Sunday, 31 May 2009

Le Le is 3 yrs old!!

Le Le turned 3 last 28th of March^^
He is now more guai le...
And so smart...can speak in English very well...
so when his birthday was around the corner,whenever he went to our house he will hint my mum to buy this for him..
Nai nai I want Thomas Nai Nai I want Thomas..

At first my mum thought that he wanted to watch Thomas & Friends and tell him it is not the showtime yet..
Then Le Le brought along the Catalogue paper of Thomas& Friends collection and told us he wan the 'spin spin' one..LOL

So we bought him that for his birthday@Poppies

All's Thomas...


As we were leaving we bumped into LeLe, sis in law bro n BabyXun..
Haha such a coincidence!So we gave him the pressie..

He was so

Insisted to open the pressie at there n then..

BabyXun-gettin naughtier n naughtier>.<

LeLe's birthday cake-Thomas-_______-! He loves Thomas too much..
I dont remember me having my own favourite cartoon n keep stuff of it-______-

hhaha what a pose-_____- but he looked cute here..

Me,Evon n LeLe who seemed reluctant to take a photo with us LOL

Bro,Sis in law,BabyXun,Cousin Timothy,Q-meh,Ah Hiong korkor,me,mum,Lele,Von &Ah Fook


The colouring is too much that Lele turned into monster...LOL

BabyXun also..

Coincidentally,Lele bday falls on Earth Hour this yeah we supported by turning off the light..but swtiched on a while to wash the dishes..wth

A Talk by Professor Michael

Last March,Professor Michael from Queensland University of Technology came to our college to give all the law students a talk on Australian Constitutional Law...

Our group photo

Tim,Yen,Ivy,Professor Michael,Mdm Iola,n Laura

Me with Miss Png,my A Level lecturer=)

And we appeared on newspaper-___-''

My standing pose was weird cos too many people liao-_____-!

Evon's bday@ Kado Cafe

10th of March was my sis,Evon's birthday.

When we picked her up from school,she carried a lot of stuffs with her,presents she received from her friends in school...

She looked so excited.Laura was with us too..

Spongebob Squarepant-___-

Posing with Von's pressie

Mum acting cute *pout* LOL

The bday girl.Haha I cant remember why we were using Ivy's kancil..
I call her the Little Red Car..haha

Went to Causeway Bay HK..because..

The bday girl wants to have her favourite tomyam beehun!

Cheese baked Mussels


Then at night Mud Family,Laopo n BingBing celebrated Evon's bday at Kado Cafe...

Shumud,Kemud,Damud n Timomud

Huimud aka Yen,Laopo Cherry n Laumud woof woof woof

Bingbing,Evon and Imud

And me,of course....haha
Acting emo..n rock-_______-''

Ordered fries...

Ginger /Black Pepper Chicken Rice I think..Bingbing's

Beef Burger!!

Four of us ordered the same drinks^^ Ice Cream Green Tea!

Evon's Bday Cake.It is an ice cream cake *happy*

Evon cutting her cake.Then the plastic knife broken.Ahahaha Yen also broke her knife during her bday celebration lastyr..Ivy looked so excited i dunno why-___-

Its hard to cute the cake so....haha cool aint it?

Cool til everyone wanted to snap a photo of it-___-

The yummy ice cream cake!

Paying the bill..

Camwhore addicts..

Then we went to Yen's place to sing K...
And Ivy posed with this big trophy,pretending it's hers...