day she asked someone to replace me so I was so sad. When she was  distributing the performer's costume, she called my name for several times and I did not respond to her, thinking that I might hear it wrong. " You don't want your costume is it?" thats what she said to me. Lol i was so happy I thought I was excluded from dancing already =_=

                   The same teacher is the one who looked after us in the school bus everyday back then. And there was once, when the bus reached my home as I got down from the bus, she closed the door, not realising my little finger is still holding the other side of the door. I didnt dare to tell her so I just pull my finger out and ran home. When my mum figured out I cried and  my fingernail turned purplish blue -_-

                  On my birthday, my mum bought 3 birthday cakes, one for the class, one for the school principal and one for the teacher, and she told her about the incident that day -_- I was so embarrassed.

                  Okay, that's what I remember the most of my kindy days. Will write on my primary school memories some other time (n_n) v