Saturday, 30 April 2011

cant wait until exam is over T_T :)))

Day 1 (26/5) Newcastle --> Edinburgh --> Pisa

Take train from newcastle (740am) to edinburgh waverly station (925am). walk around, visit castle. after lunch, take bus at train station to airport at around 250pm. Reach Airport by 330pm. Take ryan air flight at 5.05pm to Pisa (8.05pm). Take train to central station, either walk to take taxi to hotel francesco stay 1 night.

Day 2 (27/5) Pisa --> Rome

See the famous The Leaning Tower of Pisa – This is the monument that among the others of the “Piazza die Miracoli”, stirs the imagination of everybody, from the old to the young. Take lunch. Then take train down from pisa centrale (1pm) to Rome (350pm).

Check in Hotel Giglio Dell Opera (opposite train station)

Entrance to The Colosseum - the greatest amphitheatre of the antiquity, it was built in Rome about 1920 years ago. Dinner at Pizzeria Remo
Foro Romano
Roman Forum (Foro Romano), Rome, Lazio
Walk in the steps of Julius Ceaser and imagine the antique life in the roman forum. It's just incredible!

Baffetto: the best pizza in town
Bafetto is an institution in Rome. A very casual typically roman place with excellent pizza for very little money.

Day 3 (28/5) Rome

Head to the Vatican City – visit St Peter Basilica also known as the centre of the Catholic world; Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) is a string of legends surround the Trevi Fountain, which is situated amid the labyrinthine streets off Via del Tritone. eat ice cream at san crispino. Then go pantheon. gelateria (ice cream).

This restaurant is one of the hippest in town. It is decorated in a very modern style, the food is simple and excellent, the wine and cheese selections are great.

Day 4 (29/5) Rome --> Venice

Rome termini train (645am) to Venice S.lucia (1035am), check in to Tritone Hotel opposite train station.

Day 5 (30/5) Venice --> Barcelona

Venice Trevisco Airport (1255pm) take ryanair to Barcelona (240pm), check in Hotel Lioret La Rambla.

Day 6 (31/5) Barcelona

Day 7 (1/6) Barcelona --> Paris

From Barcelona (6am) airport take vueling airlines to paris orly (740am). Take train to central station. Check in Hotel Libertel Gare du Nord Suede near train station.

Day 8 (2/6) Paris --> London

Take Eurostar (910pm) to london (1035pm). Check in Tune hotel.

Day 9 (3/6) London

Day 10(4/6) London --> KL

Heathrow Airport 1015pm flight.

: 0


  • I went to Blackpool themepark with my pang yao and gateshead family.

  • i told myself to revise after malaysian night-> after sushi night-> after blackpool

  • ended up not reading company law now i started to read EU instead :x

  • so now heheheh im using the usual eve method lastminute, tmr what paper then study what paper

hmmm Amen for me bah!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Monday, 25 April 2011

I never let you know.
The night you kissed me on my cheek.
You must ve thought I was asleep.
I wasn't.
I felt extremely sweet and comfort.
I miss you..
But, I have to let go.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


So yesterday we went out. actually we wanted to go to the Job Centre but we ended up going to metro because I.....

fine, I bought something real expensive. perhaps not for some people, but it is my first time buying that sort of thing. err but the shop was closing down and hence clearance sale. anyway I ve already "kena" from my sis yesterday and nona earlier. tim was pretty speechless.

anyway, i realise some part was missing so I went back to metro to tell em and they actually just gave me w/o enquiring more, maybe they dont bother as the shop is closing down anyway. I actually want to buy the smaller one but this is much worth it after consideration. I love both, still, i know. EXPENSIVE! *kill me

On the way to the bus stop. and this is where we always go if we want to go out. this one is already passed Eldon Square. (Eldon Square is the mall we have here, the place we always go for WINDOW SHOPPING or err lil shopping).

the sun was playing hide and seek with me . sekejap keluar, sekejap hilang. hmmm

that was Lih Jing , looking for her phone.
took this because I felt like doing so, and I tagged Carolyn in this photo cos she told me before she loves the pie there. forgot which one edy =_______=

err ok. mai hiam beh bai lah. actually very the beh bai already. taken by timaomao.
then the camwhoring starts....

at ..hmm I dont know what is this park called but it is so beautiful at night, I wanted to take photos of it since winter but. hmm yeah ..=_=

typical ah lian pose of mine?okay okay it is not cold, it is at night though. cos people tend to ask, are you not cold Evelyn? and yes when I was entering shops in Metro , I keep on imagining things like people think I am a chinese prostitute shopping after I get sums of money . full stop
but i love this kind of top. Got it in Primark for 5 pound yo! oh ya Jasmine said im gonna wear only bikini during summer! hmm maybe? lol

err no comment.

then to Lau's we go! it has been centuries since we last went there together, so tim, jenny and I were super hungry *hungry ghost looks, so we decided to go there after spending hrs in Metro.

Timaomao and Aaron the kungfu panda :x
me with ebon's fav waffle. hmm

ASK ME WHAT I VE EATEN! ask!! fine. I took two plates of prawns, a lot a lot of salmon sushissssssssssssssss, crabsssss, CRABS!! but no crab shells T_T , erm..vege a lot a lot of vege! xiao bai cai i think, marshmallow banana, ice cream coated with choc n white choc T_T, two duck drumsticks, a lot a lot of blackcurrants blablabla

this is lovesss given my jasmine i used it to pamper my poor skin lastnight. lama sudah saya tidak sayang dia. hmm time to love urself more, ebulin!

til the next posts, buh bye...will update on the MU match blablabla.

p/s: i m studying now. lastnight first night starting to do revision for mah exam. HMM :X but ler, day time is half study half online . later going to town to buy ingredients for hotpot tonight and study again yo ~~ library, come, im gonna date you for a month!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

there's something in your eyes, make me want to lose myself, make me want to lose myself, in your arms.....

Monday, 18 April 2011

life in different perspective

ask yourself, what and which kind you want it to be? nothing is not achievable, just ask yourself, do you want it to happen? should you?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I miss a lot of things..
I miss him...i am the type of person..i am sad but i dont want to express it out..i dont want to let people see my weakness..i miss him..when he was leaving, i wanted to cry so much i wanted to cry a river but my sis was so down, emotionally and physically breakdown, i couldnt but just.. be strong and strengthened her.

he is the nicest person one could have found and befriend in this world. i am luckier. i was born to be his family, his cousin. he is my mum's elder brother's son. he is my biao ge, Brother Lim Kim Hock.

My impression of him at the time my sis and I were much younger is already us bullying him, because he is such a nice person you see, my sis always ask him, and sa jiao (princess) with him, asked him to take stuff for her..

we were so helpless albeit happy when my mum finally laid her final decision of coming back to kuching, moving there for good. from miri. that was in year 2005, october as the official month because my bro got married in august i skipped school for almost two months before october.

so we went and live with them. at my uncle's house in stephen yong. at times ah fook ll sleep until very late, and when we are bored or naughty or have anything that needs his help, we (or either my sis or i) will wake him up, his sleeping pose will be wrapping himself with his blanket, all over his face as well!

so we ll keep pulling the blanket off and he ll be annoyed a bit but he never scold or raise his voice a bit. he never got mad at anyone. yes, i mean never.

that is why he kept so much things to himself i guess. many a time, i told myself, not to keep focusing on negative thoughts it wont do us anything good but heartache, depression, unhealthy effects... because i dont want to walk the same pathway he walked on. his family , which included us, we were hurt, we..were dead and slowly revived, we are still overcoming it...we dont talk about him very often anymore..although we still cant help changing the way we address the house as ah fook house instead of my q meh or qq house...especially my sis...i know she is greatly affected by this....and my mum...bu i rather we talk about him more often...keep him forever in our memory..dont hide the pain by shutting out mouth up...ah fook...i miss u..i just miss u so much...i just called q meh and ah cheh jiejie spoke on the phone.she was the one picking up. you, used to be the one.the first person to offer doing anything in the did all those w/o any complain or unwillingness.

we , all, still cannot accept the fact that you're gone. that's why everyone is pretending to be strong, to have overcame this, but who says that this incident is to be overcame?

i just need you to be around..i used to chat with weimin.. wei min yi hou wo zhang da le...wa yao zhuan jian, wo mai dao wu zi wo hui yao ah fook gen wo jia yi qi zhu, he shared the same thought...because you know why? even when i was a small girl back then, since that time, q meh n qq would keep on telling mum to take care of you when they re gone for good, as you're their only worry, you're the only worry..

you're our precious ah always are. im sorry i took you for granted...i ve always known im such a blessful person that God arranged you to be a part of my life..but i never say it out to you...i thought i have many chances later on in my life to make out this point but i am sorry ah fook...i miss you..

So I walked away although..

Di sini kau dan aku
Terbiasa bersama
Menjalani kasih sayang
Bahagia ku denganmu

Pernahkah kau menguntai
Hari paling indah
Ku ukir nama kita berdua
Di sini surga kita

Bila kita mencintai yang lain
Mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar
Sebisa mungkin, tak akan pernah
Sayangku akan hilang...

If we love somebody
Could we be this strong
I will fight to win
Our love will conquer all
I wouldn't risk my love
Even just one night
Our love will stay in my heart
My heart...

Saturday, 16 April 2011

hello : )

show up,
follow your heart,
have sense of wonders,
learn to forgive,
dont focus on negative thoughts,
focus on creating what you desire,
pamper yourself,
find someone you love,
stay in the romance,
help others,
have a good night sleep,
be true to yourself

Friday, 15 April 2011

:) and i smiled.
and to answer the question i put forward in the previous post myself, hmm I can't , I don't seem to able to express my true self anymore. I cant smile and laugh out laugh when I am happy cos when I do it doesn't mean I am, happy. I can't cry when I feel sad cos I just don't feel like doing so. I mean I feel like crying but I don't know what for? But yet sometimes talking to my friends I wanted to cry so much and when I actually did they will try to stop me from crying, comforting me but they never know the tears felt so warm on my cheeks, as if they have been boiling, waiting, being held too long to be released.

I loved, love, and still feel like loving but my fear overcomes everything. It is so typical of me that I tend to categorize all guys as THE SAME. THE BAD ONES. and of course when I express this standpoint view of mine, each and every guy will protest, saying that they are different, it is unfair to conclude with such general view blablabla

well was I stupid was I unlucky ? it happened that my experience, all of the guys I met they disappointed me when i ..chose to trust them at wait..I meant fall for them w/o realising it? nah..every girl 'd ve known it, if they are falling for someone. but yet we allowed it to happen, dont we? see. I am the type of girl I fall for a guy SO DAMN EASILY. this character of me I hate it so much cos it is what that hurts me? but once I like (and then love) this person, it is very hard for me to ..overcome the heartbreak later on...and when sweet memories went sour, awfully..erm nightmares?

evelyn, what are you doing? are you still you? what are you? well to be honest, I don't know what i am already. i mean, i know, but im trying to run from the reality. my conscience tells me not to hate, not to perceive things in a negative way, but my "self" reacts to hatreds, evil thoughts, grudge, dissatisfaction, greed, longing for someone to belong to you wholly? but how could that be possible?

hey you. yes you. you were not as weak as this. yes there were moments of darkness, then comes the light but you cant rely on the light to much for the fact the light ll eventually have to leave and shine upon others who are in darkness too? so is it not the time to open your eyes now? find your own source of light?

to leave those unhappy things behind, is it possible? perhaps it is not about possibility? perhaps it is about whether you want to erase em' or not. or there are certain things which make you hold on those memories even though they are killing you from inside bit by bit, killing your brightside? well ... perhaps.feelings.emotions.

to her, she ll be loved. at least we do.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


can you be true with your feeling?
can you say things your heart feels?
can you laugh out loud when you feel happy and joyful?
can you cry if you feel sad?
can you love without the fear of being hurt?
can you...?

Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Friday, 8 April 2011

hi butterfly : )

say hi to my sexy eyes this is taken few days ago and apparently my eyes got even sexier now : )

hi it is 9.28 am in the morning now. and yes i have not gone to bed yet and yes i am not typing what my mind tells me to type well yes but not exactly and properly and : ) tonight's gonna be a good good night well hope my enthusiasm in blogging will come back and remain long enough to post what has been going on lately and ya i have to sleep now else you ll see a very blur panda performing on the stage later omgee thinking of it gives me a lot a lot of nerves

butterflies in stomach-do you still have it? suprisingly or not, i do.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I can has pinku tweeter now

that i actually created i dunno-since-how-long-ago. am new and still noob to this stupid chirp chirp thingy. but at least it is pinku now and ya thats enough very ngapat that the profile photo cannot be more than 700 kb in size and even more ngapat of me, i dunno how to resize photo so ya..=_=

the reason i revived it? NONA KONG . her friend paksa her so she sort of paksa me also. but ler. im thinking good also la i dont have to spam fb cos certain ppl ll feel annoyed by my frequent/ continuous post? but i doubt i ll post less in fb

sunshine day moody night

I ve just taken dinner with timothy and Lih jing. Timothy bought a lamb shoulder which he thought 4 pound something but of which turned out to be the price per lb and the whole thing actually costed him 7 pound something. lol hmmm i dont feel very happy now i think it is because im feeling sleepy? or i ve not been eating properly for at least weeks now...err I dont know. was so so so happy when i woke up, took my shower and as i was doing my skincare routine the sunlight was so strong and i just let it shined upon my face (cos i always put my mirror at the window side) .huahuahua hmm how much I miss Kuching. I mean the time spent in Kuching before this. A Level's...of course.. and the normal time in Kuching..No much worries...If I want to go out, and the first person I or my sis n I will thought of will be Nona for sure. Just give her a call if she is at home then tell her we are on the way and ll be reaching in 5 minutes. And Evon ll be cheating her at times, telling her we re really reaching causing Nona to squat and wait outside her house. lol hmm many times I fetched her her hair is still wait because she has to bath last minute..hmm auntie must be angry of me cos I always kidnap her daughter but seriously she is the friend I feel most comfortable being with. anytime or 24/7. how nice if she is one of our sibling huh even my sis thinks that nona seems more like a sis to her cos she is truly a caring and loving friend... @______________@ 4 more months. now what I have to do is, to start seriously read my law for three subjects, namely company law, eu law and evidence. of those 3, the one that scares me the most, i mean the one i 'll have to strive hard enough to recap and grasp the syllabus is company, thank my procrastination and laziness I have been slacking since the very first day I'm here and only for few weeks before this I went to library everyday with vani to study together, mainly covering law for evidence. but then, now we stopped because vani has coursework to do..but then i think studying together don't help much because one has to read a lot , else whatever being discussed together is just bullshit and it wont stay long in your head. hmm..sesiapa lah.berilah saya sedikit, err banyak banyak semangat untuk belajar k. and, I ll just start doing revision after Malaysian Night, which ll take place this Friday. No point starting now..because I AM LAZY and ya this stupid performance stuff took a lot of my time. but the thing I love about it is that I learn how to dance to the song (________) fill in the blank.hahah and it surely make a part of my memories here. err thats all for today. tata nah my sui sui eh photo for today.hahaha

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Recently, indeed things are not going that well for me. Yet in such difficult situations, I learnt more things. And as there is no bed of roses and smooth sailing life all the time. Shit happens, and it does to everyone. It all depends on how you view and take things that have happened on you. If you're taking it negatively then it will have only adverse effect on you and conversely if you're tackling it from a positive side of view, you ll learn and eventually gain from it.

Say, a problem. Or even a misfortune, or something very bad that happened on you. If you let it occupy and trouble you mind and soul, it will eventually prevails in you and "eats up" / destroys your soul and mentality, this is true.

So if you try to extract the lesson/ value out of it, you gain. Somehow, you benefit from it. Take the lesson, take the positive gain, and "put down" the negative elements, the trouble itself, the box, the heavy burden, dont let it stay and make home in your heart. Neither your mind. Then only you can move on and walk towards more positive things in your life. Of course, as I ve said earlier, there is no smooth sailing life, inevitably there re be more hurdles, more problems, but at least through the problems we ve encountered and overcame, we learned and indeed have become much stronger than before. We are not those protected birds in the cage. Yes, we are injured, but at least we are flying up high, freely, and stronger than ever. Ok what's with the birds now?? zzz cut the crap, REMEMBER TO BREATHE AND LIFE ( GREAT LIFE!) GOES ON STILL!

nah a photo of a bird to end the post. i dont know what bird is this but this is what we have, a lot of them , walking on the streets in Newcastle and of which timaomao loves to sepak when they walk in front of him zzzz

Gain strength by not reacting to provocations of negative words and deeds directed against you.