Thursday, 30 October 2008

Huimud,happy bday!

One of our 'mud' family is turning 19 tomorrow..
and she is none other than Hui Yen!!
Mud family gathered together to celebrate her bday on Tuesday night=)
And evon key-poh key-poh tagged along..haha jk Yen invited her..
Went to Batu Kawa for dinner.
Kevin picked laura,von n I from my house.
Tim picked Ivy and David.
He was supposed to pick Yen n Horng up as well but the pressie n cake were with Ivy so in the end Horng drove his car.
Lol.the way Tim n Kevin drove that nite.siaoness.
In the middle of the road..
then when we reached I quickly pretend to go to toilet with Von,hiding the cake behind Von and pressie in my bag..
The food we had was absolutely great,i forgot the name of the shop(Yen told me for quite a number of time though) it is located somewhere opposite the shop selling the very famous meat ball noodle(lolness i dunno the name of this shop either-.-)
Yen ordered:

Fried yen u can finish it or not!!haha jk just for camera shot..
Sweet and Sour Fish

Red Wine Chicken Soup *oomph this is nice*

Butter Prawns Man,i love butter prawns,really..

Char-siu meat i swear they have the biggest slice char-siu i ever had in my life

Salad Chicken *sedap sedap*
7 types of food leh,no kidding!
And we took less than an hour to finish em'.Unbelievable!
Yen, worrying that we were not full, wanted to order some more.zzOmg-.-!
Thanks yen=p
And omg,when Yen disclosed the price of these yummilicious food......I was totally amazed!
So cheap!!!*thumbs up for yen* bu kui shi shopping queen salute salute....
Yen with her cake...
grrr tried to upload the video but failed...Angry!
haha the plastic knife was broken when Yen cut the cake.
The cake too 'cold' i guess?hiak hiak lame.
Next stop,at Isabella.

There,we played BIG TWO our fav game-.- and wugui(tortoise?) yeah i wasnt the wugui of the night,i always am T.T

The shop decor is so nice that we cannot stop taking pic from the very 1st second we reached there.Lolness but i really really love the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sigh the last photo of Von i managed to snap before my phone batt ran out.

Last stop before going back to home.

did not realised when yen candid this T.T
Last but not least, again,I want to wish Yen a very very happy birthday~!
Hope you like the pressie we chose for you.Must wear it to college,let us see k=p
oh ya,next time dont forget to make a wish 1st before blowing the candle off k..haha so cute ah yen!
xoxo lurvss

double happiness❤ ❤

went to Sunny Hill❤ with laopoCherry❤ (=

a friend who knows when you fake ur smile..a true friend

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Happy Deepavali

my own way of wearing a saree=X

photo taken last year
i miss my black hair=(

Sunday, 26 October 2008

I made my own unagi sushi!!!

10xsssss to my cousin Ah Wei korkor!

He actually read my blog *wink* and hence know that i have this extreme craze over UNAGI..

So,he 'suggested' my yiyi(his mummy) to buy and bring these 4 packs of unagi all the way from spore back for me!!!!! happy...


Thanks again=)
p/s:Ah Wei korkor,c'mon...create a blog lah!=p

Sushi King*purely picture post*

p/s:very lazy to write T.T and to upload all th pichas T.T
Evelyn-> extremely T.T

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Segi Prom NIght 2008

Life has been vampirous(what a term-.-) lately...
Endless bloody assignments....
stayed up til 3am to get my contract law assignment done the night(morning?) before Segi's Prom.And i woke up at...i forgot but I was very very tired.Crazy.
My own fault tho..
Not only PC noob,Car noob,Games noob..I m also assignment noob..
I prefer examsssss(ignore me) cos I am a last-minute-person..
In short,I am noob in everything besides ICE CREAMs wakaka=p

ok stop mumbling.

back to Segi Prom Night.
Held at Sarawak Club and I was late as usual-.-
In fact we have reserved two tables earlier for our gang but at the end splitted up COS WE WENT IN LATE.nvm
so Yen, Horng,Kevin, Timothy,David,Ronald and Jackson sat together in a table quite a distance from us.
'Us' included Ivy,Von,Laura,Lih Jing and her boyfriend, Dexter,Chin Boon and I.
Anyway,I am very happy to meet Yvonne,Allen and Anna whom we joined in their table=)
It is great to meet u all!
The food was great especially the butter prawnsss but I stopped eating after 5th dish I think?LOLNESS i know-.-

But the atmostphere really awkward bah if we were to sit there and eat throughout the night.
It will be exactly the same feeling when you attend a wedding dinner in which you do not even know the bride and bridegroom-.-
So, we spent most of the time taking pictures(of ourselves-.-)...
Let these pictures continue the story telling~

and please be kind ya.For instance,do not laugh at my hair.I wanted to do my own hair but but but...ended up going to Imperial with Ivy where i got the superb ah ma curls I didnt like at all T.T

In the car
Glamorous is the theme.hiaks hiaks
=) they looked great in this picha!

in da loo~

Our quan jia fu, the mud's family portrait=)
Me and the guys =)

MR Edward,our criminal law lecturer=) he's so cute!

stolen from Jing's fs=X hehe luv ur editing!
wow.von's eyes so big hor=p
Jing n me=) thanks Dexter,Jing's bf photographer!


Yen and me.Yen was sick that night.In fact Ivy was the one who got sick first.Then Yen,then Shu Horng,n Timothy.David took panadol at skul.Laura had cough.lolness bu kui shi peng you ne! but Kevin and I did not get sick cos we are strong!!haha

well overall prom night is fun but i anticipate for a better one next year~

We then left Swak Club for D'Rangers to sing K..

taken using a unique handphone of my fren.'auto photoshop function' hiaks hiaks

p/s:next post will be on sushi king's rm2 promotion=p i misssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss unagi