Friday, 20 December 2013

Will you?

I remember those days when I used to write every single day, pen down every single details whether or not it is meaningful, interesting, worth it or not. Definitely worth it no matter what as at the end of the day, even if there is no one care reading my blog as I will always come back and read through my old posts. Somehow, I find myself again.

One of my favourite YouTubers now is Itsjudyslife : ) Judy and Benji has a daughter named Julianna, and I have been sort of watch her growing up, albeit online. She seems like my far faraway baby relative. They upload new vlogs up every single day and I'm actually amazed & enlightened by the idea. Imagine them having the camera on their hand almost, if not all the time. They have managed to record all the precious moment which wouldn't have been captured if they do not vlog, such as Julianna's first crawl, first time calling Judy mama etc.

So here I am.... Thinking of this.. Most probably getting a new website done, and also starting to vlog  in YouTube. Anyone care to read or watch my vlog? Hmm? 

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stupidgurl89 said...

so here will be no mroe update? do let me knw coz i will only able to knw whether you doin fine out there.. keep in touch yeah~ muacks