Saturday, 17 October 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Spent almost an hour plus in library doing this..

and got this when I was about to go home, luckily David offered to get my car out of Taman Kereta, otherwise I seriously dont know how to walk to my car. I went to the bank though later before home-___________-! @@

Last minute rushing for assignment again at night@_____@ but I was thinking, hey Evelyn this is your first time using your brain leh this semester zzZ done some reading on notes given by lecturer and textbook, felt so sleepy, logged in Steps and went to sleep around 6++am. Wanted to wake up after 2 hours nap,maximum, BUT I arose from bed only at 12++pm@_@! omgness yeah so I actually finished my assignment essay+ typing in less than 3 hours time, class started at 2pm I done the assignment around 3 reached college 15 minutes prior to 4pm(duetime for assignment submission) *whacks myself* *bang wall* *wall cracked a bit* @_@!
photo taken wanting to see how self look like after a messy nite staying awake and my pandafied eyes surprisingly didnt show up in this. malu kot? zzzzz

Monday, 12 October 2009

Life's in quite a mess right now. Buckle up, Eve !@@



Sunday, 11 October 2009

A random friend nicknamed Hell@@

A new yet a very 'mochi' friend of mine recently( knew him thru Ah Boy @@) is so funnily random.even me mengaku kalah @@ huehue Regarding a blog post I put up recently: bz chatting with him regarding throwing his pc or modem away due to poor internet connection of his...he send me this after saying GTG to me@@

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
I HAVE THE ENDING LIAW!! "The boy repair the dancing shoes and when he want to give it back to the princess he saw shes wearing a new shoes.When hes about to leave the princess saw him and go to him.He looked at the princess and says "I guess you wont be needing this" and throw the shoes he repaired to the ground.The princess then pick it up and take off her new shoes and wears the old shoes."....
......"And he ask why?She said she a lot of good memories wearing that stupid ugly old shoes LOL"

:: Evelyn :: says:
what a good one
i ll edit it up
by Faiz
n my fren
i dunno he ll cry or laugh happily la

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
hahaha he DIES of heart attack
u know why
coz the princess kiss him
haha ok ler I go 1st

:: Evelyn :: says:
so bad
k k
this is random

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
before i go i must sgive u the ending hahaha
:: Evelyn :: says:
i dont expect u ll type this

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
*icon disappearing*
:: Evelyn :: says:
after u get so frustrated with ur stupid UGLY line

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
i say ady IM VERY random

:: Evelyn :: says:
k k
*air five

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
hahahaha lolx bb

:: Evelyn :: says:
k k

~ f a i z - TMNET + DIE!!! says:
hope to see u later miss
:: Evelyn :: says:
buh bye!

:: Evelyn :: said (2:45 PM):
have a nice day ahead mr random

Friday, 9 October 2009

When I feel bored...

This is what I will do. Huehuehue=ppp @@

p/s: 4th + 5th photo :: 2+2=4 hahahaha because my other hand is holding my phone to capture this,remember???@@lolness

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lol-ness in the air@@

Gladys calls me Ah Lian Number 2(Yen is Ah Lian Number 1) but hey look at the wordings/phrases used by the real Lian above@@ Im far below the standard of Ah Lian kay

Do you think it is a fairytale?

This is a story that's related to a boy and a princess.

Eversince this boy meet this princess, he felt that it was nothing more but just a person pass by his life.

The whole crowd in the village talk about her and yet the princess knows nothing.

One day, in some carnival fair, the princess join in the carnival to perform a new dance.

The boy works there for quite along time and it's the first time, seeing the princess in the carnival.

The boy was curious, but cant leave post.

The boy gets to talk to the princess the first time in person .

Then the princess introduce and teach the boy about the dance .

Everysince the carnival end, the boy always try the dance .

The princess broke her dancing shoe and in coincidence, the boy know how to fix it.

The boy bring the dancing shoe back fixing it..hoping that one day he could dance wif the princess.


x= conclusion.

What/how do you think 'x' should be?

p/s: I hope the author of this story will not sue me for copyright, I did not have his permission first before publishing this =X

Sunday, 4 October 2009


It is at this kind of hour, at this time of each day, when I tend to have all the time being alone, having thoughts running through my mind. hmm, in these days context, mostly are 'emo'.

Well, sometimes I feel the happier I get, the sadder I'd too feel at some point of time. The unexplanable emptiness feeling growing out from within. Same goes to the mandarin proverb/saying: 希望越大, 失望越大(xi wang yue da, shi wang yue da).

Perhaps I fake too much happiness in myself. I wonder if I ve been excusing myself from shedding tears out of my sorrow times. I hardly cry. I hardly be Evelyn.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Cubizone Swak Game Fest09'

.come n have a look.Im 1of the promoters=)