Friday, 20 December 2013

Will you?

I remember those days when I used to write every single day, pen down every single details whether or not it is meaningful, interesting, worth it or not. Definitely worth it no matter what as at the end of the day, even if there is no one care reading my blog as I will always come back and read through my old posts. Somehow, I find myself again.

One of my favourite YouTubers now is Itsjudyslife : ) Judy and Benji has a daughter named Julianna, and I have been sort of watch her growing up, albeit online. She seems like my far faraway baby relative. They upload new vlogs up every single day and I'm actually amazed & enlightened by the idea. Imagine them having the camera on their hand almost, if not all the time. They have managed to record all the precious moment which wouldn't have been captured if they do not vlog, such as Julianna's first crawl, first time calling Judy mama etc.

So here I am.... Thinking of this.. Most probably getting a new website done, and also starting to vlog  in YouTube. Anyone care to read or watch my vlog? Hmm? 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It is not okay

It is not okay, to know that they are not okay, albeit their disguise

That these memories will somehow fade, little by little.

The essence is still there, yet it is no longer possible

To revive what had been so perfect in our lives.

So I thought the other day, if I have a time traveller machine and I have the chance to be with someone, to travel to some exact moment or date...if I have the chance to make a vital change, so vital that it will change everything now

If I have to let go all the goodness I am blessed with now

If that will make a difference, I would certainly be up for it.

I don't want to be a nice ,shiny new wallet. But empty on the inside, penniless.

But clown , is all I am inside, who am I trying to impress or fool but myself?

To know that they re still worried about me bothers my mind a lot, how disappointed do I feel towards this lifeless soul

If she can't even breathe happiness? And where have all the positive energy drained into....

It is not okay, it is certainly not...

Close my eyes, and I can still remember very clearly, I can still smell those days, I can still hear the laughter, the scream, the ups and downs, the dine out the homecook the everything 

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Have you changed?

Have you turned into someone who no longer laugh at every little thing

Have you turned into someone who no longer dare to achieve or dream big dreams

Have you turned into someone who no longer believe in the beauty and miracles of life

Have you turned into someone who no longer wake up each day feeling afresh and ready for a brand new day.. not knowing what will happen next but yet anticipating life...

Have you changed? 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

If you see no vision of yourself as a being in someone's presence, leave with no hope that there is a "you" in his future.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Will it change this time? Can I have the chance please... Please?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

夜深了 睡的也该睡了吧


Monday, 23 September 2013

keputusan belum diumumkan.

thats what I get each time i key in my details. ohwell...though i know my result beforehand already.....T_T

Saturday, 21 September 2013


还是写华文吧 每次有什么感觉或感应 都觉得用华文才能真正把它表达出来

               那么快的就九月了 再过一下子又说2014年要来了 去年新年前每个人应该都想过或说过很多对自己的New Year Resolutions吧?不是吗?



对于自己想要的 想坚持的 想到达的 都渐渐被遗忘了


我想。。。。今年我什么都没有做到。。。 浪费了2013年,又要重新开始T_T

算了吧。不想写了 某某人在这 :/

Monday, 16 September 2013

陈依玲 ,别再想念以前了

Friday, 13 September 2013


This was last year's effort.

Evelyn, are u ready for the next, greater challenge ?

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I'm there. Quarter life hits me. Or No?

A Level times ...those days, moments are still fresh in my head. Why A Level in particular ..?
Because I was this happy girl, sincerely happy girl. I laugh and I make others laugh without even meaning it or faking it. But what happen to me now? 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Of worldly things

People boast
People laugh
People talk
People act

And all I want to do is to sit back,silently, listening to all the superficials , seeing all the meaningless...

I just want to discover myself.
To discover happiness.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Live your life

I ve never get a fail and have to repeat any of my exam before but if there is a first time, it would be now : CLP .

Not going to give any excuse.Im just not well prepared enough for it but if I am to sit for it again next year I ll make sure I not only pass the papers but I'm gonna make sure I score well.

Then again it makes me think, is a paper that important? Perhaps sometimes when you are so sure about doing something whether you have a cert or not you can still succeed.

Tomorrow is my last paper Evidence. After this I'm gonna have fun , enjoy my vacation, giving myself a break and plan properly what to do ahead. For life is short, don't be afraid to do what you love and decide for your own life.

We live to express ourselves, not to impress others.

Monday, 17 June 2013

When everything wonderful happens too quickly and sudden, it feels unreal. But, I can really feel. It is happening to me right now.

P/s: Exam in two weeks time T_T

Friday, 31 May 2013

what's the matter. woke up having super happy , good mood. Went to Sing K @ Redbox with Maomaoti. And right now after 6.30-9.30pm class Im super exhausted.

Anyway , please dont tell me this is happening again. Not now Evelyn!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

oh no. exam T_T

Oh Ohaiyo ! Haven't been writing for awhile. I mean, like really write. Always browse through old posts once in awhile. And regain, recall so much memories ! So I don't care Im gonna write now. Five days from now, or even five months or years Im gonna read back this and glad I did it : P okay lets see what I can update here. My diary .

Okay. Since I have just transferred these photos from my phone to the laptop, good. This was when I went back Kuching last December/Jan and we went for the River Cruise ! hohoho

This brat here has been a part of my life err day all day ! hahaha His name is Dan Dan and he belongs to Angela yo !

 I have nothing for my mum, hmmm But mum I love you !I cant thank you enough for you unconditional love, .....

Me loving my jersey days ! 

When the day is so hot and you hate to have sweaty hair and yesh my hair is growing , say no to funny stupid fringe ! 

One morning when Im feeling zhi lian as usual.haha

 New member, Hero and Mcdeelyn's meimei ----> Winter ! Cos shes wearing the scarf.and Yes she is the piao liang one :P

Quan jia fu.haha Family portrait! They pei me sleep everynight. By the bedside.haha

And this tis the cute xiao purple. oh btw Winter is the Ah Nong.haha 

Onigiri ! Always buy this when Im in Aeon but the filling is so little, Aeon Y U SO KIAM SIAP  ? !

Oh another Dan Dan's photo.

And this is still in my fridge now. Cos wanted to have some money change and also wanted to buy very berry long ago liao.

Another 1 month to exam!!! ARGH KILL ME

Ebulin, wake up !!!!!!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

When I was in Kindergarten

                  Inspired by fourfeetnine's blogpost of her Primary 1 story, I recalled some memories I had back then when I was 5 !

                  So, I went to this kindy which I keep forgetting its name, and I sat next to this boy ( whose name I cant remember too ). But lets just call him banana, cos that's what I told my cousins back then lol !

                  Banana and I always talk in the class. Although we were just 5, I think we liked one another cos I dont recall myself talking that much to girl classmate instead and him talking to another boy. And there're was once he brought this perfume which belongs to his mum and apply it on me. *blushes* lol

                  But just because we talked too much and were to clingy to one another, our class teacher had to change our seats in class. She arranged me to sit in another group of classmates. But the next morning I would go to school and sat next to Banana again, forgetting that our seats had been rearranged lol and that went on for quite a while.

                  Another incident I remembered so well was, the teacher asked everyone to dance in the middle of the class because she wanted to select few of us to dance in a performance, if not mistaken for the year end performance. So, I was selected but somehow throughout the training one day she asked someone to replace me so I was so sad. When she was  distributing the performer's costume, she called my name for several times and I did not respond to her, thinking that I might hear it wrong. " You don't want your costume is it?" thats what she said to me. Lol i was so happy I thought I was excluded from dancing already =_=

                   The same teacher is the one who looked after us in the school bus everyday back then. And there was once, when the bus reached my home as I got down from the bus, she closed the door, not realising my little finger is still holding the other side of the door. I didnt dare to tell her so I just pull my finger out and ran home. When my mum figured out I cried and  my fingernail turned purplish blue -_-

                  On my birthday, my mum bought 3 birthday cakes, one for the class, one for the school principal and one for the teacher, and she told her about the incident that day -_- I was so embarrassed.

                  Okay, that's what I remember the most of my kindy days. Will write on my primary school memories some other time (n_n) v