Saturday, 13 October 2012


Hmm normally I will only type the post title only after Im done with the whole post itself. Nah, there's no exception this time.

I went to Midvalley with Timaomao after class just now, to do my groceries for the rest of the month. Today is 12th, fine it's over 12am now so Im considering it 13th and hence there ll be 31 minus 13 = 18 days remaining. The food I got for myself can help me survive through a month of world war out there ! lol *touchwood

Anyway, that's a way to control my budget (if i have a budget T__T)

I have to save for something big next year too. Cannot wait !!!!

Oh by the way, Im kinda fine now except I need to chiao my time, sleeping time, studying time, exercising time (I went back to gym, i mean to squat life I LOVE IT !!) , beauty time , happy time :P

erm erm erm feel like capturing and sharing alot videos i think i ll do it too. wait lah. when i no longer procrastinate. wait lah . hahahahaha

anyway ~

I gotta watch How I Met Your Mother now, am at Season 3 halfway, started to watch 2 weeks ago I think ! so damn funny , simple , like my life. Lol !

Tata xxx

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