Sunday, 13 May 2007

-hOW- I spenT mother'S d@y

Naughtiest daughters^^hahaz..miao miao...we love you!*always*
Evon acted cute in de car..on de way to have lunch..omg knot let her noe i uploaded this!

Yup...still hv to go training as usual although today is my mama's big day.*me&Hen Miao*My Friend from China=) de car....feeling de training class today was extra-intensive one...


Hmm...In a blink of eye,it's de second Mother's Day we(mummy,Evon,and I) spent at Uncle's house as we are living here...Well,time flies...and....dunno what to say la....No matter what,we have to get on with our own life...aza aza fightin'!!gotta have de dinner soon,after my bro em' reach here!(not sure he ll come mar?i miss xiao le wor..)

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Hartz again..?????LOLZ broken promise ..

oh ho...caught u!!
all of us in de mirror..hihiz n i was de photographer..

waa...semi empty plates of ours...

let me hv it me!!

i m de fattest..

pose 3

pose 4

here comes the ice cream gal...lolz

wat to take after this yea..??-Ronald=p hmmm,i better play with my psp-Sim

haha....pretty frens of mine-ivy n hui yen

hot!!i mean de hot tea..lolz

hahaz...our wedding

2 sha po..haha b4 hui yen joined in

crazy gals--haha..hui yen as de paparazzi in role

two 'shopping queens' at LEA centre...spotting their assets.lolz

WELL..i gotta explain this..If it is not for my frens of college's'ying you',i guess its hard for me to give a single step in hartz...haha...neway..i didnt 'nie dai' @ abuse myself,neither did i risk myself to obesity this time...haha i only took ice cream,buns,drinks n salad...*great time with Laura,Ronald,Sim,Hui yen and Ivy*(10th May)


Once in a blue record!Mummy never talk to bro this long-getting instruction on how to get to bro's new house...our very 1st visit
on de way to Bro's house..

Little Renfred,where are u???hihi^^There he is,playing with his taska fren....haha,gotta pick him up...Le Le daddy's cooking for us leh at home!

Nai nai let me drive leh!!!-Happy Lele playing in de car at de car porch.

Bro claimed the roasted duck tastes de best-it is!

Mum's fav-mix vege& abalone mushroom soup

last one-done! ^Tomyam Steamed Fish^

'2 rou 1 chai 1 tang'-to celebrate mother's day earlier with bro,sis in law n lele.....not 4getting baby(yet to be known bb's sex) in sis in law's 'tummy'^^

Lunch is ready!!!

mummy ,von&lele watching tv^^

rEMEMber i without love cannot be defined or called as home..but bro's really filled with love,i like the atmostphere there..when my bro sis in law done with her cooking..n BB Renfred is busy with his toys n Barney...God bless them!

Brother invited mummy,Evon and me for a lunch at his place(kept mentioning bout that since weeks ago)..So we went there and had a great time together=) Bro is proved still veru great in cooking...hmm...recalled that it had been more than 5 yrs ago,de last time he prepared a 'real' meal for all of us(it was my 12th bday-in miri)...Hmm..

Love n learn from those who r less fortunate..

We tend to fail..being thankful for..everything.We tend to fail...remembering we r just too fortunate comparing to others who are less fortunate....We tend to fail...appreciating all kind of love n caring given to us....We tend to others as we hope to be loved.
p/s:Thanks CLS for sending me de mail!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Mama's Day

In de car*excited* going to do some shopping for mother's for mama and materials for cards-making=)
lolz..this gal..pp said start doing cards liao...she til wanna eat sushi 1st..
looks yummy...dont they?but wait 1st...
erh..y still no effect der?

evon screaming for help..there's wasabi in her sushi..

mine is spicy as well..yuan lai its real spicy..

*deng deng*guess wat de gift inside?

my mummy fav perfume~

chocolate cheese cake+esprit rapsberry,great start b4 doing my cards...
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