Thursday, 26 March 2009

ekonomi tak bagus

So we bring our own food today for lunch....
Reminisce back the time in A Levels,we always do the same thing as we stay back for almost every school day...
the gap between our classes are shorter,3hours..

Yen brought corn with egg.(not she cooked one!haha)

laura supplied plain rice.

And this cauliflower with mushroom cooked by me my mum...

Lol superb full now....

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


*Currently in study mode*
33days counting to final exam T.T

Monday, 23 March 2009

otak blank blank的me

Blur.Really blur.Have not been driving for more than 2weeks so my driving skill has became worst than ever......
I almost knocked into a white kelisa just hiam hiam not even 2days,send back to workshop again @_@ touchwood
Not only that,when do turning,drive onto the curb TWICE...
*wake up evelyn!!*
I must get my pro-ness in driving back...LOL
It was my Mao Mao's bday yesterday:)
Got her a pajamas..

Dont c it 老土老土red red like's kinda sexy lur..cos it is so transparent T.T
Haha...anyway...just wanna say,Mao Mao,I love you!You r the best mum forever!

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Welcome back@__@ I wont hurt you anymore. *fingers crossed*

P/s:But mum hurt her this morning,contracted scratches on the bumper side cos she parked near de kopitiam downstairs T.T

Monday, 16 March 2009



Sunday, 15 March 2009

copycat spotted

Well,I have no idea who is this(saw this on a chinese newspaper) BUT he copycat-ed me.....HEY,peace is my pose,my trademark k......=p

Friday, 13 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Reading room becomes Playroom/cyber

*ugly photos removed upon request of SOMEONE=p*

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Happy sweet sixteen to mua twinnnnnnnn=)

Von,in my dream, Dad told me to greet you a great and independent sweet sixteen~
We love you,a LOT!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

My 1st Driving License Anniversary 'present'


Initially, I had the thought,idea to come out with a post entitled ' 100 ways to drive ah-bengly in Kuching' to denote my 1st anniversary in driving experience...

However, assignments in fact procrastination got my arse off the pc to update in time(27th Jan)

jeng jeng

today, i received a 'gift' from my 1st anniversary,which is A FIRST TIME ROAD ACCIDENT!

All I had before were all self-accident's....

And I ve always been thankful and proud to admit that fact -______-

until today....


in front of our lao-di-fang of yumchar-ing afta class....jeng jeng jeng

it is none other than the LOK LOK coffee shop-.-

the other day we just witnessed an accident there.the car's front tyre burst T_T

oh well....

to cut the long crap short, I was coming from Green Road,wanting to send my sis to SRI SARJANA MR. LEE's seminar(spm)...

I was cursed scolded,blamed for taking the mentioned route cos there is a shorter,alternative one..

boh-pian bah, I am 'lu-chi' aka road dumb??

I crap again-___-

then just as I made a turning at the roundabout there at '1 xiao' chung hua no1, *look at the photo shown below for better understanding LOL*

Me driving following the left lane,labelled (a) above.

A Viva (of which the driver claimed using the road lane labelled (I) )was just THERE sui sui at the location in my sketching above.
I was shocked, in panic, braked 100% IMMEDIATELY.
there I go.
went 'surfing', 'drifting' towards em.
I pulled over,as it is dangerous to leave our cars blocking the traffic-.-
I got down of the car, immeadiately looked back, to find the car, just to check out whether there is any injuries caused.
AND I SERIOUSLY thought it is really my fault liao....
The car then tagged along, pulling over the roadside, meaning to say JUST IN FRONT of loklok.
There they go.
A lady in her late 40 n her son.
THe aunty said nothing else but
" Ah..ah ah ...apa macam...."
And what i could remember is that I couldnt stop apologizing...
"sorry aunty,sorry aunty"
i said it was mah-fault....
i pressed de brake BUT IT DOES NOT fact nor does it function,my steering actually went SIAO!
Having heard my apology,
she went further,
"jadi..u tahu u salah..settle sini..kamu 'P' kan?Kalau pegi report polis,kamu rugi,kena gantung lesen.Saya tak apa...saya lama sudah habis 'P'....
I was like...WTF?? SHE dunno the fact that i am a LAW student.fine.excuse me aunty!
any of us(except those having kopi O license) would know having involved in a road accident will iinevitably not lead to any 'license kena gantung' penalty/sanction-.-
-________- i 'bird' her nth on that MISREPRESENTATION she has just made..
I just say sorry sorry sorry(repeat 100 times) and then effortlessly called my mum.
called 20,30,40 times...
I thought of noone else to call but Shyr Haw(MR boXim) and LOLAkong...
I called Mr boXim 1st.
He is working out of town...=(
So basically he could not do anything to reach the scene but he rang Ah Ping up(who was still sleeping comfortably in his bed then-_-).....
he was still blur- blur that time in the phone conversation-_______-
he even asked mr boXim opponent(the other party) is ah beng or not??
ah ping reached soon later....
but then Laura n her parents MY BELOVED AUNTIE UNCLE reached 1st....
eh supposed to say, a ah-benglised white modified car reached 1st...from hong seng car workshop~JIO SENG LI what
uncle auntie listened to my story while the VIVA auntie tried to convince em to persuade me to settle the thing out of police station....
n then.ah ping arrived.
n then my mum's fren laogong(hubby) arrived.he has fren owning a car workshop.
n then gladys(my law lecturer) n tim n yen n horng came.
finally,my mum with her fren.
some other fellas joined too.
a taukehnio of the shop near lok lok.
a blue-shirt passer-by who was being SO KEY_POH throughout the if he was one of us-.-!
guys from different seng li
it may not be right to say all. BUT majority concluded that it wasnt my fault.
Of all, i believed especially Gladys' judgment as she has been dealing with this sort of cases DAILY one k!!
at 1st my mum listened to her bunch of frens who DEEMED any teenager like me.ahem ya still teenager,or young adult as what gladys claimed us to be...would speed unreasonably!
so apparently my mum somehow 'berpihak' to the viva aunty....
The case becomes even more complicated when one surprising fact takes place following another,being revealed...
particularly, my sis.Evon.My one and only witness in mua car.
I am very THE sure that I wasnt speeding.
i admit that i usually drive fast.
1stly,Evon kept on urging me that she is late for the seminar, it is common that in such a case,I would drive very the slow to freak her up-.-
2ndly, If i was really speeding as what the viva aunty's hubby(who arrived later) claimed,
their car damage wont be that light and most of all
3rdly,their car would be blown inside the loklok shop liao!sweatttttttttttttttttttttt
4thly,i'd be spinning in the middle of the road like GASING dy-_______________-
oh ya regarding the fact she revealed was.......
the aunty,the viva aunty who claimed to be the driver of the car i knocked into, actually got down the car after the accident from the passenger seat door-____-
how on earth she got out of the passenger when she actually claimed herself to be driving during the occurence??????????????????????
at that point of time, I felt nothing BUT total disappointment, i actually got cheated by her.
that is not all..
laura's mum witnessed the son pulling their 'P' sticker off their car.
why in earth he wanna do that?
then..i tried my own best to recall.
when i approached the viva aunty i was actually inside the pedestrian pathway.
I didnt get to the side of the traffic which I 'd have been if she is coming down from the driver's seat-____-
i actually respect her as an elder person
and she lied me
in order to cover her son's arses.
the 'viva auntie'
n then do u know wat she actually answered my frens when they put forward the question why is their sticker taken down?
"tak ada lah..anak saya main main saja"
what the tuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?
wat kind of explanation she gave! teruk betul-.-
n MOST IMPORTANTLY, gladys said that as the traffic rule(law) provides for any vehicle is bound to give way to the oncoming vehicle on their right side.
full stop .
enough said~!
there we go. as advised by gladys, we should waste no more time standing by the roadside with the drizzling day somemore.
off to the police station.......
upon reaching the police station, i received a call from my mum of which she somehow said, to be interpreted by me, the viva aunty admitted that it was their fault,begging us not to make police report.....
but HOW oh????
as prior to insurance claim, must comply with the requirement-basis one-police report/statement -__________-
there we go.
from 11am-1pm.
waiting for our turn to make the statement.........................
tim bought me a can of mango drinks.noce nata decoco inside.hihi^_^
cos as 'old people's saying' says.......whenever kids get frightened, must give em sugared water.
so therei go,the old kid~
n then, after the statements stuff settled...
we planned to have our lunch together before continuing with our tuition class which was supposed to be from 10am-1pm.
then bcos horng wanna play game....
gladys very tired,,,,understood-___________-
when the police officer asked her who she is,was she in car etc...
she answered,and the police kept silent at once...
"saya peguam dia"
lol i can only hire her by chia-ing her loklok n liang teh~hihiihi or sunny hill's???
tim anak mothy
so,in the end,we dont have tuition class ki-.-
went2 yen's house ...
once i reached there, I greeted uncle n then i stayed in their kitchen for some while.....
to be storyteller....
the happiest moment of the day was when mr boXim, called me(for the n-th time-.-) and asked whethr i'm free not.
Cos he has reached Kuching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so he picked me up.
1st we went to ve hair cut...
2ndly went to ve kolok mee...
3rdly went to POLICE STATION-______-
cos the police officer wanted to take my statement again.........
know y?
bcos the viva aunty wants to charge me -.- for 'makan' her lane -_________-
cut the story short
FINAL RESULT: the viva aunty em is the ones kena saman.not us -.-
p/s: i nevertheless feel bad for this it whose fault.i am glad that noone is injured.
the creepy part is that:after my accident, 3 vehicles AT THE SAME LOCATION-,- exactly the same location-.- 'buang'.
the 3rd one is a honda prelude, -.- spinned bout 2.5 x 360`degree -.-
4thly,we went to sunny hill=p
5thly,we went to collect his PSP but taukeh not there...
6thly,go 3rd mile dabao gubakmee n kuehchap for my mum n sis.....
then,send me bek home.....
the funny thing is tat i left my files in his car so when i realised it he has reached 3rd mile flyover edy....
U turn..........
though not as planned( due to stupid accident), we did not manage to watch movie together, but this is an unforgettable moment..............
and as for gladys,my friends..........auntie unclesssss
i mean terima kasih
thanks =p
loadssssssssssssssssss from the bottom of my heart.
without u all
i am nothing but a dead meat....!
-________________________________________________- !