Sunday, 26 September 2010

Newcastle Day 2

strawberriessssssssssssssssssssssss 2 packs for 3 pound! freaking big with freaking amount of strawberries!!!! but they are small in size though,and baby tomatoes! gonna use this for spagetti tomorrow night,tonight ll be the night I attempt bak kut teh,hahahhaha

Well the bulidings basically look the same.

this is my room window view,I got Lovaine Flats! and outside is CONSTRUCTION WORK.what a nice view HEh...

My pinku bed=p


So Im finally here

Friday, 24 September 2010

Greeting from Newcastle with loves

arrived safely, approx. UK time 10am =)
its cool but not thaaat cold hope to ve internet soon so i can update more often!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

:( :) :( :)

this is my lengloi-ness I inherited it from

This is foochow pork leg mee sua, had it at laopocherry's shop.haha

The above are the :) :)

The :( is Timothy n Jenny have got their visa

Sunday, 19 September 2010

today is his big day

Happy birthday,Dad.Sorry, it is another year not being there for me.Pls, do wait for me.I mean it.Stay healthy.Love you with my utmost heart.

Segi Graduation Day@Pullman

Thursday, 16 September 2010

By Sis Connie,my church member

I look like Im holding a baby .wtf
Lol i hate my font!someone tell me what has happened and how to solve this!!!!!!!!!!!!wtf

Im leaving kch on 25th!Kl to amsterdam on 30th! in between is devoted to Wong Wong's family trip.wuahaha KL shopping paradise and Genting, here I come! 

and finally, october a new month in Newcastle I LOVEYOU, muah!heart you with all my anticipation!!!!
read Suet 's blog, I AM NOT A STALKER !

i am just a reader of hers I love reading her blog cos she is real to me and one day when I read her blogpost explaining her love anniversary with her Barry I began to know how they actually met. Everyone has different love stories and I am well amazed by hers, they looked cute together and all that and recently with all those emo posts of her all her readers knew something went wrong already.

This is weird , I mean relationship thingy. I bet everyone feels the same after experiencing and exploring r/ships for a certain period.

It all started with a boy having this interest over a girl, going near her, giving her a clue that she is in his eyes ,making her fall in love with him, she eventually develop feelings for him, she puts him in an important position in her heart,some stupid girls put their boys beyond themselves and their family and friends.

It all ended when we knew too much about our other halves,when we loved too much and argued too much,we cared too much and we get tired.

At times, we realise there is no point bearing all those sorrows and tears we start missing single's life.

As weird as it is, it hurts when the r/ship ends. Now we start to miss moments we shared with our loved ones.We regretted not cherishing those moments, we regretted ending the relations.

On valentines day on movies day we feel lonely we feel theres these holes in our heart.

Nah. I am not emo! relationship matters are!!emotions are loves and loves are emotions!

To those who is still single, they long for one, for those in a relationship they complain over their love problems. They quarrel and they cry.They forget to cherish one another instead.

That is humanity.We never cherish and treasure first before losing and regretting.That is us.Pure us.

To those who throws us shit, look at them and say Hey do you actually know how much your shit stinks???hence STOP PRODUCING this is random

Monday, 13 September 2010

I hate emo people and I hate being emo because emo is like cancer it spreads around so fast and there is almost no cure to it. It hurts everyone it hurts people who love you seeing you suffered from being infected by emoness. But the feeling struck you from the middle of nowhere and it wont get any better when you hide it and never say it out thats why im mumbling here about it i hope i can get rid of it soon!

I went to Sarawak Plaza to get a look at the luggages there, there was one series of Hush Puppies cabin luggage designed specially for lightweight on its own, SO NICE it is purple in colour,of course the price is so damn nice also la,after half price discount it is 305rm FML of course i didnt buy in the end,i was only there to waste the salesman's time and my own time FMLagain.zzz

Then I went for formal wear hunting again,as usual i just tried em on and never buy FTL(fuck their lives) zzz nola i just wanted to get a list and when i get my visa in hand i ll go shop like theres no tmr,now boh mood!haha And i saw this cute handbags at LEA centre OMGEE i wanntttt them!

No i didnt go in the bra lingerie shop cos nona's yiyi is inside and I felt so paiseh!well at least Paddy did feel so.

Erm~~Weimin is back from KL and he wants to go to Rakutei too!Hohohoho I want shashimi unagi prawns tempura.PHEWITTTTT japanese food is so so so so SEXY i love you all.korean's too but it comes second.well maybe third,after my mum;s being the champ.maybe my q meh's comes second!hahahhaaha

ERR what else.oh my agent called but i was still sleeping hence ignoring the call !!!!!!!!!I was so !@#$%^&^@#$%T@#$@#$T@#@#$% cos he said my uni in UK did send me an offer via email regarding the accomodation stuff but i didnt reply,WTF? i checked my email like everyday k?I ve even appointed nona n timaomao to check both my emails too.zzzz whatever la i sleep roadside also boh su one

i wantg to upload photos, zho lian photos like before but i m no longer in the ah lian mood so ya,wait til i reach UK i restore my ah lianness

Qmeh cooked the red rice with santan thingy with fan shu it is so so so nice i tell u *inlove

en en en en
nth else for now BYEBYE

oh ya wait i love my skin look now i dont ve to wear bb cream I just apply eyeshadow eyeliner mascara n contactlens there i go =pppp

k.byebye take care my frens I dont love u=p

Friday, 10 September 2010

Went to Family Park today with Wong Wong family.I updated my status in Facebook 'barbequed chicken wings, ate 3layer pork, drank red wine in waterfall,bruised my knee and the best part is to PEE in the family park'.hahaha

i'm leaving in less than two weeks time.seriously i feel like leaving so much, not feeling heavy hearted to leave.I feel that the clock is ticking slow.hmmm I want so much to start a new life there, disciplining myself, build stronger character, self confidence and come back a new man,of course better man:) One thing,I felt this intention is cruel.My sis often update :( status each time i updated a countdown how many days left in FB.WHEN my mum expressed her worries and 'she bu de-ness- , i dont really feel the same...hmmm i miss them more than anyone in this world, but this is for the dream i'm fighting for.I need to improve our family financially, n relation issues.I need to strengthen our bond, i need father mother sis n everyone.I love them!*prays*

Thursday, 9 September 2010


might be flying on 23rd instead, allowing more days for the visa application, more days for shopping n packing, more days for reading...Evidence, European Union Law, Company Law, International Human Rights, JURISPRUDENCE, here I come!!

yi zhang cannot undergo operation cos doctors are on Raya funny...doctors are supposed to work on call anytime 24/7 but...malaysian malaysian...bought a mini rice cooker n water boiler...definitely need those, and A1 n maggie

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

=) smiley!

SMILE is our most precious and beautiful asset.

so smile,feel beautiful and be beautiful!

yiyi and yi zhang came from Miri, hope everything goes well for his check up and surgery.
btw Im going to know what blood type I have tmr.zzz after living for 21 yrs, I do not know what type of blood is mine.FML

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Tired, after 3 hectic days in KL, well not actually 3 days cos my flight there was at night and the flight back in Kuching was in the morning.Bohpien, airasia cheap tix is always like that.So basically I didnt get to sleep much over there@_______@ less than 4 hours each night,imagine to travel from one place to another, using cab and LRT and to have to reach each place earlier..hmmph AND for the FIRST time in my entire life, my very *drum rolls* first official application that took me 9 hours to settle FML!! the visa thingy anyway just hope it is approved in time!!!!!!!!! then FLY on sixteenth︿_︿

Thursday, 2 September 2010

At the vfs now, waiting for our turn.have been waiting for our turn..we're about the 80th in waiting list.left 3 or 4 more it'll be my turn! Gosh.finally...what's left for now is prayer.*crossed fingers*