Wednesday, 27 November 2013

It is not okay

It is not okay, to know that they are not okay, albeit their disguise

That these memories will somehow fade, little by little.

The essence is still there, yet it is no longer possible

To revive what had been so perfect in our lives.

So I thought the other day, if I have a time traveller machine and I have the chance to be with someone, to travel to some exact moment or date...if I have the chance to make a vital change, so vital that it will change everything now

If I have to let go all the goodness I am blessed with now

If that will make a difference, I would certainly be up for it.

I don't want to be a nice ,shiny new wallet. But empty on the inside, penniless.

But clown , is all I am inside, who am I trying to impress or fool but myself?

To know that they re still worried about me bothers my mind a lot, how disappointed do I feel towards this lifeless soul

If she can't even breathe happiness? And where have all the positive energy drained into....

It is not okay, it is certainly not...

Close my eyes, and I can still remember very clearly, I can still smell those days, I can still hear the laughter, the scream, the ups and downs, the dine out the homecook the everything 

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Anonymous said...

Past is past, it will always be. What's make a difference is when you make your present more meaningful although somehow it's no longer as beautiful as the past was. Cheers.

anonymous in the past.