Sunday, 22 January 2012

it has been 10 days ! Didn't update cos' I didnt bring laptop to work !! ok my loso ahma sis is urging me to go now. tata Happy CNY !luv u all

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have a very very strong feeling that I am gonna be extremely extremely sleepy today T____________T help

Actually planned and had the mood to go lunch with collegues and wanna chia them also if I do but now i changedmymind edy ! Im so gonna sleep today during lunch break nomoreemovideos wtf

Laptop left 48 % 3 hours remaining, just charge it later la. For now, makan buku again !

I FORGOT TO BRING WATER T_________________________________________T


Food Im imagining now






10.18 am Planned hao le! Im so gonna tabao cheese baked rice from Tun Jugah after work for Ebon And I :P

I guess this chambering student would never ever hire me next time , he has seen my super-laziness

Had 30 minutes power nap during lunch break. err ok well, 40 minutes? fine 45.

Also, got the laptop charged during that time, using the plug near the chambering sstudent's desk. And then there' s this cleaner come and clean the room we have to let her clean so I took the laptop at that time. sun bian go toilet, pee, wash my mug and buy mineral water downstairs T_T

4.46pm I feel guity today :x should be offtime soon ba ~

#Day 8

A SLEEPY MORNING @____________________@ My eyes are shutting down every 5 seconds, then I tried to hold it from closing, reading everyline, csse after case, went to the toilet, closed my eyes and I could really fall asleep any second !!!

Everynight I would charge the laptop at home because there's no plug near my office desk. But this morning I realised I left the laptop uncharged because I didnt swtich the plug on FML so I charged it in the office outside the room I bet thats one the the reason I keep on falling asleep cos reading all the time is really men-sleepy-kan me.

guess Im gonna sleep during one hour lunch break later T___T

cannot deal with the phone tethering ! I cannot online ! this is absolute madness !! googled bout it , there was a susggestion to download android-wifi-tether but then have to get the phone rooted and the procedures trust me i ll never make it T_T is root is jailbreak for android ? zzz sounds like it HEY i just wanna online on my laptop at least i dont have to see my phone so obviously scrolling on fb to keep me awake . DIE

Nasi ayam for lunch ?? hmmm

GRR NO MORE WHAT NASI AYAM LE LAH I forgot to bring my purse. left it in my handbag ,forgot to "transfer" it to my uglyworkingbag T_______T guess it's miloroti lunch today ? I still thought today can eat baobao and be more energetic/ less sleepiness Boo :

so i ended up "makan milo" cos I realised i didnt bring tiok the roti also =____= neway, I just spent my lunch time watching some touching videos on youtube that teared me up. yeah in office =____= man , if only I can go online on this laptop ...

tell me the meaning of feeling sleepy ~~

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

#day 7

So now it's officially a week eh? Hmm I arrived and parked my car at Travillion, because there, you dont have to display parking coupon ( no parking cost) . The carpark lots which are just next and also attach to the building I 'm working in now costs a lot, according to Linda. Well, I already told Ebon that she had to send me to work first then only Melissa and her can attend uni . Luckily Melissa' s mum could send them, else I'd be late ! It' s okay if it was last week, there's only two of us, it was either Linda or me who was late to office. But just now at it was only around8.15am that I arrived at the building I went straight to the ladies first, realising the office light is on, looked to the other side (the carpark) and Linda' s car is there. Wow, so early, earlier than me I thought. BUT GUESS WHAT ! ? As I walked into the office, and as I greeted Linda "Good Morning ", as I walked into my office room, I realised Mr. Wong is in his office too !! My goodness. Luckily, I wasn' t late. Luckily. The thing is the chambering student is not here yet. Hope he won' t get scolded :x I wonder if our working time differ cos' the operating time stated outside the firm is starting from 8am @_@ . Guess it is not complied strictly as it is written there, closing at 4.30pm also , but we always close at 5 pm :/ K, I guess it' s time to makan my buku (eat my books ) tata

p/s : I have to set a target ! I must, and will read and understand all these as soon as possible and report to Mr. Wong ! ush

9.10am IMPOSSIBRUU ! The chambering student is not here yet , nan dao he has OFF DAY ? hng UNFAIR !

ohokwell mr wong was peeping in the room using his eyes corner i thought he was checking whether im doing my work =_= but then I heard he said something to Linda afterwards then "siong". :x looking for the chambering student. hmmm

IM FEELING LIKE IM STUDYING that my stress level are kinda high ( cos im not concentrating enough and not enough sleep fml ) i wonder if im delegated more tasks afterwards i might die.argh

10.11am MAN I AM SO SLEEPY , yeah I slept around 2am and woke up 6.30am what do you think, imma blame myself f-ing my own life *selfslap ,anyway, the statute book has gone missing ! must be mr wong who has taken it lar hor? cos he did ask me to leave all the books on the shelf after reading them. hmm must be him.

eyes closing

eyes closing

it helps a lil bit everytime i feel sleepy i walked to the window and bio my car got tiok saman not

hungry sai

man im really really hungry Im so not gonna skip lunch today, skipping dinner is a better idea

Linda just asked my I.C from me, saying that she need the photocopy of it to issue cheque ! woohoo. @_@

11.20am I thought mr wong is back but it turned out to be the chambering student. I know it sounds rude to call him like that but I dont know what is his proper name/spelling/ pronunciation T__T btw he looks like Ah Jie, the car workshop's taukeh son

AH Chen Jiejie coffeee shop -_-

11.39am my gosh ! sleep si. toilet time !

12.09pm im skipping lunch anyway, gonna have cereal in office *___*

supah sleepy.tired. I hope today is not going to be pengsan day because yesterday i felt so dizzy after not eating the whole day.

oh well another 4 hours to go !

1.12pm the chambering student asked me again . this time he asked if i ve eaten anything for breakfast and I said yesh, he asked me further how many meals I ve per day and I hesitated, when he guessed 2 meals? I said ya 2 meals. T______T shoot me I LIED megusta


2.30pm another two and a half hour yay lol working is counting how many hours left to off from from work

Phew* heart almost jumped out 3.16pm

gang ji chut liao =_= why so weird one , on 11th day of the month. but i've only worked for a week then get salary liao.zz I' d say allowance.

3.41pm went to toilet ! tu yi xia tu yi xia now less than an hour to go.

Everytime he' ll be kind and smile to me, but I don 't want to look at him, sitting here as if he is not here, no manners much huh? T______T

3.50pm OMGEE I just heard a good news , chu 8 cai kai gong ! (although I have a dinner on chu 8 night, going to be cheongsam girl *_* )

4.47pm Ai Pang Kang lo~~~ gonna jam jam jam for an hour though then love feast at 7pm T______T dao di shi si dian ban fang gong hai shi wu dian la :/


#day 6

Today is supposed to be day 5 though, because I didnt turn up to work yesterday =___= reason? I was too tired to wake up, and massive self-induced headache. I woke up at 7am but set my alarm to 9am so that I could wake up and give office a call. Instead of Linda, the chambering student (whom I called " the fresh lawyer" previously ) answered the phone and I guess I pronounced his name wrongly, he couldnt get me, he was like...HARRR? haha . anyway, here I am today. sitting here and trying to read as much as I can, afraid that Mr. Wong might come in anytime and ask " so, what do you understand about this case ? " or "so, what have you read" . TIAM. Cannot liak zhuar anymore, I am no longer alone in this room. so say baibai to my lovely addictive fb and also sleepy bugs. but I could come here at times to type something then copy paste and UP to my blog.

10.14am I have just done reading my second case of divorce. Hmm reading all these made me wonders..meeting someone you love, getting married to him, having a home with children, and as they are growing up, ending the marriage, coming to an agreement as to who to have the custody of the children, division of property, having the children over the firm to sign the documents of transfer. Poor children. They are still young. Adults are so selfish.hmm

10.48am Man , im so sleepy !! Plus I need to go toilet !!! I dont know why Im too afraid to go toilet. The "paisehness" to walk out and in of the office I guess, and the fear of meeting Mr,Wong, argh but until when I can hide? @_@

niao ji

niao ji

niao ji

niao ji


i tell you. the feeling of going to toilet after holding your pee for more than an hour is AWESOME and painful too wtf.

I've made up my mind. Tmr im going to tell my bro my thoughts. What I want. I know he wants to help me and I appreciate his concern and intention but what he wants is not what I want, and what I want, I'll never regret it even if it means risks of meeting difficulties and failures in the road ahead ! :)

I've no idea how the rest in this office bear with this BUT THIS NOISE PRODUCED BY THE RENOVATION UPSTAIRS is driving me crazy.

ZNG ZNG ZNG. What is worse is that I had to hear the same thing at my living place previously, and the work ceased now my working place. This is my fate. LIFE. fml T_T

I didnt go out for lunch except toilet and daydreaming session today. When the chambering student told me sometime around 12.06pm that we can go and eat then, I told " ni men chi bah, wo mei you chi " and just now, having returned from lunch he asked me again, "ni mei you chi?" and I said "mei you, wo xian zai zai jian fei , yao guo nian le" He looked blur though after hearing my answer. Very demotivating huh :/ Anyway, I have not weighted myself yet but this operasi-kurang-makan of mine has been initiated since a week ago, hope it works. Of course, once Im ready financially I'll go to the gym. Hopefully I find some motivation to go jogging or do some sit ups daily for now !


2.09pm Does coffee work on you in keeping you awake? For me, it doesnt help much. I remember drinking five glasses of coffee during SPM and I still feel sleepy. I was young at that time though, I could stay awake for 3 days continuously.

3 more hours to go.

The staff named Linda in my office is seriously very funny and cute lo ! She is very opened and comfortable working in this office, she can talk loudly on phone in Hokkien or Hakka and laughing cheerfully, can even answer her own personal calls with her phone ringtone CNY song -_-

Speaking of Hokkien , I often get a lot of people directed to my blog with them searching for "how to say I miss you in Hokkien" kektiok. I'd reveal it now, it is "wa sio lu" , or "wa jin sio lu" for I miss you very much.haha hope this helps, guys.

3.07pm I feel like going to toilet again. Man, how nice if the toilet is in the room . In reality, it is so far away, not lah far that far, which requires hours of driving, but certainly the type of distance that makes me think twice, thrice and even now kek-jio situation im facing now.

Neduncheliyan Balasubramaniam v Kohila Shanmugam is a very berry long case T_T

4.16pm another 44 minutes to go. toilet time for now. to pangjio and also wash my cute mickey mouse mug.

I have a question: Does your pee smell like coffee after you consumed coffee? Im very curious. cos mine does. =_______________=

i have another question. Is it abnormal not talking to your collegue who is the only person sharing the same office room? cos I dont. =__________=

4.38pm: Ebon's gonna be late today she needs to send Melissa back home first cos she has dinner to attend so I might have to wait at Atok Kopitiam, my tummy is calling for Char Kueh Tiaw but my mind is telling my tummy that my body is trying to go on diet,I wonder which will prevail?

4.51pm off from work ! shutdown-ing laptop !

Monday, 9 January 2012

Thursday, 5 January 2012

the wind+water made curls

#day 3

9.19am my goodness. Im so sleepy now. I didnt sleep the whole night. thanks to my bestest bestie. hmm u have successfully gotcha-ed me T_T

reached home at 2 after the said "prank" and then its too alang alang for me to sleep so i went out with shenton and we went to damai. as crazily as bfore but this time is even crazier. to make things crazier, on our way back, we thought the traffic jam is normal for schooling/working hour but who knows almost every road in kuching is flooded with rain water over the whole night.

Bing bing dont have to work because Bormill is flooded terribly. Unfair . i want a rest day too. then i can sleep for 10 hours or more before going out with ah fen n lywee to meet keith tonight :/